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September 1st, 2013

Kevin’s Korner: Praying for Abortion, Impersonating Sgt. Schultz and Shane Getting Medieval

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal, you do not change your decision to get there.

Congratulations to the Iowa Democrats’ top two candidates for governor, Tyler Olson (D-Cedar Rapids) and Jack Hatch (D-Bag). They made national news this week, even earning high billing on the Drudge Report, as they solemnly prayed for more abortions, more abortion doctors and more taxpayer funding for abortions … How very gubernatorial of you.

Frankly, I’m surprised God didn’t smite them right then and there … And let’s give the Dems a little bit of credit. I hear they nixed Midge Slater’s plan to sacrifice a just-born baby right there in the State Capitol rotunda, believing that might be taking things a bit too far …

Let’s not leave State Senator Janet Petersen and State Rep. Marti Anderson out of the equation. They were there too, heads bowed, eyes closed, praying for abortion and dancing with the devil

My clandestine, ubiquitous informants tell me Sen. Petersen is Olson’s top choice for his lieutenant governor nominee, if he wins the Dem nomination. And I suspect he will … Instead of weekly press conferences, they could institute weekly prayers for abortion in the governor’s office … Stacy Appel and Christie Vilsack are jealous they didn’t think of this idea first …

I also suspect the “prayer” was done to mock pro-life groups who were holding prayer vigils at the same time. Horrendous decision, that backfired. Big time … Even people who are pro-choice will find it sick and unsettling that politicians running for the state’s highest office would pray for abortions …

Despite their prayers, the pro-abortion crowd suffered a major setback last week. The Iowa Board of Medicine voted 8-2 Friday to ban webcam abortions. This is a huge, hard-fought victory for Iowa Right to Life. They’ve tried to ban webcam abortions since the practice’s inception in 2008 … This ban, if it survives legal challenges, will reduce abortions in Iowa. That is something we should all celebrate …

Unless, of course, you make your living killing babies … Planned Parenthood’s own people did a horrible job stating their case before the board on Wednesday. The abortion mill’s chairman, Robert Shaw, repeatedly ducked questions about basic care practices …

Another pro-abort on the PP payroll wouldn’t answer whether or not she thinks abortion pills should be sold over the counter … Yes, really … By not answering, we got the answer … Planned Parenthood of the Heartland apparently sees no difference between RU486 and Advil

Not surprisingly, the local media, many of which were covering the Democrats’ pro-abortion rally, have been doing their best Sgt. Schultz impersonation regarding the unholy prayer …

Newsflash for the DM Register: We know you’re desperate to break a big political story, but it’s not an “exclusive” when you report on something that’s been reported on for the past three weeks on local television. Slapping a big “exclusive” banner on your story doesn’t make it so

It’s not surprising news that another Iowa Senate ethics complaint will soon be filed against Kent Sorenson. Especially after TIR’s actual exclusive stories where Sorenson admitted on tape, and his attorney has now confirmed, that the state senator received payment from the Ron Paul campaign, via a third party, to abandon Michele Bachmann and endorse Paul … Whether you cashed the check or not is irrelevant. The payoff happened and you’ve admitted it. And thrown your Ron Paul campaign cronies under the bus in the process …

Overheard this Tuesday somewhere in Kentucky: “Mr. Benton, the FEC is on line one.”


Peter Waldron, who filed the original ethics complaint against Sorenson, and is working on another one, and attorney John Gilmore just published a book on the insanity of the Michele Bachmann presidential campaign: “Bachmannistan: Behind the Lines” is available now on Amazon

I haven’t read the whole thing yet, but plan on it, because the Bachmann debacle should be a case study in exactly how not to run a presidential campaign … Here’s one choice excerpt from the book:

“One Bachmann for President hire sat on the Iowa Republican State Central Committee, which proved most helpful in keeping both Sarah Palin and Rick Perry off of the straw poll ballot. Flyover land operates by the same political principles as DC only with worse food.

The campaign representative for Newt Gingrich cheerfully told the assembled operatives that he would be observing the process but not actually bidding on any of the auction items. “We’re broke,” he explained, saying nothing that the others didn’t already know.

A moment of silence and then someone asked “Need a job?”

The room filled with laughter, informed by the knowledge of those chortling that it could just as well have been their candidate who was broke, such are the vagaries of politics.”

The book does appear to have some glaring punctuation errors, but will make for interesting reading.

Here is the most unintentionally funny thing I read all week: “To me the old adage that sunlight is the best disinfectant, most definitely rings true.” … Why is this funny? It was written by Republican Party of Iowa Executive Director Steve Bierfeldt … I’m just hoping he follows it up with, “Always practice what you preach” …

Case Study #9,237 on how RPI leadership just doesn’t get it. They’re paying money to run this on Facebook:

Screen shot 2013-08-30 at 12.26.51 PM

If Mark Jacobs does decide to enter the U.S. Senate race, he’ll have some ‘splainin to do. Like, why did he donate $2,400 to Arlen Specter five months after Specter became a Democrat? …

Rick Santorum’s backing of Specter in 2004 over then-Tea Party darling Pat Toomey hounded Santorum on the Iowa campaign trail in 2011 … Santorum did a decent job of explaining that one. Jacobs better get working on his reasoning. As well as his support of Common Core. Shane Vander Hart is already prepared to go medieval over that one.

obama pondering

President Obama is prepared to bomb Syria, but claims he will seek Congress’ approval first. I doubt he will get it. This president, who sold Americans in 2008 on the load of crap that he was bipartisan and could bring the country together, has shown a total inability to do so… And there will be bipartisan opposition to this. Then what does Obama do? …

It would also be nice if our intelligence services tell us where and how Syria got their chemical weapons. I guess they’re too busy reading our emails and listening to our phone calls … Here’s a hint: Bush wasn’t lying about Iraq’s WMDs … Neither was Hillary Clinton and the long, long list of Democrats who said the same thing Bush did, until it was politically convenient not to.

seneca wallace

As much as I would have liked for Tim Tebow make the cut for the New England Patriots, I was more disappointed in Seneca Wallace’s decision to just quit the San Francisco 49ers. I get that the former Cyclone QB thought the Niners were using him, but quitting before they cut you is not wise and will hard to explain to future potential NFL employers … Always remember, it’s not personal. It’s strictly business

Of course, even more depressing was the opening week of college football in Iowa. Unless you’re a UNI Panther or Grand View Viking fan … On the bright side, college basketball season is just nine weeks away. And Monday Night RAW comes to Des Moines tomorrow. Yes!

That’s it for this week. Thanks for dropping by. “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”-MLK, Jr.

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