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August 8th, 2013

More Audio of Sorenson Talking About Paul Payment from January 2013

This recording of a phone conversation between State Sen. Kent Sorenson and Dennis Fusaro begins as another call ends. It was recorded on January 9, 2013, just over a year after the recording published on Wednesday.

Sorenson once again admits that Ron Paul’s Deputy National Campaign Manager, Demitri Kesari, gave him a check. However, this time, when asked if he still has the check, Sorenson seems a little unsure about how to answer Fusaro’s question.

Given Sorenson’s documented lies regarding the Paul campaign having offered payment and having delivered a check to the state senator, it is unclear whether Sorenson is still holding the check or whether he had cashed it at the time this conversation occurred.

Fusaro: Kent?

Sorenson: Hey.

Fusaro: How are you doing?

Sorenson: Good, I’m with Shawnee and we are headed down to the sheriff’s department, but I thought I’d call you real quick.

Fusaro: Why are you headed down to the sheriff’s department?

Sorenson: Shawnee’s got her permit to carry.

Fusaro: Oh, um, I wanted to talk to you… Ahh, how much do you need for your legal bills?

Sorenson: Well, I mean, I think I owe, I think I owe like, right now I owe like twenty-five or three, I think, or two. Something like that, I’m not sure.

Fusaro: All right. Did you ever talk to Demitri?

Sorenson: No. No. He called me a couple of times, and I have not called him back.

Fusaro: You still have a copy of that check? You still have that check?

Sorenson: Ummm, well, yes but I don’t really need any more problems. Why?

Fusaro: Well, because I want a copy of the check.

Sorenson: Why is that?

Fusaro: Because I want to go talk to Demitri about it.

Sorenson: Yeah. I don’t want to create any more problems for myself. I have enough already. You know what I mean? If I wasn’t involved, it would be different.

Fusaro: How long do you think until that thing you are involved in clears? Year?

Sorenson: What’s that?

Fusaro: How long do you think, till the thing you are involved with now clears?

Sorenson: I don’t know, I don’t know. I don’t know.

Fusaro: Well, I’d ask you to take a picture of that check Dimitri wrote you and email it to me so I can go talk to him about it. Because that’s the type of crap he pulls. He gets people in trouble.

Sorenson: Yeah.

Fusaro: I’m sick and tired of him lying, lying to me. And um, the guy needs to change, you know? And all his friends, all his buddies are propping him up. So as long as they keep propping him up, he doesn’t have to change.

Sorenson: Yeah.

Fusaro: I mean, he goes out and does stupid stuff, like, you know, because he wants Mike Rothfeld, John Tate, and Jesse Benton and all these other players to think he’s this really hot, hot as all get out political operative, and he cuts these corners and breaks the rules and puts… If he was just putting his own backside on the line, that’s fine, but he puts other people’s lives and other people’s liberty on the line and at risk. And it’s just stupid.

Sorenson: I understand.

Fusaro: He needs to change, he can change, and there is nothing he’s ever done that’s not redeemable, unforgivable, but he won’t deal with it until he’s faced with the idea that he got to deal with it.

Sorenson: I’m willing to talk about this later, I’m walking into the sheriff’s department with Shawnee right now.

Fusaro: Alright. Thanks

Sorenson: But, I’ll call you later.

Fusaro: Okay, bye.

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Note: This article was updated at 8:40 a.m.  The preceding phone call was not a conference call with the Dorr brothers.

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