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September 9th, 2013

Latham Skewers Obama at Polk GOP Picnic

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Written by: Kevin Hall
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Iowa Congressman Tom Latham does not support President Obama’s decision to interject in the Syrian civil war. And Latham says he has yet to find any Iowan that supports the decision, either.

I’m still waiting for the first person to support action in Syria,” Latham said. “I’ve been doing town hall meetings all month. I’m still waiting for that first person, because it’s just an irrational argument that supposedly, if Assad did use chemical weapons and killed men, women and children, so our answer is to attack civilian targets and kill men, women and children, with what result? I don’t know. He can’t give an answer to that question, what the result is.”

Congressman Latham was the keynote speaker at the Polk County Republican Party’s annual summer picnic, held Saturday at Jalapeno Pete’s at the state fairgrounds. The Third District congressman spent most of his six and a half minute speech ripping the president.

I think what we’re seeing with this president unfortunately a lack of any kind of foreign policy, any real leadership in the world today,” Latham said.

Congress returns to work this week following the August recess. President Obama is scheduled to address the nation Tuesday night regarding Syria. Latham expects the U.S. Senate to take up the Syria measure on Wednesday. If it passes, the U.S. House will consider it at the end of this week, or early next week.

Latham expects strong opposition in Congress, due to the president’s lack of leadership.

“It’s isolated us in the world community,” the congressman said. “It has shown a lack of any kind of policies that we have in the Middle East.”

The difficult situation President Obama finds himself in now is quite a contrast from his 2008 campaign when he spoke to adoring crowds around the world. The rosy picture he painted as a candidate has withered away during his time in office.

“I always think about the president, when he was first elected, he went to Cairo and gave a speech about how he was going to bring the Middle East together, how we were all good friends and we were going to have a reset about our relationship with the Muslim world. Well, he couldn’t even go to Cairo today because it’s in chaos. You think about the lack of leadership that we’ve seen and that’s why we’ve got to hold him accountable.”

Latham was also critical of President Obama’s hypocrisy of always claiming to be for “the middle class”, but he’s giving corporations an extra year to comply with Obamacare, while individuals were not given the same break. He also said the Obama administration has practically created a fourth branch of government: the bureaucratic branch.

“We’re at a crisis I think and we need to stand firm in our beliefs that we can in fact have this country get strong again and be prosperous,” Latham said.

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