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May 21st, 2013

Is Your McDonald’s Cleaner than Your Abortion Clinic? In Iowa, We Don’t Know

Just as the shock and horror of the realities of the Kermit Gosnell infanticide trial begin to fade in our memories, we have begun hearing stories of other Kermit Gosnells in other parts of the country.

Abortionist Nicola Riley just had her medical license revoked in Maryland for a host of problems.  Like Gosnell, Riley kept the bodies of aborted babies in a freezer.  She has been on suspension since 2010 after she perforated the uterus of a woman during an abortion so badly that the woman’s bowels were spilling into her vagina, and body parts of the baby were later found outside of the uterus in the woman’s abdominal cavity.  Then, rather than call an ambulance to take the woman to a real medical facility, Riley drove the woman to the hospital in her own rental car.

Former employees have come forward with first-hand accounts of abortionist Douglas Karpen in Texas snapping the necks of babies born alive with his own hands.  Like Gosnell, Karpen has a history of receiving complaints that appear to not have been properly investigated by state officials.

So far, in Iowa, we’ve established that late-term third-trimester abortions are legal for just about any reason the doctor can dream up, and we’ve also established that there is at least one abortionist in Iowa who uses barbaric procedures very similar to those used by Kermit Gosnell when performing late-term abortions.

One of the things that has outraged people the most about the Gosnell situation is the fact that Pennsylvania state regulators allowed Gosnell to go on butchering women and children for years, ignoring complaints and skipping inspections with the blessing of pro-choice Republican governor Tom Ridge.

But could the Gosnell atrocities really happen in Iowa without state officials stepping and putting a stop to it?

Once again, the unfortunate answer to this question is yes, Iowa state officials would have no clue if these atrocities were happening within our own boarders.

The Iowa Republican contacted several state agencies asking the question of whether abortion clinics in Iowa are licensed or inspected.  We started with the Department of Public Health, but we were informed that, ironically, that department has nothing to do with regulating health facilities.

We were directed to contact the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals.  There, we were informed that abortion clinics are not subject to inspection in the state of Iowa.

The next logical question is, why not?  The short answer to that question is that, “[i]f  a facility, program, or service is not subject to state inspection[,] it is because there is no authority in Iowa law for conducing the inspections,” according to DIA spokesman David Werning.

The long answer to the question of what medical facilities are subject to certification, licensing, or inspection requirements involves a complicated analysis of whether the facility get reimbursements from Medicare, Medicaid, or whether state law specifically mandates inspections.

In regards to smaller medical facilities, Werning states, “Medical offices operated by physicians, including specialty clinics are not inspected by DIA.  In fact, I do not believe they are physically inspected by any state department.  Generally, physician offices and clinics are operated under the license of the physician and, therefore, may fall under the jurisdiction of the Iowa Board of Medicine – the licensing authority of physicians, surgeons, etc.”

To the average Iowan, it is somewhat mindblowing that facilities where surgical procedures, like abortions, are performed are never inspected.  Now, most other outpatient surgery centers (otherwise known as ambulatory surgical centers) are subject to inspection due to the federal certification required for facilities that receive certain federal funds.  But, even those inspections only happen every six years.

So, unless someone, like a woman who has had an abortion, wants to stand up and sign her name to a document making a formal complaint about a specific doctor to the state Board of Medicine, no one is ever going to do anything to make sure that abortion clinics are held accountable for violations that may be occurring.  The problem with this scenario is that women have abortions to hide the truth of what they are going through.  Putting their name behind a complaint and having to testify about the highly personal details of their lives just isn’t going to happen.

The other problem with that scenario is that during a surgical abortion, a woman is sedated and doesn’t know the details of what happened to her.  You can bet abortionists like Jill Meadows are going to do everything they can to make sure their patients don’t hear them literally tearing their babies apart.

So, what needs to happen to fix this problem and shut down filthy clinics (thereby saving babies in the process)?  The Iowa legislature needs to act to require abortion clinics adhere to the same requirements as outpatient surgical centers and also require regular inspections.  Several other states, including Pennsylvania, Virginia. Alabama, Kansas, and Texas, are doing just that.

The sad state of affairs in Iowa right now is that your local nail salon, barber, tanning salon, casino, carnival, and McDonalds are more regulated than your local abortion clinic.

We need a major adjustment in our priorities.  Otherwise, we have no right to be surprised outraged when yet another Kermit Gosnell comes to light, because we’ve done nothing to stop it.

Below is a listing of facilities that are currently inspected by the state of Iowa according to the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals.

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