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May 12th, 2013

Kevin’s Korner: Big Liberty, New Auditor and Rand’s Slam

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. Happy Mothers Day to all the mom’s out there, especially mine, without whom this column would not exist. And Paulistinians everywhere would rejoice.

Governor Branstad will announce our new state auditor Monday. My clandestine, ubiquitous informants have told me who it is, but getting official confirmation has been surprisingly difficult. So, I’m not going to reveal it or drop any hints … Replacing the vaunted Vauditor will be difficult, but if it is who I believe it is, I think Branstad made an outstanding choice, a historic pick and she will also be a tough candidate to beat in 2014.

Jack I don’t give a f*** about the debtHatch is launching an exploratory committee for a gubernatorial run. I think Hatch is better suited for the U.S. Congress. The Democrats there don’t give a f*** about the debt either.

Remember way back when Governor Branstad and Mid-American Energy were boasting about that $1.9 billion investment in wind turbines, the largest capital investment in state history? And remember how Mid-American claimed the investment would result in a $10 million rate reduction for utility customers? … It seems so long ago. Maybe because I got this in the mail on Saturday

Mid-American rate increase

Yep. Public relations geniuses at Mid-American Energy. They decided, in the same week they claimed they would lower our bills due to an investment in wind turbines, they would send out a mailer saying they’re going to raise our bills. They even included a picture of wind turbines, to remind us of the load of crap they shoveled last week …

Methinks this “rate reduction” will be much like Barack Obama’s sequester, which doesn’t cut spending at all, but simply reduces the rate of growth … Likewise, I’ll bet Mid-American won’t actually cut our utility bills. They might lower them a bit after they increase the rates, but they will still cost more than what we currently pay. You can take that to the bank.

Secretary of State wannabe Hack Anderson took a resounding beating at the ballot box Tuesday when his efforts to bring a casino to Warren County were rejected, overwhelmingly. So, what did Anderson do? Hours after the thumping, Hack returned to his false claims about how Voter ID would “disenfranchise” elderly people and college students and “do nothing to maintain the integrity of the vote” … Balderdash … Hey Hack, are you going to tell your union thug pals to stop demanding photo IDs when they hold elections? I didn’t think so.

Union voter ID

As the legislative session drags on, it’s hard to keep a straight face listening to the Iowa Senate Democrats. Their budget increases spending by 11% over last year and spends more money than the state was projected to take in. Despite that, Dem Senator Bob Dvorsky actually said, “We’re trying to maintain the status quo, at best. We’re not growing anything.” … Apparently, you need an extra $700 million to maintain the status quo every year … Un-freaking-believable.

DMACC student Jake Dagel wasn’t able to stop his college from sponsoring the LBGTQ conference, but he successfully changed school policy regarding free speech. DMACC security stopped Dagel from handing out fliers on campus, saying he needed to get approval 10 days in advance and could only hand out literature in an assigned spot. Dagel sued and within just a couple of weeks, DMACC has already changed its policy. Another win for the good guys …

What is the secret to a long life? BACON! A 105-year-old Texas woman says she eats bacon every single day. That’s all the testimony I need.

Rand Paul delivered a tremendous smackdown of Hillary Clinton at the RPI Lincoln Dinner on Friday. He got a standing ovation for saying her handling of Benghazi should preclude her from holding higher office. I concur. The entire 4 1/2 minute dismantling of Madame Clinton is worth watching:

I’ll have complete videos of the speeches by Sen. Paul, Sen. Grassley and Congressman King up on the site tomorrow morning, and more thoughts on the event.

ABC News uncovered documentation that the Benghazi talking points underwent 12 different revisions before Susan Rice spewed her nonsense on the five Sunday morning talk shows just days after the attack. With apparently significant input from Hillary Clinton’s state department, all references to Al Qaeda and CIA warnings about terrorist threats in Benghazi were scrubbed. What was left was the ridiculous claim that the root cause was some YouTube video that no one seen …

Even MSDNC is admitting this was a coverup. If you’ve lost Lawrence O’Donnell, you’ve lost liberal loons everywhere.

Hillary Cornholio

Then again, what difference does it make that four Americans were murdered and our government covered up the reasons why? Right, Hillary?

Iowa RNC National Committeeman Steve Scheffler has done a complete 180 regarding the GOP district executive committees. On Tuesday, he was publicly calling them illegitimate. By Wednesday, Scheffler was doing mea culpas around the state and on Saturday, Scheffler publicly proclaimed his support not only for the Third District Executive Committee, but also the Fourth District, infamous for the Ft. Dodge Fiasco

At least Scheffler is man enough to admit when he’s wrong. That’s more than we can say for Page County GOP Chairman John Bowery, who called the Third District organizers “liars, cheats and hypocrites”, among other things, for not inviting him to the meeting. All the while, Bowery’s invitation was sitting in a stack of mail in his home and had been there for at least 48 hours. When Bowery found out he was invited, he issued no apologies for his slander, and instead doubled down on it …

Spiker Paul Ivers Fischer

Then, of course, there’s the Paulistinian contingent leading RPI (aka Big Liberty) who not only think the DECs are illegitimate, they sought legal advice on how to handle them, as SCC member David Chung pointed out on his website

Does anyone else find it hypocritical that the people who constantly talk about liberty and the Constitution, clearly want to overstep their own authority in the RPI Constitution and not give the DECs the liberty to call their own meetings? …

Despite what A.J. Spiker and his legal counsel have apparently led some members of the SCC to believe, RPI’s rules absolutely do not give Chairman Spiker any authority over the DECsNone. Zilch. Nada … So, why are they so adamant about controlling when and where the DECs meet? Hmmm … Liberty for me. Not for thee.

Finally, I don’t usually read TMZ, but this headline definitely caught my attention:

Screen shot 2013-05-10 at 1.45.08 PM

Disturbing. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the video. There’s only so much my stomach can take. Especially after all that bacon.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for dropping by. The best weapon against an enemy is another enemy.-Friedrich Nietzsche

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