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October 31st, 2012

Under The Radar: One Week to Go

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Written by: Craig Robinson
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Is Gronstal’s Re-Election Campaign Gronstalling?

Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal seems to have his hands full with his Republican opponent Al Ringgenberg.  Ringgenberg has been so formidable that the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) has invested $100,000 in television ads in the race to protect Gronstal.  The ads are run through a 527 group named Iowans for Jobs and Prosperity, which receives all of its funding from the DLCC.

Dennis Kucinich Lends Steve King a Helping Hand

Christie Vilsack has spent the last year-and-a-half trying to convince the people of Iowa’s newly reconfigured Fourth Congressional District that Steve King is an out-of-control whack job that doesn’t represent Iowans very well in Washington D.C.  It hasn’t worked, and now former Democrat Congressman and presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich says some glowing things about King in an interview with the Omaha World Herald.

“You have to see people through something other than a partisan lens,” Kucinich told The World-Herald. “If I didn’t operate that way, I wouldn’t have anybody to talk to.”

The article states that King and Kucinish developed a strong friendship despite their opposing views. “He is very conservative, very principled,” Kucinich said. “You do reach points where you have some fundamental disagreements. But you never let those disagreements stand in the way of friendship.”

Away from all the campaign noise, Kucinich says that even those House members who adamantly oppose King’s policies and his worldview still respect him.

This article is fascinating.  I highly recommend people to read it.  One may oppose King’s positions, but to argue that he’s not a good advocate for Iowa is just wrong.

Missing in Action:  Where is the pro-retention campaign? 

With a week to go until Election Day, the campaign in support of retaining Iowa Supreme Court Justice David Wiggins is nowhere to be seen.  The group Justice Not Politics is advertising on the internet, but it shows no other signs of life around the state.  Meanwhile, Bob Vander Plaats and the Iowans for Freedom campaign have a television ad and are sending mailers into competitive state senate races.

I know that the pro-retention crowd wants to take politics out of the courts, but who knew they wanted to take campaigning out of a campaign?

Head Scratcher: Dems Keep Pouring Money into Western-Iowa Senate Seat

Iowa Democrats are still making lousy financial investments.  Luckily for Iowa taxpayers, it’s not another billion-dollar I-Jobs debt scheme.  This time, it’s Senate Democrats pouring in big money in support of Mary Bruner who is running against Mark Segebart in Senate District 6, which is Steve Kettering’s old seat.

The seat has about 3000 more Republicans than Democrats and is also an area where Mitt Romney and Congressman Steve King should perform well.  Simply put, this is a long and steep uphill climb for the Democrats, so if they want to waste money there, be my guest.  What’s that you say?  Oh, Bruner is Gronstal’s cousin.  It all makes sense now.

The Iowa Democrats’ War on Women

Former Democrat U.S. Senate Candidate Roxanne Conlin didn’t like it when a former blogger on this website used an unflattering (maybe flattering to some) picture of her in an article.  The photo was an unmodified picture of her in a parade.  This year, House Democrats are altering photos of State Representative Renee Schulte to use in their mailers attacking her.

That’s not Schulte’s body, and her face has been altered in an unflattering way.  Altering the appearance of a female candidate is about as low as one can go.  This is what Rep. Schulte actually looks like:

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