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January 9th, 2013

Muhlbauer Says Gun-Grabbing Comments Were Taken Out of Context, Audio Proves They Weren’t

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Written by: Kevin Hall
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State Rep. Dan Muhlbauer (D-Manilla) has caught a lot of flak over recent comments attributed to him in Carroll’s Daily Times Herald. Muhlbauer was quoted advocating for a statewide ban on semi-automatic and “big guns”, making “radical changes” on gun laws and having government “start taking them” from private citizens.

According to WHO Radio’s Simon Conway, Muhlbauer told him the quotes were “taken out of context” and he is “pro-Second Amendment”. Conway invited Muhlbauer to appear on his Tuesday afternoon program, but the state representative declined.

Unfortunately for Rep. Muhlbauer, the Daily Times Herald has released the full audio of their interview him. It is obvious in listening to the entire 15-minute clip that the article, written by Douglas Burns, did not take Muhlbauer’s words out of context. In fact, it is clear from his tone and inflection that Democrat state representative is very serious about his proposals to ban and seize guns.

At the 0:50 mark of the clip, Muhlbauer says the solution to avoiding more tragedies like the one in Newtown is, “Tightening up the guns laws. That’s one thing that has to be done.”

Burns later asks him what he means, specifically, regarding gun laws. The following is a transcript of that exchange, from the 2:05-3:20 mark on the audio clip:

Muhlbauer: “We cannot have big guns out here as far as the big guns that are out here, the semi-automatics and all of them. We can’t have those running around out here. Those are not hunting weapons, ya know, and assault rifles.

Burns: So we should ban those in Iowa?

Muhlbauer: We should ban those in Iowa.

Burns: Should it be a ban going forward, where you can’t buy them going forward, or should it be some method to confiscate them from people who already purchased them legally?”

Muhlbauer: “We need to get them off the streets, illegally, and even if you have them I think we need to start taking them. We can’t have those out there. Because if they’re out they’re just going to get circulated around to the wrong people. Those guns should not be in the public’s hands. They’re just too big of guns.

(Note: There is a slight, possible discrepancy between the article and the audio here. Burns’ article quotes Muhlbauer in the last sentence saying, “There are just too many guns,” but the audio record sounds closer to “too big of guns”.)

Burns: So, if there is a ban on semi-automatic rifles and somebody had purchased one legally, let’s say today, and then a ban would go into effect, how do we confiscate them? Who does that?

Muhlbauer: Well, either that or we’re going to have to buy them back or voluntarily come get them, or if we find them on the street, there’s going to have to be some kind of penalty for them. We just don’t need them out there.”

The paper also quotes Muhlbauer correctly regarding his desire for “radical changes” in Iowa’s gun laws. Muhlbauer says a constituent of his proposed putting a chip in every gun so we know where they are at all times. Rep. Muhlbauer says that’s taking things “a little too far”, but he clearly wants gun laws in Iowa tightened.

The audio can be found at the 9:30 mark:

“With all these shootings going on, we have to start making radical changes and radical choices from what we’ve done in the past.”

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