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December 8th, 2013

Kevin’s Korner: SCC Meeting Fallout, Fischer Won’t Run and Black Hawk Down on RPI

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do. – Nelson Mandela

The Iowa GOP State Central Committee passed a good bylaw during Saturday’s marathon meeting: “No officer of the Republican Party of Iowa (including the Finance Chair and Legal Counsel) or member of the State Central Committee (including Iowa’s National Committeeman and National Committeewoman) shall receive direct or indirect compensation from a campaign.” …

The motion passed 14-3 … The rule is good and will prevent some of the conflicts of interest we’ve seen in the past. But it’s far from perfect. I think it goes too far by banning members from working on general election campaigns …

In other ways, the bylaw does not go far enough in ending the conflicts of interest on the SCC, which were on full display last week with Jeff Shipley’s email, sent via his Liberty Iowa PAC account. Shipley denigrated Republicans who don’t fit his ideology, signed off using his SCC title, and used his status as SCC member to raise money for the PAC …

Shipley fundraising email

There’s also nothing in the bylaw that prevents SCC members from working for PACs like Liberty Iowa, which recruits and endorses candidates in primaries. SCC member Joel Kurtinitis also works for the Liberty Iowa PAC.

Kurtinitis was in such a hurry to pass the Doland Amendment that he suggested the SCC should go ahead and pass it now, then fix it later. Those comments prompted Kurtinitis’ fellow SCC members to compare him to both Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi during the meeting … That’ll leave it mark

The Doland Amendment would have the state convention delegates elect the state chair and co-chair, instead of the SCC. After more than two hours of debate, the decision was finally made to have the organizational committee work out the details of the amendment before next month’s meeting … Then the full committee will vote on whether or not to send the amendment to the 2014 state convention …

As I wrote Friday, those who were in a rush to ram this amendment through without significant feedback from the grassroots exposed they had another agenda in mind. Particularly, encouraging the Paulistinians to go to the caucus … Sadly for them, according SCC member David Chung, who is the most well-versed SCC member in terms of rules and parliamentary procedure, is of the opinion the amendment could not go into effect until 2016, since the amendment would not be in force until after the call to convention, rules and agenda have been approved.

Fischer Paul

More sad news for the Paulbots: RPI Co-Chair David Fischer announced he will not run for the U.S. Senate

And even more bad news: Another GOP county central committee has called for Fischer and Chairman A.J. Spiker to step down. The Black Hawk County GOP passed the resolution a couple of weeks ago, on a 21-4 vote, but is just now making it public …

The reasons the Black Hawk GOP cited include “moving the date of the Republican State Convention which would hurt our eventual United States Senate candidate, unilaterally moving our caucus date, failure to raise funds, attacking elected officials and efforts to create District Executive Committees, and failure to listen to grassroots Republicans.”

That brings the total to six county GOPs asking the chairman to resign, including three of the state’s four largest counties … The Dubuque County GOP is the only one that has publicly voiced its support of the Spiker regime.

My Favorite Paulistinian Quote of the Week, from the TIR comments section, as they continue their hate of Abraham Lincoln:

Screen shot 2013-12-06 at 7.26.04 PM

Next week, they’ll blame the joos.

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 9.05.09 PM

Republican nominee Stan Gustafson has a big head start in the House District 25 race. As of Friday, the absentee ballot requests in this district go like this:

Republicans:  137

Democrats:  3

No Party:  22

Democrats hold their convention to select a candidate on Monday. So far, no dem has publicly stepped forward … Personally, I’m hoping they nominate a candidate whose last name is Goldman. That way, we can renew the legendary Gustafson/Goldman rivalry of the 1990s.

Finally, while filling in for Simon Conway on WHO Radio on Friday, I had the chance to ask Congressman Steve King about the life and passing of Nelson Mandela. I think he gave a great answer and fitting tribute:

“He kept the gentleness of his nature and the forgiveness of his nature, and he led a nation through a very difficult time to get to the place where they are today. He’s laid a foundation for the future of South Africa. A man that deserved the Nobel Peace Prize, and of course received it. That’s a mark that for him that will last a long time. I’ve not met the man. I tracked him all the way through is career, before he went into prison and after, and I do think a lot of him and I know that we mourn his passing, but we also honor his life.”

That’s it for this week. Thanks for dropping by. Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again. – Nelson Mandela

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