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September 18th, 2013

NRCC Creates ObamaCare University Video

The National Republican Congressional Campaign (NRCC) is out with its newest web video this morning, our parody submission to the Health and Human Services’ “Healthy Young America” video contest. Young people heading back to ObamaCare University – taught by Professor Sebelius – this fall need to know the latest hot trends to survive the President’s health care law.


Heading back to school at ObamaCare University? Professor Sebelius wants to make sure you’re caught up with what trends are hot right now.

ObamaCare is causing the price of your health insurance to skyrocket, but don’t worry – higher costs for health care is the BIG trend this year. You’ll fit right in.

The law also mandates what services are covered. Because having less access to your Doctor is ALL the rage right now.

Concerned you can’t afford all these fashion trends? Don’t worry. ObamaCare will charge a hefty tax if you don’t participate, so you don’t really have a choice!

So just remember this Fall when you head back to campus: higher health premiums and no choices are SO IN. Control over your health care is SO two thousand and LATE. That’s all you need to know to succeed at ObamaCare University. Good luck!

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