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December 10th, 2013

More Voter Fraud Found in Iowa

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Written by: Kevin Hall
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Despite substantial evidence to the contrary, Iowa Democrats claim Voter ID disenfranchises voters and voter fraud is practically non-existant. However, when actual voter fraud is determined, Democrats are oddly silent.

The Iowa Secretary of State’s office recently found evidence of voter fraud in Muscatine County and referred the cases to the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation. The result was charges of election misconduct in the First Degree being filed against two Muscatine residents.

Mayra Alejandra Lopez Morales and Sylvia Rada are accused of registering to vote and voting in the 2012 general election while being non-citizens.

Fraud is the real voter disenfranchisement. The allegedly illegal votes cast by these two resulted in counteracting someone else’s legal vote.

“I want to thank County Attorney Ostergren for taking election integrity seriously,” Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz said in a statement.  “Every vote can make a big difference and Iowans expect nothing less than fair and honest elections.”

Cases of voter fraud like those in Muscatine would be easier if Democrats would stop blocking access to the SAVE database, which the secretary of state wants to use to determine the voter eligibility of immigrants. Schultz’ office identified 3,582 non-citizens in Iowa who were registered to vote in 2012. Some of those may have later become naturalized citizens. So, in order to find out who is legal and who isn’t, Secretary Schultz requested access to the SAVE database. A lawsuit has been filed against Schultz’ office, preventing him from using the SAVE program.

Schultz’s 2014 opponent, Democrat Brad Anderson, has focused his entire campaign on attacking Schultz for pushing Voter ID. Anderson also supports the lawsuit. He was Barack Obama’s Iowa campaign manager last year.

Polls show that more than 70 percent of Iowans, including more than 60 percent of Iowa Democrats, support Voter ID.

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