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May 23rd, 2013

Clovis Considering U.S. Senate Run; Ernst Still Likely to Enter Race

Sioux City radio host Sam Clovis is considering a bid for the U.S. Senate. A well-regarded conservative with an impressive resume, Clovis might be able to gain traction with voters looking for a non-traditional candidate. He expects to make a decision next month on whether or not to pursue the Republican nomination for the seat currently held by Tom Harkin.

“The distance between the national government and the people is wide and growing everyday,” Clovis told “The people are angry and feel like they have no voice and cannot influence anything that affects their lives, particularly given the coercive nature of government today. The people I talk to are ready for someone who knows the issues, will talk straight and tell the truth, even if it makes folks uncomfortable.”

Clovis hosts a daily talk show on KSCJ-AM in Sioux City. He is also the chair of the Department of Business Administration and Economics at Morningside College. Clovis served for 25 years in the Air Force as a fighter pilot, is a former fellow at the Homeland Security Institute and is a member of the faculty at the Center for Homeland Defense and Security at the Naval Postgraduate School in California.

“We are long past waiting on someone who has the courage, leadership and will to govern in such a way as to empower Americans and Iowans,” Clovis said. “People tell me they are tired of seeing people go to D.C. who slide too easily into the inside-the-beltway mindset and who move too easily into the ‘ruling class’. Maybe it’s time for something different. I would definitely be different and would not be a conventional, establishment candidate or senator.”

Sam Clovis is an occasional guest contributor for

Ernst Still Mulling Over Senate Bid

The extended Iowa legislative session has delayed Joni Ernst’s decision-making process regarding a U.S. Senate run. The state senator from Red Oak had intended to travel to Washington, D.C. this week for discussions regarding her candidacy. However, that trip was postponed, specifically so Ernst could vote on the property tax reform package and other important bills on Wednesday.

“I am still leaning forward, quite heavily, on this,” Ernst said. “It is a huge decision and I want to make sure that it is the best decision not only for Iowa, but for myself. I do see that if I am entering into this race, I think a primary will be very healthy for the Republicans.”

Joni Ernst is the former Montgomery County auditor and has served for 18 years in the U.S. Army Reserves and Iowa Army National Guard. She was elected to the state senate in a 2010 special election, filling the vacancy created when Kim Reynolds was elected lieutenant governor. After Reynolds decided not to run for the U.S. Senate, she encouraged Ernst to enter the race.

“I have known the lieutenant governor for a number of years,” Ernst said. “We both came out of county government, so we have been supportive of each other in our endeavors through the years. That discussion was a very natural discussion. It was something that when she decided not to run, she thought, ‘Wow, I know Joni Ernst would be a great candidate.’”

Ernst said she has not yet taken the opportunity to discuss her potential bid with Governor Branstad, but will likely do so in the coming weeks. Ernst expects to finalize a decision on whether or not to run for the U.S. Senate by early summer.

“This is probably the largest decision of my life, so I need to make sure that I am giving it thoughtful consideration and making sure that it is the right decision,” Ernst said.

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