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May 19th, 2013

Kevin’s Korner: Team Obama Admits They’re Idiots, Rest of Country Wonders What Took So Long

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure its worth watching.

At long last, the idiocy, connivery and outright incompetence of the Obama administration is coming to light …  How bad was last week for Barack and his buddies? In an attempt to deflect the torrent of criticism regarding their mishandling, and apparent coverup, of Benghazi, the White House admitted their own idiocy … Yes, really …

“We’re portrayed by Republicans as either being lying or idiots,” one Obama administration official told CBS. “It’s actually closer to us being idiots.” … Actually, I would say it’s a strong mix of both … Throw in some uber liberalism and you’ve got quite a cocktail of douchebaggery running our country …

obama administration not aware

Just in case you’ve been living in a cave, here’s a brief summation of the scandals currently embroiling Team Obama:

Obama’s State Department lied about what happened in Benghazi and why it happened, while doing everything they could to keep the truth hidden by trying to silence would be whistleblowers.

Obama’s Justice Department secretly obtained two months of phone records from AP reporters and editors in a massive intrusion of privacy and overreach of government.

Obama’s IRS admitted to targeting conservative groups in the lead-up in the 2012 elections …

On the bright side, Obama is finally finding uses for the Marines:


In response to the IRS scandal, President Obama fired the commissioner. Of course, that gentleman had already planned on quitting in a few weeks … And as the sage Charles Krauthammer points out, Obama’s explanation reeks of Clintonesque manipulation:

But it’s not just conservatives like Krauthammer who are hammering the Obama administration. Realizing there’s no excuse for the inexcusable, some liberals and longtime Obama allies in the media have turned on Barack as well. Anti-Second Amendment Brit twit Piers Morgan says their actions are “bordering on tyrannical behavior”:

Even Mr. Tingles Chris Matthews sees through the load of crap Obama and his spokesman are shoveling, saying Obama “obviously likes giving speeches more than he does running the executive branch”:

The lap dogs in the media are finally finding out what the rest of us knew five years ago. Barack Obama is an empty suit. He’s not only the most left-wing president in history. He’s also incapable of governing. And his inner circle includes the sleaziest people in all of American politics, which is really saying something …


And yes, there are plenty of Iowa ties to this whole mess … The National Treasury Employees Union, which represents the IRS employees who were targeting conservatives, donated to all four Iowa Democrat congressional candidates’ campaigns in 2012 …

Dave Loebsack collected $5,500 from IRS employees. They give Bruce Braley $2,000. Leonard Boswell also pocketed $2,000 and Carpetbagger Christie Vilsack snagged $1,500 … Altogether, the IRS union gave almost $450,000 to Democrat congressional candidates and only $24,000 to Republicans

The Coalition for Life of Iowa is apparently one of those conservative organizations the IRS targeted … According to the group, in June of 2009, the IRS refused to grant them tax exempt status unless every member of their board signed a statement that they would not picket/protest outside of Planned Parenthood clinics … Beyond disgraceful …

State Rep. Chip Baltimore, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, asks any Iowa non-profit group that feels they have been harassed by the IRS to contact him. Baltimore says it’s important for Iowans to come forward and “make their voice heard” regarding this scandal …

Ya know, if we just instituted the Fair Tax, we could get rid of the IRS and wouldn’t have any of these problems …


Or maybe we just need the Big Red Monster (no, not me), WWE superstar Kane to go to the U.S. Senate and chokeslam everyone there. Kane, whose real name is Glenn Jacobs, is considering running against Republican incumbent Lamar Alexander in Tennessee next year …

Kane leans libertarian Paulistinian, so here’s some free opposition research for Sen. Alexander: Kane is beyond emotionally unstable … For starters, he’s an alleged murdererKane also once tried to fry the testicles of Shane McMahon with jumper cables … Kane convinced Lita to sleep with him in exchange for not beating up her boyfriend Matt Hardy. He then got her pregnant and forced her to marry him … Kane also has a strange obsession with baseball Hall of Famer outcast Pete Rose. Maybe because Rose bet on wrestling.


While the mess in D.C. will linger for a while, with no escape for the Dems, let’s hope the Iowa Legislature finally figures things out this week and heads home. If the senate Democrats would remove their collective heads from their sphincters, we could get the largest tax cut in state history passed … This bill isn’t perfect, but it benefits a vast number of Iowans and makes a lot of sense … In other words, don’t count on Gronstal letting it happen.

Sadly, some Iowa Republicans showed last week that they are completely tone deaf on some issues:

Example One: Gas prices in Iowa jumped from $3.29 10 days ago to $3.89 on Thursday. The next day, some Republicans tried to push a gas tax increase through the Iowa Legislature Insanely idiotic.

Example Two: Governor Branstad tried to push through an $11,000 pay raise for executive council members (governor, lt. governor, SOS, auditor, attorney general, sec. of ag.) that would go into effect in December of 2014 … That doesn’t necessarily mean Branstad would be on the receiving end of the pay raise, but that doesn’t matter. This idea was ill-conceived and ill-advised …

For most of the executive council, the extra $11,000 equals around a 10% pay raise … Despite our state’s low unemployment rate, a lot of Iowans are still struggling in the Obama economy and this massive pay raise is too pricy.

Finally, a feel good story, involving a U.S. Marine, who served in Afghanistan. Sgt. Ross Gundlach served 150 missions in Afghanistan with a yellow lab named Casey. On Friday, with help from the Iowa State Fire Marshall’s office, Gundlach and his best friend were reunited, much to the Marine’s surprise.

The whole story is worth a watch:

That’s it for this week. Thanks for dropping by. Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.

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