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August 18th, 2013

Kevin’s Korner: Barack Buys Abortions, Olson’s Dawn and Hillary’s Hacks

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.

Just when you think President Obama can’t sink any lower, he hands the Iowa branch of Planned Parenthood hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to help him promote ObamaCare … Barack did the same for the abortion mills in Montana and New Hampshire … Of course, they won’t use any of this federal taxpayer money to kill babies. That would be illegal, and we know Planned Parenthood would never do anything illegal

Townhall just published the 25 stupidest liberal quotes of the last decade … I think they missed one: “God bless Planned Parenthood” – Barack Obama

Barack’s buddy Tyler Olson, who is running a quixotic campaign for governor, decided to quote another liberal buddy, Tom Harkin, during a campaign visit with Beaverdale liberals last week. Olson told the crowd that Harkin says he fights for people “at the dawn of life” … I am very curious to hear when Tyler Olson believes the “dawn of life” is, and at exactly what point human life is worth fighting for …

Hatch and BTJ

I enjoyed my colleague Craig Robinson’sSmokey and the Bandit” analogies from Friday, but there is a lot more that ties Jack Hatch with Buford T. Justice … Namely, their penchant for dropping racial epithets.

Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham and John McCain all agree on something. Finally: It is time to stop giving military aid to Egypt … McCain actually called for the U.S. to suspend aid a month ago. Then he voted against Rand Paul’s amendment to do exactly that (only 13 senators voted for it, including our own Chuck Grassley). Now, with Egyptian civilians being massacred last week, McCain and Graham agree with the “wacko birds” … The almighty King Barack disagrees …

ron paul ames (468)

Good news, Paulistinians. The Ron Paul channel has arrived and you can get unlimited access for just $9.95 per month … Tinfoil hats sold separately …

I’m still LMAO at the Paulistinians who are absolutely convinced their saintly career politician Dr. Paul had no hand in or knowledge of the (alleged) Sorenson bribe … This hero worship of politicians is ridiculous and unhealthy … No one is perfect and that includes your beloved Ron Paul … Either he knew, and he covered it up, or he was unknowingly running an (allegedly) corrupt campaign … Either way, this situation reflects poorly on a lot of people, including Dr. Paul.

The RNC unanimously passed a resolution to bar CNN and NBC from televising Republican primary debates in the 2016 presidential cycle, if those networks go along with their planned pro-Hillary propaganda pieces … I am of a mixed mind on this. I agree with the NBC boycott. They’re totally in the bag for Dems and their planned Hillary mini-series is a blatant attempt to prop her up …

On the other hand, CNN is planning a documentary on Mrs. What Difference Does It Make

We don’t know what that documentary will entail. It could be very balanced. Although they’re left leaning, CNN occasionally practices real journalism … A blind squirrel occasionally finds a nut, too … Still, when non-political junkies want news, CNN is the network they turn to … The liberal bias on ABC, particularly if Clinton lackey George Stephanopoulos is hosting, is much more egregious than CNN’s …

All of the sudden, it looks like the Dems might not just hand their nomination to Hillary, the way they did with Bruce Braley for the U.S. Senate seat. With Amy Klobuchar visiting Iowa last week, and scream king Howard Dean and Crazy Uncle Joe Biden coming soon, other Dems are testing the waters …  This won’t make the Clintons happy. They feel entitled to the White House

The most shocking news story of the week: The ultra-liberal New York Times actually reported negative news about democrats. Namely, the Clinton Foundation’s financial troubles. They have run in multi-million dollar deficits for several years. Hillary will move her pre-campaign campaign into the foundation’s HQ very soon … Running up huge deficits will provide excellent practice for Hillary, should she succeed in her looming disaster presidential bid.

Former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown is the latest Republican to venture to our fair state to test the political waters. … Someone should tell Mr. Brown that we’ve had our fill of Massachusetts moderates … Oh. I guess I just did.

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, on the other hand, impressed me during his visit here last week. And not just because he (correctly) said Congress’ 10% approval rating is too high … However, Johnson also said he is not considering a presidential run …


Two years and five months before the Iowa Caucus, State Central Committee member Jamie Johnson basically endorsed Ted Cruz for president. Johnson, who worked on Rick Santorum’s 2012 campaign staff, told our friend Shane Vander Hart that he plans to “do everything I can to make sure he wins the nomination in 2016” …

As I’ve written 279 previous times, SCC members should remain neutral in primaries/caucuses. Period. It is a conflict of interest for them not to … It is also a longstanding plank in the Republican Party of Iowa platform. Johnson said that doesn’t matter:

“Because he has not yet declared his intentions to run for president nor even formed an exploratory committee. Neither if those will happen until after the 2014 midterm elections, long after my term on the State Central Committee ends.” … Regardless, Johnson should wait until after his term ends to make these kind of statements, IMO …

Jamie Johnson’s statement also indicates he will only be a one term SCC member. Why? Johnson explains:

“RPI has made it impossible for me to do my job as a state central committee member. It has cut off my reimbursements for travel to the many counties of the fourth district, and I am out hundreds of dollars for my service. I can no longer afford to keep visiting our county central committee meetings. The new RPI travel cap is contrary to the whole idea of supporting the county grassroots. I will not even be reimbursed for my trips to RPI meetings in Des Moines now. Unless there is a change of thinking at RPI, there is no point of me running for a second term on the SCC. No SCC member who wants to get out on the road and visit our county central committees will be able to really do his job.”

That should make some for some interesting conversations at the next SCC meeting, scheduled for this Saturday at RPI HQ. He is not the only one unhappy with the expense cap, which was set at $800.

Finally, kudos to Mediacom for picking up the brand new Fox Sports 1 channel, a new all-sports network that hopes to compete with ESPN. The network started with a bang on Saturday which an awesome UFC card, capped off by Chael Sonnen upsetting Mauricio “Shogun” Rua in the main event.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for dropping by. Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.

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