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November 15th, 2013

Huckabee Praises Branstad, Defends Life at Informed Choices Dinner

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Written by: Polly Twocents
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Gov. Mike Huckabee was the keynote speaker at a pro-life fundraising banquet Thursday evening at HyVee Hall in Des Moines. Huckabee spoke for about 15 minutes at the 2013 Informed Choices of Iowa “Life is Beautiful” dinner before a crowd of more than 700 people from across the state.

“I didn’t become prolife because of politics. I got into politics because I am pro-life,” said Huckabee, an ordained Baptist minister who served as governor of Arkansas from 1996 to 2007. Referencing the words of the Declaration of Independence, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” the winner of the 2008 GOP Iowa Caucus said the prolife cause is consistent with the nation’s founding principles where everyone has value and no one is indispensable. “The good news since Roe v. Wade is that for the first time more people identify themselves as prolife because of science and sonograms.”

Commending Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad’s for attending the pro-life event, Huckabee said many politicians avoid pro-life gatherings for political reasons.

Huckabee shared a story about how his wife, Janet, was diagnosed with spinal cancer shortly after they were married. Because of her radiation therapy, the doctors told the couple not to expect to ever conceive children because of Janet’s treatment, which Huckabee likened back then to being thrown in a microwave oven. Despite the doctors’ predictions, the former governor says he was surprised beyond belief to learn his wife had conceived. Huckabee told the crowd he wept when he heard the heart beat for the first time, “I realized God was not finished with us or with the human race.”

“When we look at a sonogram picture, we say ‘it’s a baby,’ not “it’s a blob of tissue and mass of cells.’ We are making a difference, one baby at a time,” said Huckabee. Before leaving the banquet early to catch a plane, Huckabee said, “It doesn’t matter if a person is in long-term care or is an unborn baby, there is no such thing as a life not worth living.”

After Huckabee’s remarks, Branstad also spoke. “We are beginning to see the tide turn,” Branstad told the audience. “The younger generation is more pro-life than the older generation.”

Branstad, a father of three and grandfather of 5 granddaughters announced that his youngest son, Marcus and his daughter-in-law Nicole are expecting a boy in early November.

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