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July 28th, 2013

Kevin’s Korner: Spiker Channels Drebin, King’s Sting and Big Liberty Defined

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. Only the ladder is real. The climb is all there is.

RollCall produced a list last week of the seven most dysfunctional state parties in the nation. As a surprise to no one outside of Republican Party of Iowa headquarters, they were among those earning this dubious distinction.

The quote in the article from RPI Chairman A.J. Spiker made me immediately think of Leslie Nielsen in Naked Gun: Police Squad. As explosions are going off behind him, Lt. Drebin tells the gawking crowd, “Move on, nothing to see here.”

Spiker quote: “The idea that we’re a troubled state party is a little bit ridiculous…”

Well, something’s ridiculous. That’s for sure … There are few people outside of RPI HQ or the Paulistinian cult that believe the state party is well run … Here are three big problems Iowa Republicans see that Spiker and Co. are either oblivious to, or they just don’t care about:

  1. The big money GOP donors don’t know you.
  2. The majority of elected Republicans don’t trust you.
  3. The majority of Republican activists don’t like you.

Other than that, everything’s peachy … BTW, all of these problems were fixable, but RPI leadership took no steps to rectify them. I’ve offered solutions, but they’re too busy being whiny douches to listen to me. Besides, I’m just an insignificant blogger … In response, I await another “anonymous” attack against TIR, mysteriously emailed to RPI’s database …

I’m glad our friends at National Review read my column, but I’d prefer they at least credit me if they’re going to use my trademarked term, Big LibertyTM. And use it correctly … To clarify, Spiker, David Fischer, et al., do not comprise Big Liberty. They are mere pawns in the Big Liberty scheme to consolidate power.

paul vs christie

Rand Paul and Chris Christie are publicly bashing each other, firing the first salvos in an impending showdown between the hawks and the isolationists. This one will continue to play out through the 2016 presidential primary

But if I were Rand, I’d be more worried about Ted Cruz stealing my thunder than Barack’s best buddy Gov. Christie … For their speeches in front of Iowa pastors earlier this month, Rand Paul pulled an Obama, reading his speech off a teleprompter. And he took no questions … Cruz, on the other hand, spoke off the cuff and spent extensive time answering questions … In other words, only one guy came off as authentic and it wasn’t the senator from Kentucky.

Christie’s best buddy Barack thinks the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, despite repeated requests for more security, is a “phony scandal”. Patricia Smith, the mother of deceased Benghazi victim Sean Smith thinks otherwise.

Barack’s speech-making ain’t going to make that 41% approval rating go up. Neither is the IRS union trying to opt out of Obamacare, while they’re charged with enforcing it on the rest of us.

The Paulistinians are throwing hissy fits because Congressman King and Congressman Latham voted against Justin Amash’s NSA amendment. As Latham told Simon Conway on WHO Radio Thursday, they believe the Amash amendment is unconstitutional because it makes demands of the courts to use specific language in warrants they issue. Latham says Amash’s bill violates the separation of powers. He also says it doesn’t address the issue of the NSA examining the content of phone calls and emails …

However, King and Latham did vote for the Nugent amendment, because it does block the NSA from storing the contents of phone calls. The bill also bars the NSA from using funds to target U.S. residents with the internet surveillance program that currently focuses on foreign suspects. That amendment passed … People should listen to Congressman Latham’s explanation, which starts around the 15:30 mark here:

There has been much ado across the nation regarding Congressman King’s comments about illegal immigrant children. My take on it is, if Steve King has figures that can back up his claim that for every valedictorian there are 100 drug runners, then he should produce that documentation. If he can’t back it up with facts, then it was an ill-advised comment …

King’s larger point, that many illegal immigrants, even kids, are used by the cartels to bring drugs to the U.S., was spot on. But the wording was poor …

Of course, instead of reporting what Congressman King actually said, the Des Moines Register, in their never-ending effort to tear down Republicans, tried to make King’s comments seem worse, with this false headline:

Register smears King

He said no such thing …

Not to be outdone in the baseless attacks on Republicans, Register columnist Kathy Obradovich tried to smear potential U.S. Senate candidate Mark Jacobs because he’s not convinced of manmade global warming. Kathy O decided to tell readers that global warming is an indisputable fact, citing “published research” …

Of course, she didn’t bother to say anything about the countless instances of climate scientists falsifying their data to fit the global warming narrative, which is a huge moneymaking scheme for corrupt governments and hypocrites like Al Gore

Gore, likely citing those same scientists that Kathy O does, claimed in 2007, ’08 and ‘09 that the entire north polar ice cap would melt within five years … BTW, although we’re at the peak of the annual summer melting, there are more than 6 million square kilometers of arctic sea ice right now, six years after Gore’s first claim that it would be all gone by now …

Screen shot 2013-07-28 at 12.10.37 AM

No word on if Obradovich will be on the “Act on Climate” bus tour that’s coming to Iowa this week, but it’s good to know secretary of state wannabe, and career political hack, Brad Anderson is organizing and promoting it … It is the secretary of state’s job to be an advocate for jobs in Iowa. Instead, Hack Anderson is pushing Barack Obama’s job-killing, economy-crippling, phony, global warming agenda. Example #273 of why Anderson would be a horrible secretary of state.

Rod Roberts speaking

I suspect we will find out soon about the intentions of Rod Roberts regarding a U.S. Senate bid and Kraig Paulsen regarding a congressional run. Roberts spent some time in D.C. last week meeting with various groups and associations, and I’m told those went very well. He plans on being at the big Lyon County GOP fundraiser on August 8 …

Meanwhile, here’s another indication Iowa Speaker of the House Kraig Paulsen is preparing for a run for the First District congressional seat. He’s one of the speakers at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition’s house party in Dubuque on August 22. That’s a bit out of Paulsen’s district. Already declared First District candidate Rod Blum will also be there …

BTW, where’s Steve Rathje? I will never understand part-time candidates, especially in federal races, and we’ve got a few of them this cycle. Either run a wholehearted campaign or get out of the way.

Pizza Ranch

In perhaps the best news of the week, a new Pizza Ranch is coming to Urbandale, just off the I-80/35 exit on 86th Street. My taste buds are excited about this. My waistline is not … That is a perfect location to draw tons of business. And host tons of Republican events. It’s set to open in October … I’ll set the over/under at 9 campaign events or meetings held there by November 2014. Who’s in?

Finally, my condolences to Governor Branstad and his family on the passing of his father, Edward, who died Friday at the age of 89 following a bout with cancer. May he rest in peace.

Photos by Dave Davidson

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