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April 4th, 2012

Steve King Predicts Supreme Court Will Rule ObamaCare Unconstitutional

No member of Congress has fought harder against ObamaCare than Iowa’s Steve King. He introduced the first legislation to repeal it. When that failed, he introduced an amendment to cut off all funding to implement or enforce ObamaCare. That failed on a procedural decision.

King refused give up, despite the setbacks. He lobbied each GOP presidential candidate to make repealing ObamaCare the centerpiece of their campaign. Most of them did. All of them supported a pledge written by King to repeal the bill.

Now, Congressman King is hopeful and confident that the Supreme Court will strike down President Obama’s signature piece of legislation. He was able to watch some of last week’s proceedings first hand thanks to seats granted by Chief Justice John Roberts.

“I think the Supreme Court will come down with a ruling, 5-4, to find the individual mandate is unconstitutional,” King predicts. “And I think that they will rule that it’s not severable. In other words, if part of it has to go, all of it has to go. If they vote on that and publish it, I think it’s probably going to be 6-3, just listening to the questions of the justices that are there. They understand what kind of a mess they would create if they find part of it unconstitutional, but not the rest of it.”

However, King warns that overturning ObamaCare in the Supreme Court might not spell the end of Democrats’ attempts to take over the health care industry. He says that regardless of the outcome, Congress needs to act.

“If I’m right on this and the Supreme Court throws out all of ObamaCare, we still have to repeal it in the upcoming session. Because if we do not, and let’s say President Obama gets reelected, he would be in a position to make potentially one or two more appointments to the Supreme Court,” King said. “That would set the stage so that they can relitigate ObamaCare, take it back to the Supreme Court, reverse the Supreme Court, and give us ObamaCare anyway.”

On Monday, President Obama fired a warning shot at the Supreme Court. He stated that it would “unprecedented” for them to overturn a law “that was passed by a strong majority of a democratically elected Congress”. Those statements received serious rebuke the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. They have given Obama’s Justice Department 48 hours to explain whether or not the administration believes judges have the power to rule laws unconstitutional. Congressman King is very intrigued by these developments.

“That was a breathtaking position for someone who had taught the Constitution at the University of Chicago as an adjunct professor,” King told “If the President of the United States and the Attorney General of the United States both concur and argue that the Supreme Court can’t invalidate a law, they’re really saying that as a last ditch effort to try to defend ObamaCare, that unconstitutional takings of American liberty…These are acts of desperation that invalidate the opinions of the people that are uttering them.”

Congressman King is conducting town hall meetings throughout the new 4th Congressional District this week. During his stop in Ft. Dodge on Tuesday, he talked extensively about ObamaCare and answered questions on wide variety of issues.

Tomorrow on, we will bring you King’s thoughts on his congressional race against Christie Vilsack, which he predicts will be the most expensive in Iowa history. We will also bring you video of King strongly defending his pro-life position, and his thoughts on Iowa Republicans surpassing Democrats in voter registration numbers.

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