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November 1st, 2012

Whoops: Parcell Is Registered to Vote in Iowa’s 2nd CD

By Craig Robinson

The Des Moines Register took KCCI News Channel 8 to task on Wednesday for a news report that concluded that Randy Parcell, the subject of a Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) attack ad on Congressman Latham, was not a resident of Madison County, which was claimed in the ad.

KCCI interviewed the mayor of Winterset, who said he didn’t know the man. He also said that Parcell wasn’t registered to vote in the county. The Register found people in Winterset who said that Parcell has lived in the community for five years, but lives with a woman, Lynne Carter, which explains why he might not be paying for city services, but doesn’t explain why he isn’t registered to vote.

Lynne Carter, who apparently cohabitates with Parcell, was featured in her own DCCC ad attacking Latham. reported that Carter’s claim is bogus because she didn’t even live in the state at the time she lost her job. has also reported on the relationship between Carter and Parcell.

While the Register may have unearthed that Parcell currently calls Winterset home, the issue of his voter registration is important when considering the validity of his claim against Latham. Iowa voter records show that Parcell is registered to vote in Jefferson County. A search on the Iowa Courts website also indicates that Parcell lived in that southeast Iowa community. Parcell has been subject of a number of small claims cases and has a divorce case from neighboring Davis County.

Voter records show that Parcell voted in the 2004 and 2008 elections in Jefferson County. That might seem trivial, but Parcell is criticizing Tom Latham who represented Iowa’s 4th Congressional District while he lived in Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District, which is represented by Dave Loebsack.

Parcell states in the ad, “I worked there for over twenty years. Made American made parts — very proud of that. Paid into Medicare out of every paycheck. But when I learned that Congressman Latham wanted to gut Medicare — basically do away with it, it
burns me. Without Medicare, I’ll have to work till the day I die.”

Parcell has obviously not worked in Winterset for 20 years. And if he’s upset with a member of congress gutting Medicare, he should take the issue up with Congressman Loebsack, who voted to cut Medicare by $716 billion to help fund Obamacare. Just like the DCCC ad featuring Parcell’s girlfriend, Tom Latham has nothing to do with Parcell’s complaint. It’s nothing more than a cheap shot.

Below is Parcell’s Iowa Voter Information:

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