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October 9th, 2013

Clovis Continues to Build Grassroots Strength

Announces 100 more County Co-Captains have joined Team Clovis

Sioux City – “When I think of Iowan values, I think of hard work, truth and honor. That’s the message I am taking across Iowa as I work to earn the endorsement of voters across this great state. I am overwhelmed with the support that I receive so far and I am excited to get up every day and fight for every vote,” said Sam Clovis.  Clovis is running for the U.S Senate seat being vacated by Sen. Tom Harkin.

Clovis has been traveling the state since June when he announced his candidacy and has visited 48 of the 99 counties in Iowa and now has a grassroots team that has grown to 200 County Co-Captains in 44 Counties.

“One of the reasons I support Sam is because of his successes in a wide array of fields.  He has excelled as a serviceman, a businessman, as a college professor, and as a radio talk show host.  His values align with mine and I am happy to stand with Sam,” said small business owner Dr. Benjamin Uhl.

As a candidate, Sam Clovis has taken hard stands on Syria and Obamacare. “It is time that Washington, DC get some good old Iowa commonsense,” stated Clovis.  “I want to represent those who cast a vote for me.  I will not only listen to them, but I will ask them for their opinions on the issues that directly affect them.”  The Team Clovis Captains include both rural and metro voters and encompass all age groups. “This is a grassroots operation and these individuals are the heart and soul of their communities. They are ready to get to work with me and I am honored to have their support.”

Sam Clovis hold a MBA in Management and a Doctorate in Public Administration. He is currently a tenured full professor at a private liberal arts college in northwest Iowa.  He served in the United States Air Force for 25 years and still provides leadership to defense and homeland security institutions. He lives in Hinton, IA with his wife Charlotte and stepson Khan.  More information on the candidate and his campaign may be obtained

The new list of 100 Country Co-Captains are as fellows:

Mr. Bob Henderson Rockwell City Calhoun
Mrs. Shirley Henderson Rockwell City Calhoun
Mr. Paul Wetter Rockwell City Calhoun
Mrs. Cindy Wetter Rockwell City Calhoun
Mrs. June Palleson Marcus Cherokee
Mr. Mike Dammann Marcus Cherokee
Mr. Duayne Buescher Sperry Des Moines
Mr. Craig Rasmussen Galva Ida
Mrs. LaDonna Rasmussen Galva Ida
Conservative Activist Jenn Jones Anamosa Jones
Small Business Owner Curt Koenig Sloan Monona
County Chair Kelly O’Brien Sanborn O’Brien
Pastor Marcus Moffit Sheldon O’Brien
Mrs. Lori Scroggin Hartley O’Brien
Mr. Doug Scroggin Hartley O’Brien
Mr. Rick Samaniego Hartley O’Brien
Mrs. Mary Louise Samaniego Hartley O’Brien
Mr. Robert McCrary LeMars Plymouth
Dr. L.R. Hansen Kingsley Plymouth
Mrs. Betty Hansen Kingsley Plymouth
Mr. Jules Banks Westfield Plymouth
Mrs. Pam Banks Westfield Plymouth
Mr. Iven Banks Westfield Plymouth
Mrs. Karen Banks Westfield Plymouth
Small Business Owner Gayle Henrich Remsen Plymouth
Small Business Owner Roger Jauer Hinton Plymouth
Small Business Owner Karen Jauer Hinton Plymouth
Mrs. Kathleen McCrary LeMars Plymouth
Mr. Henry Beitelspacher LeMars Plymouth
Mrs. Carol Ruba Remsen Plymouth
Ms. Patty Ruba Remsen Plymouth
Mr. Jeff Werdauer LeMars Plymouth
Mrs. Treasa Werdauer LeMars Plymouth
Mr. Jerald Harpenau Remsen Plymouth
Mrs. Marlene Harpenau Remsen Plymouth
Mr. Pete Kaufman Fonda Pocahontas
Mrs. Janel Kaufman Fonda Pocahontas
Mr. Fred Mousel Alton Sioux
Mr. Bruce Kobza Ireton Sioux
Small Business Owner Larry Ericsson Norwalk Warren
Non Profit President Chuck Geertz Washington Washington
Mr. Thomas Borchert Sioux City Woodbury
Mr. Jim Cross Moville Woodbury
Mrs. Sherry Cross Moville Woodbury
Mr. Rod Gaskell Sioux City Woodbury
Ms. Mary Sam Hacker Sioux City Woodbury
Mrs. Sandy Hanlon Sioux City Woodbury
Mr. Mike Hanlon Sioux City Woodbury
Ms. Alberta Harbeck Sioux City Woodbury
Mr. Dave Holmberg Sioux City Woodbury
Small Business Owner David Korver Sioux City Woodbury
Mrs. Janice Korver Sioux City Woodbury
Mr. Brian Lake Sioux City Woodbury
Mrs. Taurice Lounsbury Sioux City Woodbury
Mr. Roger Pinkley Sioux City Woodbury
Mr. Joesph Riker Sioux City Woodbury
Mr. Mike Skaags Sioux City Woodbury
Mr. Mike Stueland Bronson Woodbury
Mr. Beau Sullivan Sioux City Woodbury
Small Business Owner Dr. Benjamin Uhl Sioux City Woodbury
Mr. Bill Farrell Sioux City Woodbury
Mrs. Lois Farrell Sioux City Woodbury
Student Taylor Goodvin Sioux City Woodbury
Mr. Kelly Kubly Sioux City Woodbury
Ms. Mimi Shanahan Sioux City Woodbury
Ms. Molly Sokolowski Sioux City Woodbury
Mrs. Marge Dupic Sioux City Woodbury
Small Business Owner Liz Niggeling Sioux City Woodbury
Small Business Owner Todd Niggeling Sioux City Woodbury
Mr. Mark Solheim Sioux City Woodbury
Constitutional Conservative Bob Sievers Sioux City Woodbury
Retired Schoolteachers Sandy Sievers Sioux City Woodbury
Student Taylor Goodvin Sioux City Woodbury
Mrs. Leann Walker-Bohlken Sioux City Woodbury
Mr. Mike Doll Hornick Woodbury
Mrs. Carole Doll Hornick Woodbury
Mr. Wayne Dominowski Sioux City Woodbury
Mr. Jeff Pilgrim Sioux City Woodbury
Mrs. Darla Williams Sioux City Woodbury
Mr. Dick Williams Sioux City Woodbury
Mr. Mike Wilson Sioux City Woodbury
Mrs. Cindy Wilson Sioux City Woodbury
Conservative Activist Linda Holub Sioux City Woodbury
Colonel James Lalley Sioux City Woodbury
Mr. Nick Lang Moville Woodbury
Mrs. Christina Lang Moville Woodbury
Mr. Steve Joyce Sioux City Woodbury
Mrs. Marilyn Joyce Sioux City Woodbury
Mr. Dennis Hill Sioux City Woodbury
Mrs. Laura Hill Sioux City Woodbury
Mr. Gene Nitzschke Sioux City Woodbury
Mr. John Stensland Sloan Woodbury
Mrs. Claudia Stensland Sloan Woodbury
Conservative Activist Duane Brown Sioux City Woodbury
Mr. Mark Krohn Sioux City Woodbury
Mrs. Kimm Cropley Lawton Woodbury
Mr. Warren “Bud” Nelson Sioux City Woodbury
Ms. Pam Gotto Sioux City Woodbury
Small Business Owner Mike Keane Sioux City Woodbury
Mrs. Peggy Martin Danbury Woodbury


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