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January 5th, 2013

Inside the Republican Party of Iowa leadership elections

Check elsewhere on for a concise summary of the Republican Party of Iowa’s state central committee meeting today. What follows is a stream of consciousness transcript for information-hungry activists, interested media representatives that didn’t make the trip, and GOP activists who could not attend the meeting in person. This piece is 5,000+ words of palace intrigue examining the issues, personalities and passions guiding folks at the former funeral home-turned-RPI headquarters. The day proved at times a civil, contentious and morose brainstorming battle pondering the future of the Grand Old Party in these times.

Radio Iowa’s O. Kay Henderson and the Des Moines Register‘s Jennifer Jacobs filed reports on the meeting.

DES MOINES, Iowa—The main room at RPI HQ quickly filled with state central committee members, observers, journalists, Democratic oppo. staffers, party activists, and assorted hangers-on.

At 11 a.m. RPI Chairman A.J. Spiker gaveled the meeting to order and the committee approved last meetings’ minutes; SCC member Tim Moran says secret ballot passed for election of officers; SCC member Chad Steenhoek seconds [motion passes all yeas, no nays]; minutes adopted without objection

RNC committeeman Steve Scheffler: We have two outstanding individuals… at the end of the day today, we have to be united… failure is not an option. the one challenge… is that in all my years i’ve never seen so much acrimony… that must stop. the alternative is that we’re going to lose. Scheffler nominates current chairman A.J. Spiker for re-election.

Scheffler nominating speech: 2012 cycle; highest # of early absentee ballot, knocked on more doors, more phone calls; concerns about AJ overseeing victory program; AJ quickly earned the trust of Priebus; $5m from RNC to RPI. Concerns RNC wouldn’t fully Victory, that didn’t happen; Romney counsel Ben Ginsburg attacked First in the Nation caucus status throughout the process. But AJ Spiker was there along with Kim Lehman working to protect our status. AJ got rule turned back that would have stopped RPI from nominating its own delegates to RNC.

SCC member David Chung: parliamentary question.

SCC member Tim Moran nominates co-chair Bill Schickel for RPI chairman: I have has known Bill since days of junior staffer serving on SCC. We share a passion for this party 2013 will set the foundation of our party leadership; this is a question of faith in our party and party leadership. this is not about pres candidate preference. this is about faith, running an operation …

[no additional nominations]

11:11 a.m. nominees allowed 10 minutes each to speak; after candidates have spoken, up to 30 min of Q&A per candidate in same order nominated

A.J.: Read from prepared statement at lectern. Ask RPI staff for remarks if you want them. AJ defended 2012 efforts; somewhat vague plan on 2013-2014 beyond rhetoric, but he offered a solid defense of his tenure.

11:21 a.m.

Bill: We can see that the promise is not being fulfilled today… there is no sense in whitewashing that… “our party is in danger of becoming a dinosaur–unless we change, unless we make dramatic changes.”

“AJ is a friend, but this has been a good ol’ boys campaign”; one on one, behind closed doors. All Republicans have a right to know where the candidates for chair stand on the issues. we need to bring people together. we need to reach out in new ways. we lost people in the last election. we need to reach out to Republicans, Independents and Democrats

Bill laid out specific benchmarks: increase voter registration: 600,000 reg. Rs now; increase that by 10 percent in 2014 and 10 percent in 2016; engage 1780-some precincts in registering conservative-minded independents; 17 new voters per precinct per year. l can achieve that goal. 60,000 voters in ‘13, 60,000 voters in ‘14. Last election lost in Iowa by some 90,000 votes; we had better get on board with early voting. we need to be the party of ideas and solutions

“as republicans, we’re very good at talking about what we’re against. we need to start talking about what we’re for. our platform is a beautiful document, it’s about time we implemented those things instead of making it a decoration on our web page.”

small donor plan. [technical fundraising goal that escaped me] is that doable? 15 new package members in all counties for fundraising. “you never make a goal that you don’t set. we’re going to set those goals and we’re going to achieve them.” Iowa is a “shining example of everything that’s good about conservative values in America.”

“If you think the status quo is good enough, then I’m not your guy. I’m not your candidate.”

A.J Spiker Q&A

SCC member John Kabitzke: role of full-time staff at RPI?

AJ: it depends on the year; 30 people on staff in 2012; non-pres year plans 4-5

SCC Chung: Willing to disclose any organizations that you hold paid or volunteer, etc.?would you be willing to not accept a paid position?

AJ: no, i have not been the entire time i have been chairman. no, i would not be a paid staffer as the chairman of RPI. if i have a desire like that, i will bring it to the board and get the board’s approval

SCC Chung: should you be reelection, vote to reelect RNC Chair Reince Preibus?

AJ: I certainly will. Reince Priebus is likely to be unopposed. Very good to work with. Taken all his calls. We’ve had a great working relationship. 6-8 weeks earning the trust of Reince and building a relationship. everything they have committed to they have came through on. Plan to vote for Reince.

11:21 a.m.: volunteers only used for phone bank labor?

SCC member Loras Schulte: 2016 is gonna be another big year in Iowa. straw poll in ames in august? i am a supporter of having that straw poll. it’s important… we’re not deciding what the right geometry of sending a person to the moon. It’s darn near impossible to get all the candidates together at one time, let along to do it all over the state

Bill: open to new approaches

AJ: lives 5 blocks from the straw poll site; drive by it every day. Gov. Branstad said we need to end the straw poll; got a call from a reporter asking Q. Decision made in 2014 or 2015 by SCC. It’s not a decision that this committee will make. Events like that are great.

“It’s like Woodstock for political activists. It’s a straw poll; it doesn’t mean anything…”

Some candidates put too much effort into it and over-extend themselves… [reference to Gov. Pawlenty and Rep. Bachmann]. Some candidates have failed to capitalize on an awesome showing, specifically citing Michele Bachmann. Her campaign didn’t put together the infrastructure to prepare for caucus night. limiting the reality [of what the straw poll is about] if you just look to Michele Bachmann’s 2011 performance.

SCC member Tim Moran: A lot has been written about the financial state of the party. We have a healthy balance in our accounts. That’s true. Take out victory dollars, take out HMF. Fundraising going forward. I’m looking at the life-blood of our parties, repeat donors, have to report over $250. From June-Oct. in that 5 month period; take out victory PACs, out of state, HMF, Senate Majority Fund: only 55 recurring Iowa donors. Iowa individ. donors in June-Oct. gave $30,000. cannot sustain that pace in 2013.

In last RPI campaign, AJ talked about techniques he’d use with churches, maximizing Branstad and other elected officials for fundraising. We need to restore the faith of the Iowa donor community?

AJ: We have $ in the bank. When ED left at the end of April May 2012, made a decision to not hire someone. Sought out someone comfortable and put on staff in mid-June two days before the general election. Made decision not to move ahead with direct mail until comfortable with apparatus. Gave RNC go ahead to run victory program for RNC. DMR reported he bailed out of RPI. Not true.

AJ had a lot of contracts from previous tenure of Matt Strawn. Finance committee of this party should have never been disbanded over 10 years ago. it was wiped out. It should be a broad group of people who are affiliated with the SCC. Friction exists now. RPI is now putting back in place the finance committee. I’m confident that in 2013 we will meet the budget goals that we have laid out for fundraising.

SCC member Gopal Krishna: 3 questions

1. as a chair, have you or would you rout $ to any organization for which you are an officer that I have a financial interest in (family).

AJ: No. I will not.

2. Gov. Branstad personally endorsed his bit?

AJ: “I don’t think so. But he hasn’t unendorsed me publicly, either.”

[crowd laughter; AJ getting into his groove]

3. The perception out there is that Republicans take every minute to resolve every claim that media says. What kind of effect will this kind of phenomenon have on future GOP presidential campaign. Not having bipartisanship? Not putting country’s interest ahead of national interest?

AJ: I can tell you I was confident the fiscal cliff deal would pass. 600,000 Iowa Republicans that are absolutely furious that we have Republicans in Washington voting for this. We lose members of the party who are not standing up and voting against this. It infuriated the grassroots. people leave the party over it. We need to speak up or people will leave the party. I have told speaker paulson, minority leader dix and branstad chief of staff jeff boeyink, I have no interest in weighing in on every issue that comes up. But, there are issues… that deserve a response from election leadership.

SCC Gopal Krishna: Leg. discusses gas tax increase? Would you do the same thing as fiscal cliff and make a policy push and apply pressure?

AJ: On something like leg. going on at the capitol, there’s ample time to talk to the SCC about that, and I would seek the committee’s input.

11:53 a.m.

Thank you all very much, and I ask for your vote.

Bill Schickel Q&A

SCC member Gopal Krishna:

2. Route $ to orgs where you are an officer or have financial interest?

Bill: No.

2. Gov. Branstad endorsed your candidacy?

Bill: No.

3. Lack of bipartisanship at national-state level? How to engage indies?

Bill: I’m happy to speak out passionately on the issues of Gopal. It’s working with GOP Reps. Steve King and Tom Latham to make sure that we can get legislation passed. That’s my bottom line. I want to make sure that we can implement our platform. Consult with leaders to make sure a statement would be helpful before I make it.

Krishna: elect chair of RPI at state convention?

Bill: open to it.

SCC John Kabitzke: full-time staff issues?

Bill: unfortunate that we couldn’t retain experienced staff. The Democrats did with their exec. dir. and other veteran staff. Our inability to retain experienced staff is a real concern of mine. I’ve done it as a mayor, state leg. and a manager. Staff critera: those that can help implement a plan to win in 2014 and 2016

SCC member Chad Steenhoek: Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul brought most people into party. How to keep those activists active?

Bill: We registered 20,000 new voters in last cycle due to supporters of Rick Santorum, Ron Paul and others. We keep those people involved, chad, by restoring confidence and balance to the RPI. Unless we do that, we’re going to have people who feel disenfranchised. I spent my life bringing people together… that’s what I do.

SCC member David Cushman: 17 percent of people per precinct. How to motivate these people. We asked DBQ county to find 5 people and found it nearly impossible?

Bill: It’s less than 2 a month. I totally relate to the challenge of motivating precinct people to get involved. Part of it is leadership of the state chair and an attitude that we think this is important. When I come out to visit with you, this will be my top priority. It will be your job to help with that/… Other than fundraising and speaking passionately about our values…

SCC member Loras Schulte: Ran Pat Buchanan’s campaign in 1996. To say that a lot of his supporters were less than welcome to the party would be an understatement. I thought that was completely counterproductive to where the party was at. Whether you supported Ron Paul or Rick Santorum … I don’t care anymore. It’s not just old news, it’s superfluous to what we’ve got to get done in 2014.

You’re right Steve, failure is not an option, but it is something that we have to deal with.. We will only deal with that if we’re unified and walking in the same direction. “There is no overwhelming org. being put together… but it’s an awful lot of conservatives walking in the same direction and willing to pull the wagon.”

“That is essential… it’s like which kid do I throw overboard to save the rest of the family? I don’t know. It’s a tough vote.”

Bill: “The difference this time is after Buchanan lost, you didn’t bring the entire Buchanan team in to run the Republican Party of Iowa.” The words are fine about running and unity… “but, when our chair, exec. dir., comms. dir., finance dir., are all from the Campaign for Liberty, that sends a message that is disenfranchising to many, many Republicans. That’s why I am running: to bring all of these groups together.

SCC member Marcus Fedler: If we waffle or whatever on our principles, we lose credibility. Regarding the balance comment, how do you see that? Is that tolerance? Is that acceptance? How to you define that term: balance?

Bill: Within the operations of the RPI. We make sure that supporters of all candidates are welcome here and our operation is here to support Republican candidates. One particular candidate… does not feel disenfranchised by this party, and therefore, all of their supporters feel disenfranchised. Should we compromise our values? No, I don’t think so.

SCC member Tony Kresbach: Are you suggesting that perhaps some of the staff that we have hired in the last how long has been on anything other than merit? I’ve seen a lot of skilled people coming into the party. Because of merit or something else? I have a lot of confidence in the team we have now?

Bill: I think the staff is doing a good job and have brought some innovative ideas.

SCC member Dave Cushman: make changes to the staff?

Bill: I would follow the three-pronged agenda. If the staff is behind that and wants to work to implement that, that’s fine… I’m going to look at implementing policies, and I’m fine with the staff:

SCC member David Chung: the litmus test is the primary. Job of SCC is to support every candidate that passes the grassroots litmus test. Do you think that’s your job if you’re chairman?

Bill: once the primary has taken place, it’s my job to support the candidate 110 percent.

AJ: Constitution and bylaws are crystal clear. Whether it’s convention or primary, I have supported every candidate. There are candidates… I volunteered when Mitt Romney was in Iowa at every one of those events. I was not a Mitt Romney supporter in the caucus, but I got behind him in the general election. I will support the party’s candidates.

RNC committeewoman Tamara Scott: to AJ on staff balance; would you like a chance to rebut?

AJ: When you’re in the middle of a presidential cycle, a general cycle, as you need to hire people, there is a limited pool of people available. A lot of great people had been picked up by the Romney campaign.Steve came highly recommended by Morton Blackwell of the Leadership Institute. Megan Stiles is former communications director of RPI. Originally she was going to be doing some work for victory but she ended up working with us. I hired her through the general election. Other staff that we hired, we had temporary help here and there…

“The state chairman has the authority to hire or fire Victory staff.” What I’m saying…I have Ryan Gooch [sp?] the authority to hire victory staff. I was very comfortable delegating the authority to him. To say that only hiring based on ideology, I disagree with that… I have tried to be evenhanded.

Krishna: I just want to point out… any member of the SCC has any problem with any staff member, then can still act through the personnel committee and express that to the chair. I’m sure the chair would rectify that. Usually the chairs hire people that they know, so they have a team. Whatever may happen in the future… we still have the authority on everybody.

SCC member Joel Kurtinitis: I’ve talked to a lot of conservatives… who are looking at leaving the party because they feel like they have been let down by our elected officials. What would you do to promote accountability that is going to keep people in the party…

Bill: promoting constitutionally conservative ideas… holding district meetings will do a lot to motivate our grassroots conservatives to stay in the party. Rather than orders from on high, I prefer to motivate from the bottom up.

SCC member Dave Cushman notes that we’ve exceeded the hour for Q&A

12:14 p.m.

AJ said RPI exec. director Steve Bierfeldt and Tim Moran… to hand out 18 ballots; Marcus carries proxy for Jeff Shipley and Tony Kresbach carries the proxy for Mark Doland (and will receive two ballots each).

12:21 p.m.

AJ: members of the committee please take your seats. Jamie Johnson and Loras Schulte stepped away for a moment.

SCC member Tim Moran: I’m sorry chairman, I didn’t know we were on a donut break (as Jamie walks in with a pastry). Harsh, Tim, harsh.

Vote announcement: AJ: 13 votes; Bill: 5 votes

Bill: “Congratulations, AJ.”

[crowd applause].

AJ: Thank you, I will spare the committee a speech [Loras Schulte claps: “I’m just sayin’!”]

Co-chair nominations (secretary and treasurer)

SCC member Loras Schulte: nominates former Linn Co. GOP chairman Eric Rosenthal for co-chair. I’ve known and worked with Eric for the better part of a dozen years. Chair of Linn Co. GOP. It’s an interesting exercise in herding cats. I have the sense of satisfaction that I’ve had the opportunity to mentor Eric, particularly in the use of databases and how they can be used in campaigns. That wasn’t a real tough job because he’s been trained as a CPA and accounting is what he likes to do. One of the things… figure out exactly what happened in this last cycle. I was greatly concerned about voter registration. Only 50,000 Iowans … 10/6/12 11/6 almost 96,000 Iowans have a registration date in that area.

I’m not alleging any improprieties, but I find that most interesting. Job that we need to do a a state party both statewide and nationally. Without knowing what went on we’re going to have a real problem in 2016. Eric would be willing to take that job on.

SCC member Chad Steenhoek: I’d like to nominate David Fischer as RPI co-chairman. I met Dave over the course of five years.. at constitution, liberty-minded grassroots events all across the state… we became best friends. Being on the SCC, we all get a lot of advice on what we need to do to grow this party. We need to elect principled leaders. “A principled leader knows they are accountable to the creator, not just this body… A principled leader builds bridges, not tears them down…”

That is the type of leadership I’ve seen… home-schooling his kids, operating a successful business, grassroots activism. Join me in voting for Dave Fischer.

SCC member Jamie Johnson: I’d like to nominate Wes Enos for co-chair. We’ve gone back 4-5 years prior to the Iowa Caucus of 2008 when he was working hand-in-hand with Gov. Mike Huckabee of Arkansas… unshakable determination of what needs to be done at the grassroots level…

I’ve been impressed with Wes’ broad thinking, he reaches out to individuals who perhaps don’t dot every i and cross every t the way he does, and frankly this is something that we need in RPI right now.

“I believe that a sign can be given to registered Republicans across this state that at least one person today who is elected is broader than the campaign for liberty, that is broader than the Ron Paul, Rand Paul libertarian group… I love all the members of this party, but I believe that a visible sign must be given from the members of this committee that this is not the Ron Paul Republican Party of Iowa—it is the Republican Party of Iowa.”

12:31 p.m.

Eric Rosenthal: I thank the committee and spectators… Did everyone get my email last night? If not, I have hard copies. Since I’m not a member of this committee, here’s my background… for 46 years out of 53 years I have been an Iowan; 2 kids at ISU, 5 kids, my wife would be supportive if I were elected and had to spend time away from my family.

I’ve been a county chair of the second largest county committee in Iowa. 800 volunteers. The Democrats are very, very strong, and it’s one of the things that wee need to recognize right now. [Displays and distributes chart] part of leadership’s role in SCC is to recognize the current landscape that we’re facing. I have diagrammed the last 50-some years of election results. The top of the ticket is the top indicator of how successful the leadership of the party is. I’m not saying we were all Mitt Romney supporters, but we were all hoping that Mitt Romney would win.

Trend line forecasted the 2012 results. If we don’t recognize what’s happening now, we won’t be able to deal with it [in 2016]. “The way that I lead… I recognize what the Democrats are doing, and I try to challenge strength. On a local basis, where we’re outnumbered, I run at strength. We need to go after their voters, just like they go after our voters, or we are going to continue to lose.”

We should have won [control] of the state senate. Outside resources, possibly illegal, used on the other side. Trend lines broken to our detriment across the state. As a former county chairman in an urban area, that really hurts. We only have state House Speaker Kraig Paulson in the Cedar Rapids area. We all saw it. We all saw what was going on. We had reports from our poll workers.

We need to recognize what’s going on. My wife has won five elections for the Cedar Rapids school board. 85,000 voters, and we’ve run straight at those issues. We’ve used their techniques. We haven’t done anything illegal, but we’ve imitated their success, and they are successful at getting people [to vote].

At one point, about ten years ago, I realized that I helped elect about half of the school board members and half the city council. Platitudes don’t work for the grassroots. I say, this is a tough district, you may not win this district, and here’s why. But you can still run in this district, and you can still make a difference.

We need to realize our own strengths. I think that, in this time frame, when we hit that peak, we didn’t receive any assistance from anyone. But we received 60,000 from small donations in Linn. County. So much depends on your decisions. You make the tough decisions to run the party… Our strengths are our grassroots. people who give 5 to 10 bucks are just as valuable as people who give $50,000.

David Fischer: Excuse my voice, I’m kind of doing a Barry White. My son and I decided to go check out monster trucks last night downtown. I’m still a little bit flushed by the nominating speech that Chad gave for me. I’m David Fischer, and I think I know all of you pretty well… I am a husband and father. I was born in C.R., grew up in Polk Co., I have a degree in industrial engineering; I married a farm girl from Keokuk county… homeschool our two kids…

I have a long record of service to our party…

12:42 p.m.

Chaired precinct on caucus night since 2000. Serves as county trustee to get write in votes to be on GOP ticket. Moved 10 percent tax cut through that board. Used social networking to rally 600 people to turn out at a school board meeting to influence school board policy.

Republicans in my county know who I am. I rarely miss a county committee meeting. Polk County–longest serving member of the Polk County Exec. Committee; continue to serve while on SCC. 2010-2012 SCC member. I was active when I was on the SCC. I went to every county in my district. In the last 20 years I’ve been a delegate to more GOP conventions that I can remember. Worked on dozens of campaigns from school board to president. Steve Forbes for Pres. Ron Paul for pres. Good relations with Republicans across the political spectrum. I’ve donated thousands of hours, I’ve donated thousands to conservative candidates and causes.

I understand I’m running for party official, not legislator. But I believe we are endowed by our creator… I believe abortion is an act of violence, and any government that will not protect life will not protect your freedom. I believe our fiat monetary system is immoral…

The future of conservatism in America is dependent on educational freedom. We must protect the rights of our parents to educate their families. Our troops deserve better than national building and unending wars. I want to shrink the size of government so that freedom, peace and prosperity can flourish.

Unfortunately, I find myself kind of agreeing with Jim DeMint… ‘I just believe that Republicans have not been a reliable partner for the conservative cause.’ I don’t want to be the party who just grows government a little bit slower than the other guys. Look no further than this week’s votes on the so-called fiscal cliff. Conservatives are furious that Republicans helped Obama moved forward legislation that increased taxes and spending… Votes to grow government by elected officials hurt the party… Grassley, Latham, King no votes on fiscal cliff energizes the party and sets us up for future success down the road. “I’m not running to be a cheerleader for anyone that hangs an ‘R’ behind their name. It’s our responsibility to not just hold Democrats’ feet to the party… but also Republicans.”

So what are these principles? Let’s look to our platform: it’s put together by grassroots GOP activists that elected you to this leadership positions. “I’m familiar with all 395 planks. Our candidates and elected officials should make themselves familiar with it if they haven’t already. I can boil it down: Republicans want move government, not more.” United Republicans behind ideas rather than be divided by the personalities of individuals. Charge SCC to recruit candidates. “I want conservatives everywhere to step up and run for elections at all levels. Sometimes that involves a primary against our own incumbents.” Valuable.

“Our party has got to stand for more than protecting incumbents…”

12:51 p.m.

Wes Enos: what’s the role of RPI co-chair? It doesn’t have a vote on committee. It doesn’t set policy. It doesn’t hire staff. What the co-chairman does is serve as the voice of this board, going around the state, bringing grassroots people together to feel like they have a stake in this party. It’s sort of a cheerleader type role… The chairman is extremely busy. The chairman and staff have an operation to run on a daily basis. Leon Mosley (co chair for ten years); he spent his entire time traveling around the state… and being that person who brought people together.

We’re talking about Ron Paul, Campaign for Liberty, whatever. At this point, who cares? That election is over. Whether we elect David, Eric or myself, we’ve got to walk out the door and tell people that we’re ready for elections in 2014, U.S. Senate run against Sen. Harkin and ready to maintain five statewide offices and the Governor’s office in 2014.

We’re not going to accomplish that if we label people. Numbers are fantastic, I’ve run numbers myself… pol. dir. for Huckabee and Michele Bachmann. “We ran some great numbers, but it didn’t pan out all the way through.”

When former RPI chairman Matt Strawn resigned a year ago, I got called by AJ and asked if he would support him as chair. 9-8 vote. CFL was a new group for our party. First elected in 2010 with AJ and Drew Ivers and Jeremiah Johnson (who recently moved to Cambodia with his brother, Will) was elected, and it was a new group within our party. Cast the 9th vote for AJ. Five min. ago I voted for Bill Schickel. We need to make sure that the party is moving forward.. AJ is a great guy. AJ is a friend… it’s part of building a cohesive movement in the party… united group of people not a divided group of factions fighting for power.

I have confidence that AJ is going to do a good job in his second term… we have to otherwise we might as well all resign our seats right now and walk out the door.

We need to challenge state treasurer and attorney general. We can’t rely on labels (worked for Huckabee, Vander Plaats, Bachmann). I’m done working for candidates at this point. I’ve been selling real estate at this point. A paid staffer is not an easy job. Go in at 7 a.m., go home at 11:30 p.m., get up and do it again. There’s no such thing as weekends. It tough on families. I’ve been in the trenches, I’ve build grassroots organizations on the evangelical conservative side. But primaries end, you don’t always win those primaries.

When you lose primaries the real question for a person is how to do take that. My guy lost… burn the building down because I didn’t get what I wanted? Or a not yet scenario where you move forward and make sure that liberal Democrats don’t get elected. That’s where we go as a party. I’m winging this.

1:00 p.m.

Q&A for co-chair candidates

AJ: not a candidate forum, please ask questions to an individual.

[30 minutes of questions for each candidate; are they insane?–one crowd member says; yes, perhaps some think so. but this is a hardcore, committed group of individuals who have passion for taking a careful, thorough approach.]

[TIR sanity break; no transcription of co-chair Q&A]

1:50 p.m.

David Fischer elected co-chair with 11 votes, 4 for Eric Rosenthal, 3 for Wes Enos.


Bill Schickel statement post-meeting:

“I wish A.J. all the best. But, my message is that the Republican Party of Iowa needs to change or risks becoming a dinosaur. It appears the party is not ready to implement the kind of change that is necessary to win again.”

RPI statement post-meeting:

Today the Republican Party of Iowa elected four great candidates to serve on the Republican Party State Central Committee.

  • AJ Spiker was re-elected Chairman
  • David Fischer was elected Co-Chairman
  • John Kabitzke was re-elected Treasurer
  • Mark Doland was elected Secretary

Please help AJ, David, John, Mark and the Republican Party of Iowa to fight for the principles of liberty and the Constitution. Please click here to make a generous contribution to start 2013 off strong!

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