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April 22nd, 2013

Dem Secretary of State Candidate Leading Pro-Casino Efforts in Warren County

Political operative Brad Anderson claims he works to “improve wellness” in Iowa. Apparently improving wellness is accomplished by bringing another smoke-filled casino to state. Anderson, along with the political consulting form he works for, Link Strategies, is running the “Vote Yes” campaign for the Warren County casino. Brad Anderson also wants to be Iowa’s next secretary of state.

The bio on his campaign website states Anderson “continues to advise campaigns and assist local communities on referenda to create jobs, improve wellness, make communities safer, and improve conservation and water quality”. Other than the possibility of creating jobs, it’s hard to see where any of that applies to Anderson’s current work.

Before his pro-casino gig, Brad Anderson was a key player in the campaigns of several Democrats, including Barack Obama, Tom Harkin and Chet Culver. That is why his attack on current Secretary of State last week was so hypocritical. Using out of context remarks, he accused Schultz’ Voter ID efforts of being all about “winning elections and pushing an agenda”.

Remember, Brad Anderson was Barack Obama’s Iowa campaign manager. He has spent his entire professional life pushing a liberal agenda. Does he really expect Iowans to believe he would suddenly stop pushing that agenda if he became the state’s elections chief?

Anderson certainly has not ceased pushing his liberal agenda since announcing his bid for office. He retweets messages encouraging Iowa Senate Democrats to force Obamacare on Iowans.

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 12.36.54 AM

He continues to stick up for his former boss, while showing no regard for the sixth graders from Waverly, Iowa who were denied entrance to the White House. In fact, Anderson retweeted a message that denigrated the Iowa kids:

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 12.38.00 AM

He also announces with glee that ultra-liberal (and twice failed candidate) Roxanne Conlin has joined his campaign.

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 12.38.55 AM

In fact, almost everyone on Anderson’s steering committee was a volunteer for the Obama campaign. He’s also supported by his former client Chet Culver, and one of the most liberal members in all of Congress, Bruce Braley. Nope, these folks surely do not have any kind of agenda in mind.

Of course, the number one priority for Brad Anderson seems to be to criticize Matt Schultz’ Voter ID plan. He continually accuses Schultz of trying to intimidate and suppress voters.

“Voter ID: it is a voter suppression tactic,” Anderson told a group of Democrats in Scott County recently. “I believe if you disenfranchise one voter or if you wrongly intimidate one voter, you are not doing your job as Secretary of State.”

Of course, Anderson has not offered a single shred of evidence that Voter ID suppresses votes. In fact, studies have shown the opposite. Minority voting increased in Georgia, as did overall participation, after that state passed a very strict Voter ID law.

Brad Anderson’s attacks on Voter ID ring hollow. Not only is stance at odds with 71% of Iowans, Anderson is at odds with his own party. 60% of Iowa Democrats support a requirement to show a photo ID before you vote.

Why do so many Democrats support Voter ID? Because Iowans want to ensure their elections remain fair. Whether Iowa is rampant with voter fraud or not is not the issue. The issue is that it would be very, very easy to commit voter fraud if one wanted to. A campaign hoping to steal an election could manipulate Iowa’s system. So safeguards must be in place to protect the system.

Perhaps what Anderson does not understand is that for every illegal voter, an actual voter is disenfranchised. That illegal vote counteracts someone else’s legal vote. So it would seem that he would want to find ways to ensure actual votes from Iowans are not disenfranchised by phony voters.

Of course, we should always remember, it was a Brad Anderson underling at Link Strategies who stole Matt Schultz’ identity in 2011. That crime was the culmination of a continuous effort from Anderson and Iowa Democrats to attempt to destroy Schultz. It was also just the latest episode in Link Strategies’ questionable history.

As Anderson’s former boss likes to say, make no mistake: Brad Anderson has pushed an agenda his entire professional life. For him to accuse someone else of doing so is the height of hypocrisy. Anderson is simply a pawn to help push liberal causes. He would remain one in elected office.

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