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April 22nd, 2013

Parrish Affidavit Details Alleged Payment Arrangements to Sorenson, Says Bachmann Approved

Former Michele Bachmann chief of staff and campaign leader Andy Parrish sent an affidavit to the Iowa Senate on Monday, detailing how the campaign allegedly arranged payments to Kent Sorenson. The state senator from Milo served as the Iowa chairman for Bachmann’s presidential campaign.

Fellow Bachmann staffer Peter Waldron alleges, in a complaint filed with the Iowa Senate Ethics Committee, that Sorenson violated Senate Rule 6 by accepting payments from a presidential campaign or PAC.

In the affidavit, Parrish states that he personally recruited Sorenson to work on the campaign. Parrish notes that Sorenson allegedly told him that he could not be paid by the campaign directly, so Bachmann’s campaign fundraiser Guy Short would pay him via his company, C&M Strategies, as a consultant.

Parrish also provided several emails. One of them, apparently sent from Parrish to Sorenson, states Short agreed to hire Sorenson at a rate of $7,000 per month, plus reimbursement for phone use and purchase of a laptop computer. Parrish says the monthly fee was raised to $7,500, without the phone reimbursement.

“Congresswoman Bachmann knew of and approved this arrangement,” Parrish writes in the sworn affidavit. “She, like the rest of us, understood from Senator Sorenson that it did not run afoul of any Iowa Senate ethics rules. We relied on his representations in this regard.”

Along with his complaint to the Iowa Senate Ethics Committee, Peter Waldron filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission, alleging these payments to Sorenson were improper. Waldron’s complaint also alleges that Guy Short’s work for the Bachmann campaign and MichelePAC at the same time is a potential FEC violation.

The Office of Congressional Ethics is also investigating Congresswoman Bachmann’s presidential campaign. Bachmann, Sorenson and Short are also facing a lawsuit filed by former campaign staffer Barb Heki, who alleges Sorenson stole a database of homeschoolers’ contact information from her computer. Urbandale Police are investigating the matter.

Kent Sorenson has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing in these cases. The Iowa Senate Ethics Committee had sent a 10-day deadline last week for Parrish to provide this documentation. They are expected to meet soon to decide the next steps in the investigation.

You can read the full documentation provided by Andy Parrish below:

Andy Parrish Affidavit by Shabbosgoy

Photo by Dave Davidson

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