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May 9th, 2013

Could Kermit Gosnell Happen in Iowa? Part 1

Hopefully, by now we’ve all heard the stories (despite extremely low coverage from the mainstream media) from what objectively has to be the most gruesome trial in living memory.

Kermit Gosnell is an abortion provider who ran his Philadelphia money-making mill in squalid conditions with cat urine and feces all around.  There were dried bloodstains on equipment, floors, and walls that hadn’t been cleaned in years.  Surgical tools intended for one-time use were reused on subsequent patients, spreading venereal disease to unsuspecting women.

And then there are the babies – babies that survived abortions and were actually born alive.  These are stories of living, breathing, moving, crying babies – already born and separated from their mothers, who had their necks sliced open from the back so that their spinal cords could be cut with scissors, or “snipped,” as the doctor liked to say, to cover up for the fact that the abortionist in question wasn’t actually very good at killing babies in utero.  There were babies born alive into toilets while the doctor was out of the office.  Some of these babies struggled to try to swim out of the putrid water before they drowned or were pulled out, only to have their necks “snipped,” too.  Some of these babies were so big, the abortionist joked that they could “walk [him] to the bus stop.”

This abortionist did however, like many mass murderers, like to keep trophies.   Countless tiny feet from these babies were cut off and kept in glass jars of formaldehyde to preserve them.  Other babies’ bodies where kept in freezers after this “doctor” had a dispute with his medical waste disposal company.  Yes, that’s what these children were – “medical waste.”

And then there were the women, who were also victims of this man.  Many were injured.  Many contracted diseases from his unclean instruments.  Some who changed their minds were forcibly held down so the abortion could be completed against their will – they had already paid, you know.  Some are now totally infertile.  And at least one died after untrained “medical staff” gave a tiny woman an enormous amount of drugs.

And while all this was going on, no one prevented it.  This clinic was not regularly inspected.  Despite several complaints made to Pennsylvania state officials about this filthy and dangerous clinic, there was never even a special inspection in response to the claims of severe problems at this facility.

And all of this begs the question – could this happen in Iowa?

The unfortunate answer to that question is, yes, it absolutely could happen.

We’ll be examining several aspects of this story over the coming days, but let’s start with one of the most disturbing aspects of the Gosnell story, something that seems to upset even those who don’t have strong feelings about the abortion issue, and that is the fact that Kermit Gosnell was doing third trimester late term abortions, also known as killing viable babies.

Because of the Gosnell trial, we’ve heard these stories of living, breathing, moving, crying babies surviving abortion.  We’ve seen pictures of fully formed babies, not blobs of tissue, with slits in the back of their necks.  And anyone with a conscience is outraged by all of this.  We think it is only right that this man is on trial.

But then we have to ask, if it is so outrageous to kill these babies minutes after they are born, why is it okay to kill them just before they are born?  That’s what an abortion is, right?  The only difference is location – literally about 6 inches from the womb to the outside.

Those trying to minimize this case will point to the fact that Gosnell is actually on trial, not just for the murder of a woman and several babies born alive, but also for killing viable babies before they were born, i.e. performing late-term abortions.  Pennsylvania has a law banning abortions after 24 weeks.  So, problem solved, right?

Wrong.  The problem for us here in Iowa is that it is quite easy and perfectly legal to have abortions after 24 weeks.

While it is true that Iowa does have a law prohibiting “feticide,” which is defined as terminating a viable fetus after the second trimester (approximately 24 weeks), that law has a major loophole, which essentially makes it null and void.  The law states that an abortion is still allowed after the second trimester if, in the judgment of the physician (who is pocketing thousands of dollars from this very same late term procedure), the abortion would help preserve the life or health of the mother.

That might sound reasonable, until you realize that “health” has an extremely broad definition as it relates to this statute.  Does this pregnancy give you morning sickness? Are you distraught over your unplanned pregnancy?  Upset that your boyfriend/baby-daddy just dumped you because you’re pregnant?  Depressed over your situation?  Lower back pain now that you’re in your third trimester?  Varicose veins?  Hormone induced acne?  Congratulations, you are eligible for a late term abortion in Iowa.

You think this can’t be true?  Then ask yourself why famed late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart was shopping for real estate in Council Bluffs after Nebraska shut him down via their post 20-week abortion ban.  Late term abortions are all he does.  If he wasn’t allowed to do them here, he wouldn’t be planning to open an office here.  After the passage of the 20-week ban in Nebraska, Carhart was interviewed by the Omaha World Herald.

“[Nebraska’s new 20-week ban] sort of forced us [to move]. We had to do it,” Carhart said of expanding elsewhere. “In Iowa and Maryland, we can do the later cases.”

That’s right, folks.  In Iowa, “we can do the later cases.”

The state of New York is an epicenter of abortion.  Over 40% of all unborn babies in New York City are aborted.  This is nearly twice the national average.  Right now, post 24-week abortions are illegal in New York, and this liberal bastion of abortion is trying to change their laws to be more permissive, like Iowa.

And speaking of Leroy Carhart.  It is necessary to point out one more time that Iowa had the opportunity to stop this monster from setting up shop in our state, and thanks to Mike Gronstal and a few irrational Republicans, that never happened.  For the record, the man who was recently recorded comparing a prospective patient’s unborn child to “meat in a crockpot” is still advertising that he has a clinic “coming soon to South-West Iowa.”

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