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August 23rd, 2013

“Republicans” Behaving Badly – The Weekly Round Up

Hey Kim Pearson: Girl, don’t go away mad. 
Girl, just go away!

For some unknown reason, the Des Moines Register thought it should interview former State Representative Kim Pearson about the possibility of her challenging Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds at next year’s state convention.  Sure, she’s crazy enough to do it, but has everyone forgotten about her failed run for Republican National Committeewoman?

Pearson couldn’t even get elected at a Republican State Convention where the Ron Paul fanatics were ramming their slates of national delegates through with ease.  Why?  Because she’s crazy.  Why? Because nobody in sound mind thinks that she actually gives a rip about the Republican Party.

Let’s face it.  There was a reason why she didn’t seek re-election to her Iowa House seat in 2012 – she was going to lose that, too.  Look, I know there are a bunch of people who like to cheer on contrarians like Pearson, but reasonable Iowans don’t want anything to do with scorched-earth politics.

Whenever I see a Pearson interview where she is ripping Republicans, I can’t help but think of that Mötley Crüe song that goes, “Girl, don’t go away mad. 
Girl, just go away.”  Or maybe the Des Moines Register should just stop interviewing her.

I’m Disappointed in Chad Brown

Chad Brown made national news this week with his letter of resignation as the Polk County Republican Party Co-Chair.  He said he was leaving the party because it has gone too far to the right.

What the heck is he talking about?  A month ago, this guy is traveling all over the state as part of the effort to re-establish the District Executive Committees and writing articles about a Republican resurgence, and the next thing you, know he’s publically renouncing the party?

Frankly, I don’t think he understands American politics.  There are millions of Republicans in this country, and some of them are going to do or say stuff that you don’t agree with.  So while Mr. Brown didn’t like Congressman King’s comments or perhaps all the drama surrounding State Senator Kent Sorenson, he was never asked to defend them.  Heck, Steve King is not even his congressman.

Brown should put on his big-boy pants and come back to the party, but that’s probably going to be difficult since you made the liberal media’s day when you crapped all over the Republican Party.  Nice going.  Grow up.

Oh! Canada? Ted Cruz

So Ted Cruz was born in Canada, eh?  Last I checked, a “natural born” citizen would be anyone born to an American citizen regardless of where the birth actually took place.  Since Cruz has an American-born mother, it doesn’t really matter that he was actually born in Canada.  I think things would be different had Cruz had to go through a naturalization process to become a citizen, but that was not the case.

Last week, Cruz said that he plans to renounce his Canadian citizenship.  Anyone born in Canada receives Canadian citizenship, so it’s really no big deal.  I find this all to be rather silly.  John McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone, but nobody thinks he’s not an American.  And while that was a U.S. territory at the time, a lot of Americans probably think Canada is an American territory, too.  Bottom line is, under United States law, Ted Cruz was a United States citizen at his birth.

Move on people.  Nothing to see here.

Travel Gate at RPI?

Kevin Hall’s Sunday column included a snippet from Republican State Central Committee member Jamie Johnson about a new travel cap that was instituted by RPI.  The cap is $800, and Johnson claims it makes it impossible for him to do his job.

This has been a debate within the SCC for years.  Central Committee expenses can get out of control, but it’s difficult for the party to do anything about it since the State Central Committee itself would have to impose such a cap on itself.

So here is the obvious question.  Did the SCC actually approve an $800 travel cap, or is it being imposed on them by RPI leadership?

Phil Robertson is Not a Quack

Duck Dynasty has taken the nation by storm.  The show is the number one cable show in America, and the Robertson family has fought any suggestion by the network to tone down any religious overtones, especially at the end of each show when the family gathers around a table for a meal, which begins with a prayer.

Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the family, made headlines this week when a video of him talking about the Constitutions guarantee of our first right, the right to life, surfaced.  It’s well worth seven or so minutes of your time.

Preach it, Brother Phil.

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