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September 12th, 2013

Loebsack Votes Against ObamaCare Fraud Protection

If He Had His Way, Government Would Potentially Dole Out Billions In Waste

WASHINGTON – Today, Dave Loebsack voted against a bill that would prevent the government from potentially shelling out billions in waste. It simply asks that household income is verified before individuals are given subsidies through ObamaCare. These types of common-sense fixes save taxpayer funds and can help restore fiscal sanity to Washington. Yet, predictably, Dave Loebsack cannot be bothered.

This might be news to Loebsack, but we are a nation of laws. It’s time that Dave Loebsack and the Obama administration enforced them.

“If President Obama and Dave Loebsack had their way, billions of taxpayer dollars would potentially be at risk because they chose not to enforce the law,” said NRCC Communications Director Andrea Bozek. “Democrats in Washington have proven time and time again they can’t be trusted with taxpayer dollars. It’s time to tell them that enough is enough.”

Dave Loebsack Voted Against A Bill That Would Prevent Fraud In ObamaCare. (HR 2775, Roll Call 458. 9/12/13)

The Bill Would Freeze ObamaCare Subsidies Until Measures To Verify Household Income Are Fully Implemented. “Rep. Diane Black, R-Tenn., has introduced legislation that would block the federal government from doling out subsidies through President Obama’s health care law until the law’s anti-fraud measures are fully implemented.” (Philip Klein, “New House Bill: No Obamacare Subsidies Without Verification,” The Washington Examiner, 7/24/13)

In July, The Obama Administration Delayed A Provision That Would Verify Household Incomes For ObamaCare Subsidies. “The Obama administration’s move to delay a key element of healthcare reform has another, unintended, consequence: A crucial part of that reform will depend on consumers observing the honor system, with millions of dollars at stake. The U.S. government said on Tuesday it would postpone by a year the provision that employers with 50 or more workers provide them with health insurance; the delay is intended to let companies work out how they report their compliance to tax authorities.” (Sharon Begley, “Delay In Obamacare Requirement Puts Onus On The Honor System,” Reuters, 7/5/13)

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