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June 1st, 2012

Why I am Running for Congress by John Archer

By John Archer
Candidate for Congress in Iowa’s 2nd District
More than 200 years ago, a group of states created a form of government to end the kind of tyranny that had come before. This government was supported by a constitution giving all citizens a right to dissent while protecting them from the government and its possible interferences with the public good. This American model revolutionized the rights of the common man.

The constitution gave all citizens the right to pursue whatever legal commerce or discourse they may choose. And, the federal government was to be designated as a servant to the people. Government might only intercede in order to regulate the public commerce or to protect the nation. Thus, our government could regulate, but it could not interfere with legal practices of private citizens. Since its inception, this constitutional experiment has created a great nation.

Today, we find ourselves with a government believing we should be the servant to it. This government feels it may mandate our support regardless of the constitution. Almost daily, we read or hear of our current president and his political party renouncing the Supreme Court, attacking the freedom to worship, or assailing our successful business persons for not supporting the needs of the government.

In the last three and one-half years, this party has spent over $ 4 trillion per year. 40% has been deficit spending. Has this new power provided a better life for all Americans? You know it has not. All that has been accomplished is more debt, less freedom, and an increase in poverty – the springboard to dependency on government.

Obama’s massive deficit spending has destroyed the value of our dollar. Simply put, it takes more weak dollars to buy anything. The Fed also kept interest rates historically low as higher rates on our massive debt might send our nation into bankruptcy. A weaker dollar and low interest rates create a recipe for poverty. Americans now need to spend long-term savings on energy, food and medical care, retaining little or nothing for a better life. This president has trapped lower income families in poverty.

These policies have led to an increase in the cost of gasoline to the levels paid by Europeans, hoping to “wean” us from carbon based fuels. He ordered the EPA to push public utility companies away from cheap coal and toward alternatives that would substantially increase rates. His EPA also announced a new plan to cut the supply of natural gas by 50%, even though this energy source is cheap, abundant, and clean.

Expensive energy creates higher prices, lower wages, and fewer jobs. It creates poverty. It creates dependency. Dependency makes us all servants to the government.

These reasons are why I am running for a seat in the next Congress. There are others pursuing the same seat. My democratic opponent says little. He reveals no plans or proposed actions. In fact, a national Congressional rating agency wrote that he needs to have his political courage tested. His habit of hiding from “tough” decisions seems a bad practice when the status quo is failure.

Obama and his party think that jobs can be “created” out of “thin air”. Economic history has shown clearly that jobs are not created. They happen only when employers feel confident enough to expand their businesses, requiring more employees. And, when these employees feel confident in their new jobs, they may finally begin to buy homes again. This is the sequence that works. It is the sequence we now need.

My solution starts by reducing government spending and debt. We simply don’t need this much government. This will send a positive message to employers.

We must also eliminate punitive and ineffective regulations, taking the burden of government off the backs of the business community. Additionally, America has the highest corporate tax rate in the world. Lower taxes and improved regulations will stimulate business. Employers will have reason to be more confident.

Confidence spurs capital that creates employment and then consumption. This is the only solution. It just takes the courage and the understanding to act.

I have such courage and understanding. I would appreciate the opportunity to help make the government your servant again.

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