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June 30th, 2013

Kevin’s Korner: Bachmann Praises Heki, Rand vs. Christie and State Senate Shuffling

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. The truth that makes men free is for the most part the truth which men prefer not to hear.

The silence has been broken in the aftermath of the settlement of the Heki lawsuit against Michele Bachmann, Kent Sorenson and other Bachmann cohorts. obtained this exclusive statement from Congresswoman Bachmann, praising her former presidential campaign staffer:

“Barb Heki is a trustworthy person and a woman of integrity. She was a loyal member of the Bachmann for President team and capably performed her duties. I am not aware of any evidence whatsoever that Barb had any part in misusing or misappropriating NICHE’s email list of homeschoolers and I consider her an exemplary homeschooling leader.”- statement sent to TIR on behalf of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and the Bachmann for President campaign

barb heki

This is a bit of well-deserved vindication for Barb Heki, a wonderful person whose life was turned upside-down by the Bachmann campaign’s actions, and subsequent inaction in letting her take the fall for the illegal use of the NICHE list. I hope the settlement brings the Hekis some peace of mind.

Screen shot 2013-06-30 at 1.45.38 AM

Republicans in the Iowa Senate are losing two stalwarts: Nancy Boettger (R-Harlan) and Sandy Greiner (R-Keota) both plan to retire after the 2014 session. These two ladies are class acts and will be difficult to replace

House Rep. Jason Schultz (R-Schleswig) will run for Boettger’s seat. Matt Windschitl (R-Missouri Valley) was also considering running, but told this weekend that he feels he can best serve his constituentsby remaining in the Iowa House

This avoids what would have been a very contentious primary, as outside groups like Iowa Gun Owners and Iowa Pro-Life Action (which are basically the same entity) would have most assuredly gotten involved to attack Windschitl … As much as I would have enjoyed watching Windschitl smack down those groups again, I’m glad this fight won’t happen. Schultz is a good representative and will make a fine state senator …

No thanks to Iowa Pro-Life Action, but telemed abortions may soon be a thing of the past in our state. In response to a petition initiated by Iowa Right to Life that included 20,000 signatures, the Iowa Board of Medicine will vote on the issue later this year … If the ban is enacted, it will save lives. Web cam abortions are dangerous for women as well … 14 medical professionals are amongst those lobbying to end this practice

With the GOP field in the U.S. Senate race likely to expand to seven candidates in the next few months, there is concern amongst that this race could be decided with a rhubarb at the state convention. That, of course, is exactly what Big Liberty is hoping for. It’s their only path to victory.

rand paul and chris christie

Is it the role of the courts to keep up with public opinion? Rand Paul seems to think so, as he heaped praise on Justice Kennedy, the swing vote on the Supreme Court. Here’s what Senator Paul told ABC after the court’s rulings in favor of gay marriage last week:

Paul said he agreed with Kennedy, whom he called “someone who doesn’t just want to be in front of opinion but wants government to keep up with opinion.” He said Kennedy “tried to strike a balance.”

Paul also said the ruling was “appropriate” and Republicans need to “agree to disagree” on the issue … Paulistinians will argue that Rand, and the Supreme Court, are taking the states’ rights side of this issue. I disagree …

The Supreme Court just ruled that the federal government must recognize gay marriages and provide tax benefits to those couples. That is hardly an argument in favor of states’ rights, especially considering the court also refused to defend the rights of the eight million Californians who voted against gay marriage with Prop 8 … Plus, the next legal battle will be to overturn the gay marriage bans in all the states. Last week’s rulings will make that effort easier …

So, is Rand Paul to the left of Barack’s buddy Chris Christie, of all people, on gay marriage? Yep.

The New Jersey governor took the opposite stance of Sen. Paul on the court’s rulings. “I don’t think the ruling was appropriate. I think it was wrong,” Chris Christie said. He went on to blast the courts … Christie has twice vetoed a bill allowing gay marriage in his state. However, Chris Christie has expressed support of civil unions …

Sen. Paul also pointed out that the slippery slope of gay marriage could eventually lead to polygamy and bestiality becoming legal. He was right. Then he backtracked, in what is becoming a recurring theme of Rand Paul statements.

Rand Paul is going to try to win the 2016 Iowa Caucus by straddling the libertarian/social conservative line. It cannot be done … Perhaps Rand should consult with Mr. Miyagi about walking in the middle:

“Walk left side, safe. Walk right side, safe. Walk middle, sooner or later get squish just like grape.” … This applies to countless other instances in politics … Thanks for the suggestion, BG.

Democrats in Congress claimed the IRS targeted liberal groups just as much as conservatives, and the compliant media fell for it, as usual … Just one problem it’s not true, says the Treasury Department’s inspector general … 100% of groups with “Tea Party”, “patriots” and “9/12” in the name were flagged for extra scrutiny, while only 30% of groups with “progress” or “progressive” were put under the microscope.

While Barack tours the homeland, the Obama White House decided it would be a good time to promote a Voter ID program in Kenya … They sent out a fact sheet claiming the program in Kenya helps young people “obtain National identification cards, a prerequisite to voter registration” … Kenya boasted that its new Voter ID law helped remove 20,000 double-registered voters ahead of their 2013 elections. And Obama is promoting it …


Meanwhile, Barack’s former staffer, Brad Hack Anderson, who wants to be Iowa’s next secretary of state, attacks Voter ID at every opportunity, because as a lifelong political hack, he has nothing else to say except attacks … Maybe Anderson didn’t get the memo from Big Brother Barack, and 70% of Iowans, including 60% of Democrats, who all believe Voter ID is a good thing.

What exactly would President Obamascramble jets” for? Last week, he said he wouldn’t do it to get NSA leaker Edward Snowden … We also know he wouldn’t scramble jets to save the lives of Americans in Benghazi … Priorities …

I wonder if he would scramble jets to promote Obamacare. Democrats have been leaning on the NBA and NFL to promote their monstrosity. Thankfully, the NFL said no.

The fact that they feel they have to use professional sports to spread their propaganda says it all. I think Obi-Wan summed up Washington, D.C. perfectly, courtesy of The Comical Conservative:

DC Wretched hive

That’s it for this week. Thanks for dropping by. There are attempts, and there are accomplishments. Histories only praise one.

Photo by Dave Davidson

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