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August 6th, 2012

Sorenson Retains Ted Sporer as Counsel in Heki Lawsuit

Former Polk County GOP Chairman Ted Sporer has been retained by Iowa State Senator Kent Sorenson (R-Milo) to defend him in a lawsuit filed by former Michele Bachmann presidential campaign staffer Barb Heki. The lawsuit alleges Sorenson stole a contact list of Iowa Christian homeschooling families off Heki’s computer, which the campaign then used to send two emails to the NICHE members. Sorenson was the Iowa chairman for Bachmann’s campaign.

“He explicitly denies taking the list,” Sporer tells TheIowaRepublican. “Other than that, our pleadings and motions will probably speak best for themselves.”

Ted Sporer served as the Polk GOP chairman from 2001-09. He was also a member of the State Central Committee from 2002-08. Sporer now practices law with Sporer & Flanagan, P.L.L.C., a downtown Des Moines law firm.

Heki’s lawsuit also alleges that the Bachmann campaign was aware of Sorenson’s alleged theft and covered it up by letting Heki take the fall for the improper usage of the list. Two former high-level Bachmann staffers, who asked that their names not be used at this time, backup Heki’s claims.

“I am confident that Kent Sorenson participated in the theft and I am confident that members of the senior staff were aware of it, certainly on or before December,” a former Bachmann aide said. “And they debated it for three weeks, the senior staff, what to do. Over loud objections, they let Barb take the fall for it.”

“They’re mistaken,” Sporer said in response.

Sorenson, Bachmann and five other former campaign aides are defendants in the lawsuit. Heki told TIR last week that Congresswoman Bachmann became aware of the alleged theft of the list at some point.

“Michele (Bachmann) told me,” Heki said. “We had a private staff luncheon right after she left the race and she came up to me then and told me that she was told that Kent did it. I was flabbergasted. When Michele and I got done talking, I walked straight over to Eric Woolson and asked him if it was true. He said, “Yes.”

Shortly after the Bachmann’s campaign’s improper usage of the NICHE list, Barb Heki and her husband were removed from the homeschooling organization’s board of directors. Heki’s lawsuit claims the fallout from the NICHE list controversy has made a dramatic impact on her personal and professional life.

“It’s an interesting lawsuit. We’ve obviously planned an aggressive defense,” Sporer said. “I haven’t received a service copy of the petition yet. After we receive that, we’ll file a series of motions to dismiss.”

The lawsuit was filed in Polk County district court. You can read it by clicking here.

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