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April 10th, 2013

Republicans Respond to Obama Budget


Two Months Late, Budget Contains More Spending, Higher Taxes, Never Balances — Which Is No Way to Run a Government

Washington, D.C. — Iowa Congressman Tom Latham released the following statement today upon the release of the President’s budget, which never achieves balance and arrived more than two months beyond the due date required by law:

“Iowans are craving responsibility from their elected leaders, and submitting a budget two months late that contains more spending, more tax increases and never balances is no way to run a government — not even close.

“In order to set this country on a path to fiscal responsibility and economic growth, we need to balance the budget while saving and strengthening Medicare, protecting seniors’ health care choices, and truly reforming our broken tax system. The House has already approved such a plan with my support, and I look forward to continuing my work with colleagues from either party or chamber to make its proposals the law of the land.

“Our nation is broke, we know how to fix it, and it’s not with more reckless spending and nearly $600 billion of tax increases on families and small businesses who need to make ends meet.”

The Republican State Leadership Committee’s Response to the President Obama’s Budget

Washington, D.C. (April 10, 2013) – The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) President Chris Jankowski issued the following statement on President Obama’s Budget:

“President Obama and his allies should take a lesson from Republican led states across the country who are submitting budgets on time that are balanced and that don’t raise taxes, while maintaining key services for their citizens,” said Jankowski.  “President Obama’s budget shows that yet again he lacks the resolve demonstrated by Republican governors and legislators to enact real reform, and is instead satisfied to maintain the status quo and saddle American families with more taxes to fuel his runaway spending.”

King: Don’t “Chase” Balance – Deliver It

Washington, DC- Congressman Steve King released the following statement in response to President Obama’s budget request for Fiscal Year 2014:

“After giving a head-fake to the media that his new budget would move to the center, the President today released another left-wing, tax-and-spend budget that is out of step with what this country needs. After repeating the word ‘balance’ time and time again, President Obama today followed the Senate Democrats’ lead by offering a budget that never balances.

Just last month, House Republicans made the tough choices the American people are demanding. Instead of throwing up our hands and demanding more from hard-working taxpayers, we passed a budget that made the tough spending choices that are necessary, and got to balance in ten years without raising taxes. The President’s budget, on the other hand, would raise taxes another $1.1 trillion. That’s on top of last year’s $600 billion tax increase and ObamaCare’s $1 trillion tax increase. We’re already on track to have well above average tax revenues for years to come, but when it comes to tax revenue, it is clear that for the President, too much is not enough.

Like his past budgets, President Obama’s new budget pulls out all the tricks: tax increases disguised as tax reform and budget gimmicks disguised as spending cuts, yet even then his new budget adds $8.2 trillion in debt. The President’s budget itself is an admission that you can never get to balance by chasing ever higher spending with ever higher taxes.

President Obama says his goal ‘is not to chase a balanced budget just for the sake of balance,’ but the CBO just recently said that our debt will have ‘serious negative consequences,’ including lower wages for American workers, an increased risk for a financial crisis, and a huge increase in debt payments. We need to balance our budget. House Republicans didn’t ‘chase’ balance, we delivered it. It’s disappointing that the President refuses to show similar leadership.”


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