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March 3rd, 2013

Kevin’s Korner: 100th Edition Commemoration

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. Just when they think they’ve got all the answers, I change the questions.

This is the 100th edition of this award-winning, groundbreaking, nausea-inducing column. To celebrate this momentous occasion, I have prepared 50 rhetorical questions for my loyal readers (both of ya).

50. After getting caught lying about teachers losing their jobs due to the sequester, getting caught lying about Capitol Hill janitors and security having their pay slashed due to the sequester, what load of crap will the Obama administration try to sell the American people next?

49. How is it that some of the dumbest human beings alive get jobs educating our children?

48. Isn’t it great that some students show more common sense, not to mention class, that many teachers and school administrators?

47. How can the White House claim the 2,000 illegal immigrants they released in the last two weeks are “non-criminal”, when the very act of stepping on U.S. soil was a crime?

46. If Steve King doesn’t run for the U.S. Senate, is there a Republican candidate out there that can defeat Bruce Braley?

45. I never rarely agree with Douglas Burns, but is he right that Rod Roberts is the Iowa GOP’s best candidate for the U.S. Senate?

44. If Bob Vander Plaats had displayed the class that Rod Roberts did at the 2010 state GOP convention, how much would that have enhanced BVP’s stature among Iowa Republicans?

43. For those who say there’s no difference between Republicans and Democrats, would a Republican president, even Mitt Romney, join a federal lawsuit to overturn California’s gay marriage ban, like the Obama administration just did?

42. Would any Democrat president/governor sign a pro-life bill or pro-marriage bill?

41. After watching this catch, who isn’t ready for baseball season?

40. Did the Democrats in the Iowa Senate really put forth a budget proposal that aims to spend $200 million more than what the state expects to take in next year?

39. With at least one prominent Iowa Democrat senator dealing with a significant health issue, how many weeks will all bills be Gronstalled until the Dems’ full majority returns to the senate chamber?

38. Did former presidential candidate and current Congresswoman Michele Bachmann commit a crime by not reporting the alleged theft of the NICHE list to the proper authorities?

37. If your motto is to “tell the truth”, but you spend much of your time telling half-truths, what does that make you?

36. Is anyone really looking forward to the Mitt Romney interview on Fox News Sunday?

35. How many Star Trek geeks who supported Obama did a facepalm on Friday when he talked about the “Jedi mind meld”?

Jedi mind meld

34. Is there anyone in Iowa politics whose future is brighter than State Senator Jack Whitver?

33. Judging from his horrendous testimony before the Senate, is Chuck Hagel the worst cabinet appointee in recent history?

32. Wouldn’t “Hagel the Horrible” make for an interesting comic strip?

31. After watching Hagel the Horrible’s senate testimony, how could any senator in his right mind vote to approve him?

30. Did Rand Paul take so much flak from the Paulistinians after voting against cloture for Hagel, he figured he had to make up for it by voting to approve him?

29. Should I stay or should I go now?

28. Why is there still so much hype about a gas tax when there’s no chance it passes this session?

27. Am I the only one hoping a giant snowstorm follows Ed Fallon across the country on his “Great March for Climate Action”?

26. Did you know that global warming propagandist b.s. artist Al Gore became richer than Mitt Romney after he sold his liberal TV network to Al Jazeera, which is funded by big oil?

25. Is there a bigger hypocrite anywhere than Al Gore?

24. Did Chris Christie sellout to the liberals just to get reelected governor of New Jersey?

23. Or was Christie always a liberal, but we overlooked that because he was laying the smackdown on the New Jersey teachers’ union?

22. “What” ain’t no country I ever heard of, do they speak English in What?

21. How scary is it that there are people out there who think having Keith Ellison as their congressman is a good idea?

20. Why are there just 50 questions to celebrate the 100th edition of Kevin’s Korner?

19. How hilarious is it that people who frequently attacked Congressman Steve King not too long ago, and whom King views with slight regard, are now sucking up to him like pathetic little sycophants?

18. Who would fardels bear, to grunt and sweat under a weary life, but that the dread of something after death?

17. Do people who try to predict an Iowa Republican primary based on the Iowa Caucus results not realize that over 100,000 more people will participate in the primary than the caucus?

16. Is RPI Chairman A.J. Spiker really so bad at math that he really thinks 26,000 Ron/Rand Paul supporters and 41,000 Mike Huckabee supporters added together (67,000) make up 60% of a Republican primary, that involves around 227,000 voters?

15. Did Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell end his presidential aspirations when he supported the biggest tax increase in that state’s history, especially after running on George H.W. Bush-like pledge not to raise taxes?

14. Do people realize that when he was governor of Arkansas, when you factor in all the tax raises and tax cuts, Mike Huckabee raised taxes by a total net increase of $505 million?

13. Will John Boehner really hold his ground and refuse to concede any new tax increases to the Dems in order to make a sequester deal?

12. Really?!?

11. Will the Paulistinians break out the liberty short bus to transport the whole crew en masse to the Polk GOP officer elections?

10. What is a yute?

9. If he’s already attacking Steve King on Twitter and his campaign is already attacking King on their website, how scared must Bruce Braley be that Steve King enters the U.S. Senate race?

Grassley parade

8. Since Braley blatantly ripped off his “Braley Works for Iowa” slogan from Chuck Grassley, should Grassley sue Braley for gimmick infringement?

7. Since he’s the only one who would have any chance of defeating Governor Branstad, will the Dems be able to recruit former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack for the biggest gubernatorial showdown in the nation?

6. Instead of attacking people who support other pro-life bills, why can’t Iowa pro-lifers come together and support Personhood and any bill that would save lives?

5. If Hollywood actress crackpot liberal Ashley Judd runs for the U.S. Senate and wins, does she realize she would have to give up those winter vacations in Scotland?

4. After six tries, how many more overrated, underachieving former 49ers QBs will the Kansas City Chiefs bring in before they realize it’s probably not a good idea?

3. How pathetic are the Democrats in Wisconsin, when Governor Scott Walker is cleared of all charges in a three-year investigation, and the Dems’ state party spokesman responds by comparing Walker to serial killer/cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer?

2. If the John Kerry-led State Department can’t find any environmental problems with building the Keystone Pipeline, what in the blue hell is the Obama administration waiting for?

1. What about the twinkie?

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