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July 26th, 2013

Outrage Over King is Misplaced – The Friday Round-Up

The national media and many of his colleagues have blasted Congressman King for having the audacity to point out that the immigration reform bill that is working its way though congress would grant amnesty to some unsavory individuals if approved.  Now King didn’t help himself any when he described them as 130 lb kids with calves the size of cantaloupes because they are toting 75 lbs of marijuana across the boarder, but the uproar over his remarks misses one key fact – he’s right.

If the United State government grants amnesty to people who have illegally entered the country based solely at their age at the time, then there is no question that some of these individuals are going to be lawbreakers.  They could be drug dealers, drug runners, prostitutes, pimps, coyotes, or ever murderers.  That’s the problem with blanket amnesty programs.

All we need to do is look to the neighboring state of Nebraska for a current example of why King is correct.  Sergio Perez, a 19 year-old who authorities say is in the country illegally, beat and raped a 93-year old Omaha woman in her home on Sunday.  She died on Wednesday.

What provisions are in the immigration reform bill that would prevent someone like Perez from becoming a citizen?  None.  King was trying to make that simple point this week, but liberals and the media got all distracted by cantaloupe.  The pro-immigration reform crowd only wants to talk about young people who are in this country illegally who are model citizens, not those who are not.  We need to talk about the good and the bad.

It’s too bad our society and the media is so sensitive to the truth that they attack those who actually are tying to make a valid point in the debate.  Could he have said it better?  Of course, but his point is a valid one.  I guess he should have just said something like, for every one that is a valedictorian, there is one that assaults, rapes, and kills a 93 year-old woman in Omaha.

Oh, and if Speaker Boehner and other people want to be outraged about something, be outraged about what Sergio Perez did, not what Steve King said.

Who knew? Vander Plaats “Not Big” on Santorum

Over the past couple of years you might have heard that Bob Vander Plaats is kind of a big deal.  He topples Supreme Court Justices with a flick of a finger, and his political endorsement is so powerful, it alone is responsible for Mike Huckabee’s and Rick Santorum’s victories in the Iowa Caucuses.

So color me surprised when Vander Plaats told Yahoo News that he’s wasn’t really all that invested in Santorum.  After gushing over Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Yahoo News reporter Chris Moody said something like hey, I thought you were a big Santorum backer.  “Not big,” Vander Plaats said. “I came in the last two weeks of the campaign to endorse him.”

Santorum is scheduled to speak at Vander Plaats’ big conservative confab next month in Ames.  I wonder what Santorum thinks about that statement.

Ernst Nails the Fundamentals

Becoming a candidate for public office isn’t that difficult.  Just file the appropriate paperwork and voila, you’re a candidate.  Actually running a competent campaign requires a little more effort.  Still, its not that difficult, but a surprisingly number of campaigns still struggle with the basic tasks.  Joni Ernst has only been an official candidate for a couple weeks, but one can already tell that her campaign is fundamentally sound.

A campaign announcement tour with multiple stops around the state. Check

Follow up the announcement tour with a formal endorsement from one of your colleagues. Check

There are other candidates in this race that could have easily announced some endorsements by now, yet for one reason or another, they have chosen not to.  I don’t understand the mindset that a slow start to a campaign is just fine.  It’s not.  Sure the primary is still 11 months away, but they need to make it to primary day.  The race is now on.  It’s time to campaign.  It’s time to compete.  A leisurely pace does nothing but guarantee a primary loss.

Whitaker Attends D.C. Fundraiser with Senator Grassley

Matt Whitaker didn’t raise any money form Washington D.C. in the last quarter, but that is likely to change after having a fundraiser with Senator Grassley on Tuesday.  Sources tell that the event drew about 45 people and Grassley praised Whitaker for being a good U.S. Attorney and good campaigner.  We will not know how much Whitaker raised at the event until sometime in October.

RPI Labeled as “Dysfunctional”

Roll Call and the Associated Press both labeled the Republican Party of Iowa as being “dysfunctional” this week.  The current administration, which has strong ties to Ron and Rand Paul, obviously disagrees with the assertion, but the division between those who currently control the party and the more traditional Republican activists has been on display for all to see for a while now.  Still, it’s never a good thing when the national media begins to label you as being dysfunctional.  Those who openly oppose the current administration can laugh all they want, but this is just another thing that will make it more difficult for Iowa to maintain its First-in-the-Nation status.



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