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October 27th, 2012

“We the People Not We the Courts”: Iowans for Freedom Launch Television Ad

PLEASANT HILL – “Freedom is an issue for all of us,” Iowans for Freedom state co-chair and Republican National Committeewoman Tamara Scott says in the opening statement of Iowans for Freedom’s second television commercial.

Iowans for Freedom will launch this television commercial, “We the People Not We the Courts” to educate Iowans to vote “NO” on Iowa Supreme Court Judge David Wiggins’ retention election.

Scott also addressed a point Iowans for Freedom has been stressing – that Wiggins has scored the lowest of any Supreme Court judge to ever stand for retention in the 50-year history of the Iowa State Bar Association’s judicial review.

Following the 2010 election when Iowans voted not to retain three Supreme Court judges, the legal community told voters they didn’t understand the retention process.  “We do get it,” Scott said. “It is we the people, not we the courts.”

Greg Baker, Executive Director for Iowans for Freedom, said, “We are very pleased with this ad because it comes from the heart of an Iowa Mom and it articulates exactly why Iowans need to remove Judge David Wiggins.  It shows that all Iowans should be concerned about activist judges like David Wiggins and why they must vote “NO” on November 6.”

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