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November 17th, 2013

Kevin’s Korner: Three Rules for Republicans, Marking Jacobs and No Apology for Obamacare

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. I must be cruel only to be kind.

Try to wrap your head around this: President Obama wants to change a law that he says should be changed, but doesn’t have the power to change, yet he vows to veto a bill from Congress that would change a law the way he says it should be changed, from the folks who actually have the power to change it … Make sense to you? Me neither …

Obama is desperately trying to save congressional democrats who are on the ballot next year. Too late … He thinks people will be stupid enough to vote Democrat if their canceled health insurance plans are suddenly uncanceled, but only through Election Day … Then they’ll be recanceled  …

Thanks to the Dems deceit and/or incompetence, 2014 is shaping up to be a banner year for Republicans. All they have to do it avoid throwing roadblocks in front of the Obamacare Train of Disaster … That includes in Iowa’s left-leaning First and Second Congressional Districts. The large democrat field in the First District is unimpressive, and calling Dave Loebsack unimpressive would be a compliment.


We are still anxiously awaiting Bruce Braley’s apology for telling Iowans that Obamacare would “allow Americans to maintain their choice of health insurance”.

Come on Bruce, show a shred of testicular fortitude and come clean. You claimed you read the bill. Which, if true, means that you knew three years ago that many people would lose their health insurance because of the bill that you helped push through Congress

Look, Towelboy, no matter what Towelie might have told you, Iowans will not be conned by your pathetic attempts to conceal your liberal record. You know what they say about slugs? They always leave slime in their tracks

Bruce, voting with Republicans now on a Republican bill that lets Iowans keep their insurance doesn’t change the fact that you lied to them about this bill in the first place. Plus, your pals in the senate, including your hero Commie Tommie Harkin, won’t take up the bill. Even if they did, your good buddy Barack will veto it.

Mark Jacobs rotary

The other Republican candidates in the U.S. Senate field are sharpening their knives, preparing to plunge them into the campaign of soon-to-be official candidate Mark Jacobs. The former energy executive officially joins the race Tuesday. To say the rest of the field is concerned about Jacobs’ candidacy is an understatement. Particularly worrisome for them is his ability to self-fund …

I enjoyed hearing the varying reasons excuses for why Liberty Iowa PAC cancelled their U.S. Senate candidate forum that was scheduled for last Friday in Ames … One leader claimed it was canceled because the field had just changed (even though the forum was canceled before the field changed) … Another said it was canceled because the other candidates wouldn’t participate in the forum unless Mark Jacobs did …

Both excuses were laughable … Not as laughable as them invoking Rick Santorum’s name in an email in a pathetic effort to convince people they are somehow aligned with his supporters, but still laughable … The other candidates are doing forums all over the state without Jacobs, including one very early yesterday morning in Indianola

Liberty Iowa also didn’t bother to inform would-be emcee Jan Mickelson of the cancellation. He apparently found out Friday afternoon from co-workers at WHO Radio as he was preparing to leave the office and get ready for the forum.

dog pees on ron paul sign

RPI leadership was turning cartwheels last week because after five counties passed resolutions calling for Chairman Spiker to step down, they found one county central committee to publicly pledge its support of Big Liberty ‘s Iowa apparatchiks … The Dubuque County GOP, which has had more than its share of Paulistinians over the past few years, and still does, fully supports the regime …

The Dubuque County GOP also has prominent members who have or currently do support the Occupy movement. That includes their chairman … Yes, really.

Why does Craig Robinson hate bacon?

Craig tweet bacon DMR

Governor Branstad’s annual Birthday Bash was another huge success. There were around 800 in attendance, from all over the state. 2012 Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan was the headliner, but most of the people there came to support the governor … The most common reaction to his speech from folks I spoke with afterwards: “Eh, it was ok.” … I’ll have a full wrap-up tomorrow.

This Tuesday is Special Election Day in Warren and Madison counties. It’s the final push to make sure Republicans hold on to the SD 13 seat. Julian Garrett has worked hard to earn this seat. You can join the cause Sunday afternoon at 1 in Indianola. Senator Grassley will be at the campaign office for a rally, followed by doorknocking. Time to ante up and kick in.

Sarah Palin is still getting attacked, including in vulgar ways by MSDNC, for comparing the country’s mounting debt to slavery during her speech in Iowa last week … I get what Palin was saying and there is a point to be made about the dangers of our national debt …

However, there are three rules I wish all Republicans would follow: Never talk about, or compare someone or something to slavery, Nazis or rape. There is no comparison. They’re stupid analogies. Don’t use them.

Reggies sleepout

Finally, I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was going to start giving some free publicity to a few worthwhile charities. This week, it’s Reggie’s Sleepout, which raises money for Iowa Homeless Youth Centers … The event took place Saturday night, but you can still donate to this great cause …

Every year, they have a big sleepout at Drake University to raise funds and awareness. Kudos to some local students, including Johnston High sophomore Jack Spear, who built a giant lego man, big enough for 20 people to sleep in overnight. Their hard work brought the event some great publicity. The group of students also raised over $5,200. You can donate to the cause by clicking here

That’s it for this week, thanks for dropping by. There is special providence in the fall of a sparrow.

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