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September 10th, 2013

Priorities for Iowa Releases New Web Video “August Recess”

— As Congress heads back to Washington Bruce Braley calls on Speaker Boehner to cancel September Recess so he won’t have to face more Iowa constituents. —

DES MOINES — As Congress heads back to Washington following August recess, it has become clear that Congressman Bruce Braley feels more comfortable in Washington DC, than interacting with Iowans. A new video released today by Priorities for Iowa, highlights the uncomfortable interactions had by Congressman Braley during August recess and his desire to hide while in the state. Yesterday, Congressman Braley called on Speaker Boehner to cancel September recess, so he can stay in Washington and not come back to Iowa.

“Iowans have come to expect open and honest dialogue from our elected officials,” said Sara Craig, executive director for Priorities for Iowa. Citing Senator Chuck Grassley’s yearly 99 county tour, Craig said “We have elected officials in Iowa that do the right thing, unfortunately it looks like Bruce Braley has chosen to do the opposite of Senator Grassley.”

As recently as last week, Congressman Braley blamed his lack of Iowa town halls and open appearances on budget cuts due to the sequester and on gun violence and referenced the shooting of Congressman Gabby Giffords in 2011.

“Using gun violence and budget cuts is a ludicrous excuse for hiding from constituents,” said Craig. “Other elected officials in Iowa are able to travel the state in a safe and cost effective manner. Last month during August recess, Congressman Latham held 11 town halls, compared to just 3 for Congressman Braley. And now, Congressman Braley is asking us to promote him? Iowans are right to be frustrated by the actions of Washington politicians like Bruce Braley.”

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