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July 24th, 2012

Vilsack’s Attacks Reek of Desperation, Hypocrisy

Following a disastrous performance on “Iowa Press”, voter registration numbers increasingly going against her, and an opponent smashing Iowa fundraising records, Christie Vilsack is pulling out all stops in her efforts to defeat conservative Congressman Steve King in November.

Vilsack is relying on her union pals to rescue her floundering campaign. AFSCME and SEIU partnered with the Democrat House Majority PAC to pay for $400,000 worth of TV ads in the Des Moines and Sioux City markets. The new commercial attempts to paint the liberal Vilsack as a moderate, “independent thinker”.

Featured in the ad is yet another of Vilsack’s union pals. Dawn Remsburg is a regional leader inside the Iowa teachers’ union, ISEA, a highly partisan, left-leaning group. Remsburg even allowed Vilsack to use her 5th grade classroom as a campaign prop in May. The liberal national teachers’ union, the NEA, is also a Vilsack donor.

The ad focuses on education and Christie Vilsack’s time as a teacher. Perhaps the liberals who produced it could use some more schooling. They couldn’t even figure out how to spell “Independence” correctly:

Meanwhile, Christie Vilsack continues her feckless smear campaign against Congressman King. She has sent at least seven negative, dishonest mail pieces against King regarding congressional pay. Vilsack also spent nearly $100,000 on radio ads advancing the same dishonest attacks.

The non-partisan says attacks like those from Vilsack are blatantly false. “So now there’s even less of an excuse to keep passing on those angry messages claiming that Congress is voting itself pay increases. They’re just not true.”

The fact remains that Congressman King has never voted to raise his own pay on a stand-alone vote. The Ames Tribune caught the Vilsack campaign and her supporters in their lies and reported Congressman King “did not vote in favor of those pay increases.”

The truth is, Steve King has voted to freeze the pay of all federal employees, including members of Congress. He voted against a pay raise for himself the only two times it came up as a stand-alone vote.

While calling on King to return pay raises he never voted for, Vilsack has not called on her biggest campaign contributors, including Nancy Pelosi, to return their raises. Vilsack has also refused to ask her husband to return his pay raises since joining the Obama administration. Tom Vilsack, the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, collects a base salary of almost $200,000 per year.

Steve King remains the least wealthy member of Iowa’s congressional delegation. However, if Christie Vilsack gets elected, she and husband will rank among the most lucratively compensated Washington insiders in the nation. They will receive a taxpayer-funded state pension and two federal pensions, in addition to their federal employee compensation and benefits. Christie Vilsack also stood by silently as her husband signed a 21% pay raise for himself into law in June 2005, when he was Governor of Iowa.

It’s easy to understand why the Vilsack campaign, Nancy Pelosi, and their union pals are getting nervous. They know Christie cannot win in the 4th Congressional District by telling voters what she actually stands for: advancing ObamaCare, dismissing a balanced budget amendment, advocating for abortion and helping Barack Obama get reelected, as she promised to do last November. That’s why she consistently dodges questions that the voters of the 4th District deserve answers on.

Meanwhile, Congressman King announced a record-setting fundraising quarter for an Iowa Congressional candidate by raising nearly $850,000 in the second quarter. Congressman King reported $1.26 million cash-on-hand and has raised $2.12 million this cycle. Not even President Bill Clinton, Jill Biden, Planned Parenthood, NARAL, pro-abortion group Emily’s List, George Soros’ son, Obama confidantes Bill Daley and David Axelrod, and several unions could bail out Christie Vilsack’s struggling campaign in the second quarter.

Congressman King has more than double the Iowa contributors of Vilsack, raised nearly $330,000 more than Vilsack in the second quarter and has $400,000 more cash-on-hand than Vilsack with 110 days until Election Day. Additionally, 75% of Congressman King’s individual donations have come from Iowans.

With nearly 55,000 more Republicans than Democrats in Iowa’s 4th Congressional District, Christie Vilsack has to be wondering why she moved across the state to represent a district where she has never resided and whose values are the opposite of her liberal mindset.

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