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September 17th, 2013

Jack Hatch’s Gubernatorial Announcement Tour: By the Numbers

Iowa Democrat Jack Hatch made his bid for governor official on Monday, launching a kickoff tour around the state. Hatch, a state senator from Des Moines, made six stops on the first day of his gubernatorial campaign. was there for three of them: Des Moines, Cedar Rapids and Clear Lake.

Here’s a numerical breakdown of Jack Hatch’s announcement tour:

Too Many Count: Piles of animal feces throughout the weed-infested vacant lot that Hatch held his Des Moines announcement in.

10: Number of feet from Hatch’s podium a pile of (presumably) deer crap lay.

2: Number of feet that same pile was from the media covering the event. DM Register columnist Kathie Obradovich tweeted out of picture of the dung, with commentary.

Screen shot 2013-09-16 at 11.41.51 PM

7: The number of people who attended Hatch’s event in Cedar Rapids, not including Hatch’s staff, media members and family.

5: The number of chairs Hatch’s staff removed just prior to the Cedar Rapids event, so the crowd of seven wouldn’t look so small.

10: The number of people who attended Hatch’s event in Clear Lake.

4: The number of people who showed up for Hatch’s event in Council Bluffs, according to a local source. The attendees were Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal, his family, and the Dem county chair.

1: The number of tweets Hatch sent out claiming he was “gratified” with the crowd turnout at each stop.

1: The number of former Democrat party chairs travelling with Hatch. Former IDP head honcho Michael Kiernan was on hand throughout the day.

45: The approximate number of minutes Jack Hatch spent attacking Governor Branstad during the three stops TIR covered.

3: The number of times Hatch claimed he would not run a mean-spirited campaign, after spending substantial time tearing down the governor.

0: The number of spending cuts Hatch proposed, after reeling off several ideas that would require spending a lot more taxpayer money.

Still 0: The number of spending cuts Hatch proposed when pressed on the issue by the Register’s Kathie Obradovich. He got snippy with Obradovich for daring to broach the subject. “That’s the typical response,” Hatch snidely said to Obradovich’s suggestion that you need to cut somewhere if you’re going to increase spending.

$7.52: The current amount Jack Hatch believes is Iowa’s minimum wage.

$7.25: The actual amount of Iowa’s minimum wage.

27: The difference, in cents, between what Hatch thinks the minimum wage is, and what it actually is.

Unknown: The amount Hatch wants to increase the minimum wage, but that was his first policy proposal as an official gubernatorial candidate, even though he doesn’t know what the current wage is.

3: The number of times, in three stops, Hatch suggested Iowa needs a new economic plan.

0: Number of economic development ideas Jack Hatch has come up with on his own, according to Hatch himself. “Believe me. I only had one or two original thoughts. All the ideas that I’ve come up with, really have come from other people.” … Yes, really. And that’s in context. Here’s the video:

6.1%: Iowa’s unemployment rate when Terry Branstad took office in 2011.

4.8%: Iowa’s unemployment rate today.

8th: Where Iowa ranks among the 50 states in terms of the lowest unemployment rate

2nd: Where Barron’s Magazine ranks Iowa among the “best managed” states in the country

44: The percentage of Americans who believe Obamacare is a bad idea, according to a new NBC poll

31: The percentage of Americans who believe Obamacare is a good idea, according to that same poll

3: The number of times Hatch bragged about fighting to bring Obamacare to Iowa

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