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July 8th, 2013

Blum Campaign To Report Over $100,000 in Contributions

Today, the Blum for Congress campaign announced it received over 175 contributions, totaling over $100,000, for the quarter ending June 30, 2013.  Over 95% of the total contributions were received from voters in the 1st District, including donations from all 20 counties in the district.

Paul Smith, Director of Operations for the campaign said, “We executed our plan for the quarter, which was to raise the majority of our funding from Dubuque, where Rod is obviously well known, though our number of donors was spread throughout the district.  Moving forward, we expect our donor base to remain diversified with an increasing total amount of funding coming from the other counties of the first district.”  Smith continued, “We are also executing our organizational plan as well – the support that we have reactivated includes over 100 precinct captains and top notch grassroots leaders who have helped deliver donations from all 20 counties in the district.”

Candidate Rod Blum added, “I am proud that I donated to my campaign out of my personal funds.  I couldn’t ask someone to contribute if I haven’t contributed myself.  Maybe if more politicians in Washington spent the taxpayers’ money like it was their own, we would have a balanced budget.”  Blum continued, “I have been feeling the electricity from folks on the campaign trail, which reinforces what I have always believed: we have a highly energetic and hardworking group of grassroots supporters.  I hear it time and again on the campaign trail: “it’s time for a different kind of leadership in Washington”.  I will take to Washington a job creator’s mindset combined with Iowa common sense.  More of the same is not going to solve our nation’s problems.”

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