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February 27th, 2012

Social Conservatives Rally for Iowa House Candidate Heartsill

Judging from the turnout at his fundraiser over the weekend, Republican Greg Heartsill will have plenty of support in his bid to become an Iowa House representative. Some of the state’s most prominent social conservatives attended the event in Knoxville Saturday evening.

Among the crowd of 250 were Chuck Hurley and Danny Carroll from The Family Leader, Faith and Freedom Coalition President Steve Scheffler, House representatives Glen Massie and Kim Pearson, radio host Steve Deace, former U.S. Senate candidate Bill Salier, who served as the keynote speaker, and several pastors. The event raised an estimated $5,000.

Greg Heartsill is a self-employed, homeschooling father of nine and a lifelong Iowan. When addressing the crowd, he made it clear that he will place social issues at the top of his agenda as a candidate and state representative.

“Some lawmakers will argue that we don’t have time to protect marriage, we don’t have time to protect the unborn, we don’t have time to protect property rights,” Heartsill said. “They would say that if we just focus on the fiscal issues of our state, eventually things will just turn our magically delicious.”

Heartsill is running for the open seat in House District 28, which covers parts of Jasper, Lucas and Marion counties. Republicans hold a slight voter registration edge. Deeply conservative Pella is not part of the new district. Megan Day-Suhr is the announced Democrat candidate. Heartsill believes his familiarity with the people of the district gives him an advantage.

“I think because I am someone that they know,” he told “My fencing business causes me to get out and work in the whole district. I just did my taxes here and I logged 17,000 miles just in the district and so one of the things that I think is frustrating with elected officials these days is you don’t get any representation and I think that’s something that I feel I can bring to this as I will represent the people.”

Bill Salier’s keynote speech at the fundraiser was entitled “A Path to Restoring American Liberty”. He believes electing candidates like Greg Heartsill is part of that path. “If we did not believe in Greg Heartsill and his honor and his faith and his fidelity, we would not be here tonight. None of us would,” Salier said. “This is a component of how we need to return American liberty to ourselves. If we do not elect people who hold to those values, we will not governmentally right the ship.”

Heartsill’s website lists “Five Pillars” of his campaign. Number one is “Promote Economic Growth and Fiscal Responsibility”. Number two is “Protect the Family”. That includes defending traditional marriage. More than once during Saturday’s fundraiser, the master of ceremonies encouraged attendees to sign a petition to encourage the legislature to allow Iowans to vote on an Iowa Marriage Amendment.

“As a state and as a nation, we have some challenging times ahead of us and we’re going to need some drastic changes in Des Moines and Washington, D.C. if we’re going to expect anything to ever get better,” Heartsill told the crowd. “I believe it can be done if we humble ourselves before God, if we return to personal responsibility, and if we reject pragmatic politics that treats our political process as nothing more than a college football rivalry.”

Greg Heartsill and his wife Angie are very active with the Marion County GOP central committee. Heartsill says he received encouragement to run for the seat from former and current elected officials. He has campaign events scheduled in Pleasantville and Melcher-Dallas later this week.

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