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January 6th, 2013

Kevin’s Korner: RPI Election Thoughts, Straw Poll Spiked and T-Paw’s Price

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. All we have to decide what to do with the time that is given to us.

Well, Saturday’s RPI elections were no surprise. The Paulistinians completed their coup d’etat with the reelection of A.J. Spiker as chairman and the election of David Fischer as co-chair … Congrats to them on their successful takeover of the state party. The Paulistinians are now the establishment. Whether the Republican Party of Iowa succeeds or fails is now solely in their hands … They called down the thunder. Now they’ve got it …

Despite Spiker’s claims that his decisions are not based on how someone voted for in the Iowa Caucus, it’s obvious to any clear thinking person that Spiker and the Paulistinians on the State Central Committee make every decision based on whether or not someone supported Ron Paul. If this modus operandi continues, RPI will surely fail.

Within minutes of the Iowa GOP election, Ron Paul posted his first tweet since August, congratulating Spiker and Fischer. Dr. Paul also sent word down from the mothership for an Iowa GOP Bailout  … Here are their Iowa fundraising numbers, keeping in mind that donations under $250 are not reported:

June – October 2012:

RPI donations reported to the FEC

5 Months

55 Iowa Donors out of 630,000 active Republican voters

$30,961.04 Total raised ($562.93 per donor/$.05 per voter raised)

Since they can’t raise money from Iowans, they have to count on Ron Paul to do their jobs for them … MONEYBOMB!!!

I’m so glad Ron Paul found the time to send out those tweets. Too bad he couldn’t be bothered to do his taxpayer funded job earlier in the week and vote against the fiscal cliff bill … Priorities… His former staffers even used the fiscal cliff vote to make their points on Saturday, but their hero couldn’t be bothered to do his damn job and cast a vote on it … Inexcusable, though I’m sure the Paulistinians will try.

The best comment of the day was made by Jamie Johnson, while nominating Wes Enos for co-chair: ““I believe that a sign can be given to registered Republicans across this state that at least one person today who is elected is broader than the Campaign for Liberty, that is broader than the Ron Paul, Rand Paul libertarian group… I love all the members of this party, but I believe that a visible sign must be given from the members of this committee that this is not the Ron Paul Republican Party of Iowa—it is the Republican Party of Iowa.”

Sadly, Johnson’s comments fell on deaf ears. These guys apparently don’t care that most of the state’s 600,000+ registered Republicans feel disenfranchised by the state party, as Bill Schickel pointed out. In fact, Schickel delivered a fairly emphatic smackdown of the Ron Paul-backer domination of RPI, which you can view below.

It is now up to Spiker, Fischer and the gang to repair their relationships with the rest of the state party. I heard nothing on Saturday that indicated they plan on doing so …

Most Inadvertently Honest Comment of the Day, from A.J. Spiker, regarding the Ames Straw Poll: “It’s a straw poll. It doesn’t mean anything.” … That’s right. The chairman of the Iowa GOP said publicly that one of the party’s biggest fundraisers and most important events, that receives worldwide attention “doesn’t mean anything” …

Spiker didn’t stop there: “I think some candidates put too much effort into it.” … That’ll help RPI rake in the bucks in 2015 … Watch for yourself …

I’m sure the future GOP presidential candidates will be glad to hear this. That will save them the huge effort and hundreds of thousands of dollars required to compete in the Ames Straw Poll … And even though “it doesn’t mean anything”, for some reason, Spiker felt it was worth starting a public feud with Governor Branstad over it.

The worst comment of the day was David Fischer saying “there’s too much focus on the mechanics” of winning elections … No, David. There’s not enough focus. Republicans lost in 2012 because of mechanics. The Dems had a better turnout machine than the GOP. Their mechanics were better. Period … You could have the best, most conservative candidate in the world, but nobody wins without the proper campaign tools. If the GOP doesn’t upgrade its mechanics, they’re never going to win a national election.

In case you’re interested in how the voting broke down by SCC member, I’m fairly confident it went like this: Tim Moran, David Chung, Bob Anderson, Jamie Johnson and Wes Enos voted for Schickel … The other 13 members voted for Spiker

11 people voted for David Fischer for co-chair. I’m fairly confident it was the same people that voted for Spiker, with the exceptions of Tamara Scott and Loras Schulte, who likely cast their ballots for Eric Rosenthal … If I’m wrong, people are free to correct me. I bet no one does … BTW, Wes Enos admitted publicly that he was the deciding vote that put A.J. Spiker into the chairman’s seat last February, but opted for Schickel this time. That was long suspected. Now confirmed.

Meanwhile, two more Iowa Paulistinians are making international news. Former SCC member Jeremiah Johnson and his brother, twice-failed candidate for office Will Johnson, are running an “Obama-inspired smoothie café’” according to the headline from an Asian media outlet …

Yep. These self-described constitutional conservatives not only pump up Obama in their press release, but Hillary Clinton too. From the article: “The owners’ press release claims the venture is the “First American Owned Business Opened since Obama’s Historic Visit.” To add weight to the claim, Hillary Clinton is also quoted as saying, “Cambodia is open for business.” … The only thing missing is John Kerry claiming he visited the smoothie shop in Cambodia during the Vietnam War

On to other topics: The Polk County GOP chairman’s race is heating up. The election is set for January 22. I’ll have more on that tomorrow …

Last weekend, those tolerant libs at the Des Moines Register published a foaming- at-the-mouth rant from fellow liberal Donald Kaul. The anti-gun, but violence-filled diatribe includes Kaul saying he wants to drag GOP leaders behind a truck, repeal the Second Amendment, declare the NRA a terrorist organization and kill its members …  I wonder if Iowa House gun-grabber Dan Muhlbauer will seek Donald Kaul’s endorsement in his next election …

Speaking of foaming at the mouth, Al Gore has sold his ultra-liberal, barely watched Current TV channel to Al Jazeera … Not that there’s much difference in the programming. One of these channels is a propaganda arm for Al Qaeda. The other is based in the Middle East

Not too long ago, a top Al Jazeera host said Hitler and the Holocaust were “divine punishment” for Jews … The good news? Most cable subscribers in Iowa are spared from accidentally flipping to this atrocity because it’s not available on Mediacom cable. Time Warner Cable, the second largest cable company in the nation, dropped the channel hours after the deal was announced.

The serial rabble-rousers from the ultra-liberal CCI ranted for two hours on Thursday against Secretary of State Matt Schultz’ plan to purge non-citizens from the Iowa voter rolls. Always the masters of intelligent debate, one CCI member said “there were lists in the 1930s and 40s too. And a lot of people died.” … Yep. Trying to prevent non-citizens from illegally voting is comparable to the Holocaust, in CCI delusional world. Idiots.

Health Tip of the Week: Those new lightbulbs the Obama EPA is forcing you to buy? Yeah, they cause skin cancer … Yes, really.

More Ames Straw Poll-related news: Former Minnesota Governor, and failed presidential candidate, Tim Pawlenty wanted to charge Iowa State University a $25,000 fee to have him speak at a forum about the Iowa CaucusISU declined. Good decision. I don’t think I was paid nearly enough to listen to Pawlenty speak several times in 2011.

That’s all I’ve got for this week. Thanks for dropping by. Happy belated 121st Birthday to JRR Tolkien. I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.

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