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November 10th, 2013

Kevin’s Korner: Pate Won’t Run, Bierfeldt Won’t Applaud and Braley Won’t Apologize

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. If you can’t say something nice, say something vague.

Paul Pate’s perennial flirtation with another run for office has ended. My clandestine, ubiquitous informants tell me the former Iowa secretary of state has opted not to run for Congress next year …

Pate was 90% sure he was going to run as of mid-September and planned to announce by October 1. That was delayed due to the federal government shutdown and Pate apparently decided a few days ago he would not run …

That leaves Rod Blum, Walt Rogers and Steve Rathje as the Republican hopefuls in the First District race and leaves with a vow to never again report on a story of Paul Pate considering a run for office.

The Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition’s event headlined by Sarah Palin and Utah Senator Mike Lee was a great event, though a tad on the long side …  I’ll have a full report on the event tomorrow with videos, but need to touch on a few things today …

Bierfeldt with Paul

I hadn’t planned to write about RPI or the Paulistinians this week, but circumstances dictate it. Particularly, the utter lack of respect RPI Executive Director Steve Bierfeldt showed for IFFC and the all-star lineup of speakers they provided … When Congressman Steve King was introduced at the event, he received a rousing standing ovation. Everyone in the room stood and applauded.  Everyone, that is, except for Steve Bierfeldt. Same story when King finished his speech …

Then, IFFC head honcho Steve Scheffler honored conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly. Scheffler was moved to tears, and again, the audience gave Schlafly a huge standing ovation. Except the executive director of the state party. He just sat there and did not applaud …

Same story with Sarah Palin’s speech. Bierfeldt sat there, while everyone else stood and applauded … None of this is surprising, but it is very telling. The guy thinks he is above the 600,000+ Iowa Republicans he’s supposed to be working for. Bierfeldt’s actions revealed a disdain for the IFFC, and a total disregard for three conservative warriors who have more than earned respect. Disgraceful. And typical.

Example # 2,793 of Republican Party of Iowa leadership showing no regard for any Republican outside their little cabal: They kicked Polk County GOP Executive Director Ryan Keller out of their building on Saturday. Keller was there to attend a caucus training for county leaders, but was told since he is not a county chair or co-chair, he was not welcome …

Commonsense would dictate that since Polk is the largest county in the state and Keller is the only full-time county GOP executive director in the state, he should be allowed to attend the meeting … For that matter, why not let anyone in leadership positions in county parties attend? That would make sense … Sadly, commonsense is sorely lacking these days at 621 E. 9th St

RPI’s childish move forced Polk GOP Chair Will Rogers to leave the Immigrant Entrepreneurs Summit, where he was attempting voter outreach efforts, to go to the RPI meeting, since they would not allow Keller to attend … I keep thinking RPI leadership will get a clue. But they never do.


There’s lots of finger-pointing going around regarding Ken Cuccinelli’s narrow loss to Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia gubernatorial race. You know who we should blame for Ken Cuccinelli’s loss? Ken Cuccinelli.

It’s not the RNC’s fault. They spent three times more money in Virginia than the DNC. It’s not the Republican Governors Association’s fault. They spent $8.5 million on Cuccinelli’s race. It not even the fault of the liberaltarians who voted for the sham third party candidate … Ultimately, when a candidate loses, it is the candidate who deserves the blame. Period.

Ken Cuccinelli was a rising GOP star just a couple of years ago. He was the first attorney general to challenge Obamacare in court, he gave a very well-received speech to the Iowa GOP back in 2012 and was even considered a potential presidential candidate down the line. I doubt we’ve heard the last from him.

obama pinocchio

Due to the exposed lies of the Obama administration regarding the “if you like your plan, you get to keep you plan” nonsense, the momentum was going Cuccinelli’s way and he might have won if the election was one week later …

Since President Obama’s poll numbers started dipping into the 30s, he has decided to apologize, sort of, for the fact that millions of people are losing their insurance plans, despite his repeated promises that they wouldn’t. Iowa Congressman, and wannabe senator, Bruce Braley made the same promise. When is Braley going to apologize for lying to Iowans? Don’t hold your breath …

What’s Obama going to do when those millions of people who lost their plans start suing the federal government for forcing them out of those plans, and lying about it? It’s gonna get ugly

I’m no fan of country music, but it’s hard not to like some of the genre’s biggest stars, especially after their skewering of Obamacare during the CMA awards:

Iowa gubernatorial wannabe Jack Hatch concocted a brilliant plan to help him reach Terrace Hill: He wants raise taxes on every Iowan. Yes, really … Hatch wants to eliminate federal deductibility for Iowa taxpayers … In other words, he wants to add a tax onto a tax…

Iowa Democrats tried to eliminate federal deductibility four years ago. Iowa taxpayers overwhelmingly rejected it. Now, governor wannabe Jack Hatch wants to bring it back. Spread this plan far and wide Jack. It’s a sure winner!

Not to be overshadowed by their opponent’s tax-raising scheme, fellow gubernatorial wannabe Tyler Olson’s staff sent out this tweet last week:

Tyler Olson is not cool

Seriously? There are many words I could use to describe this picture. ‘Cool’ is not one of them.

Sen. Ron Jorgensen (R-Sioux City) rightfully called out Sen. Herman Quirmbach (D-Bag) for trying to take credit for the college tuition freezes that he actually had nothing to do with. In fact, Quirmbach and his fellow senate dims blocked a tuition freeze that passed the Iowa House in 2012 … Hermie must be worried about the 2014 election, because his desperation is already showing.

The Non-Sequitur of the Week Award goes to State Central Committee hopeful Jeff Jorgensen. Here’s a portion of Jorgensen’s letter to Third District Executive Committee members:

“As a hot air balloon pilot, I love free flight and the adventure of being at the mercy of the winds. On several occasions, I have faced perilous situations having to deal with high voltage lines, changing wind and weather conditions, landing obstacles, restricted air space, and fuel shortages. Fee flight has taught me to logically analyse and deal with perilous situations. This is one of the acquired skills that will guide me as a member of the State Central Committee.”

I don’t know what hot air balloons have to do with SCC meetings, other than the abundance of hot air, but every time he said ‘perilous’, all I could think about was Monty Python and Castle AnthraxJorgensen is one of three announced candidates for the open slot on the SCC, which will be decided Tuesday in Greenfield.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for dropping by. When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.

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