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July 10th, 2013

By the Numbers: Tyler Olson’s Gubernatorial Announcement Tour

Democrat House member Tyler Olson is officially in the 2014 Iowa gubernatorial race. Olson announced his bid with events in Cedar Rapids, Des Moines and Mason City on Monday. was there to capture it all.

Here is a breakdown of Olson’s first day as a candidate:

384 – The total miles traveled by Olson and his family for the three stops and return trip to Cedar Rapids

125 – The total number of people who attended Olson’s three events, excluding staff and media

60 – The size of the crowd at the largest event, in Cedar Rapids

25 – The number of people at the Mason City stop, the smallest crowd of the three

12 – The number of Olson family members among the 60 attendees in Cedar Rapids

20,000 – The number of Iowa businesses Olson falsely claimed do not have access to broadband

98 – The actual of percentage of the state that does have access to broadband, according to Connect Iowa

23 – How old Tyler Olson looks

37 – Tyler Olson’s actual age

30 – Perhaps seeking a happy medium, the number Olson repeated over and over throughout the day

6 – The number of times Olson said the word “fresh”, while being interviewed by the media after his announcement in Cedar Rapids, as in “it’s going to take fresh perspective and fresh leadership”

less than 6 – The number of minutes that interview lasted

5 – The total number of applause lines Olson delivered in his three speeches.

3 – The number of times that applause came after he said, “I’m running for governor of this great state.”

3 – The number of times Olson delivered read the exact same prepared speech

3 – The number of Des Moines Register reporters who covered Olson’s event at the State Capitol

2 – The number of toddlers who upstaged Olson and his wife in Des Moines and Mason City. The Olson kids are very cute, and a handful.

2 – The number of recent Iowa Democrat Party leaders boosting Olson. Former party boss Sue Dvorsky endorsed Olson and former party executive director Norm Sterzenbach is running Olson’s campaign

1 – The number of state senators from Des Moines that endorsed Olson (Janet Peterson), instead of her fellow Democrat state senator from Des Moines, Jack Hatch

1 – The number of reporters who asked Olson if his repeated swipes at experienced leaders included Jack Hatch

3 – The number of state legislators who led off Olson’s events: Sen. Rob Hogg in Cedar Rapids, Sen. Janet Peterson in Des Moines and Rep. Sharon Stuckman in Mason City.

At least 1 – The number of speeches by those state legislators’ that Olson clearly wasn’t paying attention to. In Cedar Rapids, Sen. Hogg recounted that Olson and his wife met at Hogg’s dinner table. When Olson took the podium, he said, “I wanna thank Sen. Hogg for his introduction. You know, one thing he didn’t mention is that Sarah and I actually met at his dinner table.”

Less than 1 – The number of days into Olson’s campaign that it took Governor Branstad’s team to tie Tyler Olson to failed former governor Chet Culver: “Tyler Olson was always eagerly waiting in the Iowa House to pass former Gov. Chet Culver’s big debt and spend plans. Whether it was the failed $1.7 billion I-JOBS debt plan or billion dollar state budget deficits, Tyler was there as Culver’s debt cheerleader rooting for more debt, larger government and reckless spending,” Branstad campaign communications director Jimmy Centers said in a statement.

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