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February 12th, 2013

Congressman King Previews President Obama’s State of the Union Speech

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Written by: Kevin Hall
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President Obama delivers the 2013 State of the Union address tonight. Iowa Fourth District Congressman Steve King provides a preview of what he anticipates the president will, and will not, say in his speech. The video and transcript are below:

“The president probably isn’t going to tell us that he’s going to balance the budget and he’s probably not going to say anything about fiscal discipline. He will allude to us not having a spending problem. I don’t think he’ll say it right out loud, and then he’ll move forward pushing his agenda.

He’ll try to move on guns. He’ll want to do something to diminish our Second Amendment rights and he will also talk about comprehensive immigration reform, which we know are code words for amnesty.

Those are some of the big things that he’ll push at us and I don’t know that he’s going to push a big idea or not, but I expect he will ask us for another economic stimulus plan. Remember the $787 billion plan that, I don’t remember what it ended up to be, $832 billion if I remember correctly on that amount. He’s going to try to get some more money to do that and of course those plans have failed. They failed under FDR and they failed under Barack Obama.

So, what we’re going to see is a president that’s going to try to posture himself to continue to give us more of the same. I’d ask people when you listen, think about the clarion call that Barack Obama is going to be sending out across America: “You need to be a member of my dependency class.” That is the theme and expanding dependency class in America empowers him, empowers his party. Of course, it weakens and collapses us ultimately, but that’s going to be the central theme for the president.”

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