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October 4th, 2013

Enos Resigns from State Central Committee

Longtime State Central Committee member Wes Enos has resigned from the leadership board that oversees the Republican Party of Iowa. This follows his resignation as deputy chief of staff from the Iowa Senate Republican Caucus. Enos served the Third Congressional District on the SCC.

Wes Enos was a close confidante of Kent Sorenson, the state senator who stepped down from office after an investigator found wrongdoing on Sorenson’s behalf in relation to Iowa Senate ethics rules. He had publicly defended Sorenson following the senator’s defection from the Michele Bachmann presidential campaign to Ron Paul’s. Enos also offered a sworn affidavit, defending Sorenson, to the Iowa Senate Ethics Committee.

Here is the letter Enos sent to State Central Committee members Thursday night:

Dear Fellow Members of the State Central Committee,

As many of you know, following the Senate ethics report regarding Senator Sorenson, I resigned my position with the Iowa Senate Minority Leader’s office. I did this not because I did anything wrong or illegal, nor have I been accused of any wrongdoing. However, the fact is that due to my close proximity to Senator Sorenson and the Bachmann campaign, my continued presence was a distraction for Iowa Senate Republicans as they prepare to win a majority in the Iowa Senate in 2014. I am supremely confident in Senator Dix’s leadership in the Iowa Senate, and I had no intention of allowing my close proximity to the Sorenson ethics report to be a distraction to Senator Dix nor our Republican Senators as they carry a positive message of fiscal responsibility and job creation into the 2014 election.

Unfortunately, the same can also be said for my continued presence on the State Central Committee. This situation has been a serious distraction for our party as a whole. There comes a point where we, as servants of this party must put the party ahead of ourselves. For me, this is one of those times. Because I have done nothing improper, I could insist on maintaining my position, and be the focal point of more controversy and infighting, but that is not what good leaders do. Good leaders lead by example. Today, I am stepping aside to allow Iowa Republicans to put this issue behind them and move forward toward victory in 2014.

Please do not take this resignation for something that it is not. This is not a declaration that I no longer believe in the Republican Party or its message of smaller, more effective government and private sector focused job creation. This is not an admission of any impropriety on my part, nor is this a declaration that I will no longer work to advance Republican principals going forward or continue to serve our party and our state. This resignation is only an effort to help the party heal and move forward together after Senator Sorenson’s resignation. In short, it is the right thing to do.

I want to thank all of you for your service to our party and I want to thank all of the great activists and party leaders for their faith in me through these last five years as a member of the State Central Committee. Now is the time for us all to rally around our party, Governor Branstad, our Republican Senators and Representatives and make 2014 the great year that it should be for our party.

Best Regards,

Wes Enos

The Third District Executive Committee will be tasked with appointing Enos’ replacement on the State Central Committee.

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