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October 22nd, 2012

The Duh Moines Register

The Des Moines Register rolled out its congressional endorsements on Sunday. To nobody’s surprise, the Register’s editorial board endorsed Christie Vilsack over Congressman Steve King, Congressman Bruce Braley over Ben Lange, Congressman Dave Loebsack over John Archer, and Congressman Tom Latham over Congressman Leonard Boswell.

Even though I expected these endorsements, two of them are head scratchers.

Perhaps the Register’s most humorous endorsement was given to Christie Vilsack. The paper raves about her deep Iowa roots, but fails to mention that a sophomore at Iowa State University has lived in the District longer than Mrs. Vilsack.

The Register also believes that Vilsack will be a bipartisan consensus builder if elected. Vilsack has gone out of her way to appear to be a moderate, but look the liberal organizations supporting her candidacy, and let’s not forget her husband is a member of the Obama administration. Trust me, Christie Vilsack is not going to be some bipartisan force in Washington. It’s sad that the editorial staff believes that to be the case because they are the only people in Iowa who believe that.

My favorite part of the Register’s endorsement of Vilsack is when they write:

“Her [Vilsack’s] lack of knowledge at times is telling. Or it’s obvious she doesn’t want to take a stand on other issues.”

Who wants to be represented by someone who has a lack of knowledge?

So, the Register thinks that someone who’s not very knowledgeable will be able to reach across the aisle and get things done? How does that work?

The only thing worse than electing someone who’s not very knowledgeable is electing somebody who’s not honest. That is exactly what the Register is saying when it writes, “it’s obvious she doesn’t want to take a stand on other issues.” Voters despised dishonest politicians, yet the Des Moines Register endorses one.


The other Des Moines Register endorsement that got my attention was that of Congressman Dave Loebsack. Back in May, the Des Moines Register ranked Loebsack as the least effective member of the Iowa delegation. Five months later, there is no mention of ineffectiveness when they endorse him over Republican John Archer in Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District.

It seems to me that the Register overlooked the most important factor when endorsing a candidate for congress – how they fit with the district they wish to represent. When Congressman Loebsack attacked John Deere in a television attack ad, he proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he’s not fit to represent the 2nd Congressional District. With jobs and the economy on the top of people’s minds, it’s unthinkable that a sitting congressman would attack a major manufacturer in the district like John Deere for his own political gain. Equally unthinkable is the Des Moines Register failing to mention something like that.

Loebsack has served three terms in Congress, two under Democrat control and one under Republican control. He’s accomplished next to nothing. Now he’s bashing major employers in his Southeast Iowa District, and the Register thinks he is worthy of another term.

You have to be kidding me.

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