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March 20th, 2012

Ron Paul Supporters Attempt to Reconvene Scott County GOP Convention, Spiker Responds

A group of Ron Paul supporters who are upset with the results of the Scott County GOP convention is contacting all of the county’s delegates and alternates, encouraging them to reconvene on Thursday. The group is led by Paul campaign volunteer Michael D. Elliott, who earlier threatened a lawsuit against the Scott County GOP following the March 10 convention. He is reportedly bothered that the delegate slate for district and state convention did not include enough Paul supporters. Elliott was elected as an alternate.

In response to a postcard sent last week by the same group, the Scott County GOP made this post on its Facebook page:

Some of you may have received a post card about reconvening our county convention. We DID NOT send out this post card, and there is no reconvening of the county convention.

Iowa GOP Chairman A.J. Spiker, a former vice-chairman for the Ron Paul campaign, also sent a letter to all the delegates saying there would be no reconvening of the Scott County convention.

Here is the letter sent this week by the Ron Paul “Super Liberty” group:

Dear Scott County Republican Delegates & Alternate Delegates,

You recently received a post card notifying you of the re-convening of the Scott County Delegate Convention occurring this Thursday, March 22nd, 6pm at the Tanglewood Pavilion in Bettendorf. This re-convening of delegates is completely lawful, legitimate, proper, and within our purview as delegates to convene as well as our responsibility as representative delegates to our precincts for the following reasons:

You were elected by your fellow Republicans in your own precincts during the January 3rd Iowa Caucus, to represent them moving forward during the party election process over the next two years.

Part of that representation includes convening a county convention to agree upon and move forward a county platform and electing 123 district and state delegates, along with 123 alternate delegates, to represent the Scott County Republicans at the district and state conventions.

Many of you participated in the March 10th meeting held at the Starlight Ballroom in Davenport. Unfortunately, portions of those proceedings were not conducted according to convention rules, procedures and State Law, and subsequently no delegates were lawfully elected. According to Iowa Code 43.85, it is our requirement as delegates to reconvene and conduct the proceedings lawfully and properly.

There were several procedural blunders on March 10th, including no one being nominated, seconded and voted by the body to be the permanent chair or secretary for the convention, a requirement of Roberts Rules of Order Revised, the rules by which this body agreed to operate.

In addition, in an effort to advance a secretive slate of delegates to the District and State Conventions, party leaders violated the adopted rules disallowing motions and nominations from the elected county delegation body. Regarding seating of delegates, Iowa Code is clear in calling for a reconvention when delegates are not (lawfully) elected. In order to elect delegates, a convention must be reconvened that properly does so by following its adopted rules.

There are additional legal requirements that were not followed and will be addressed at the re-convening of the delegates this Thursday.

You are one of the delegates duly elected at the precinct level during the Iowa Caucuses. That means authority is delegated to you by your precinct to elect delegates and alternates to the District and State Convention. Permission is not required for that authoritative body to re-convene. Despite what detractors may claim, as long as there is a quorum of delegates, you may choose to represent your constituents as you see fit.

This is bottom up governance at the most very basic level. I hope you will make it a priority to attend the re-convening of the convention this Thursday at 6pm at the Tanglewood Pavilion. Your participation will be critical to achieving a proper and lawful convention that will ensure the legitimate district and state delegates can be seated.

While there has been some efforts by the current party leadership to convince you that this effort is not legitimate, ask yourself why there would be a major effort to discredit the delegates who are performing their duties. If this process is not lawful, and not going to stand up in court, why are some in the party working so hard to convince you not to participate?

Please feel free to call me with any questions you may have and please show up early to the meeting this Thursday.

Tanglewood Hills Pavilion

4250 Middle Road, Bettendorf, IA


Michael D. Elliott

Scott County GOP Central Committee Member and Delegate Precinct D31

Here is the response to the letter, sent by Iowa GOP Chairman A.J. Spiker:

March 19, 2012

Dear Delegate/Alternate,

Thank you for participating in the Republican caucus to convention process. It is exciting to see Iowans enthusiastic about electing Republicans and defeating President Obama this November.

I understand that you may have received a call to reconvene the county convention for Thursday, March 22. This call to reconvene lacks legitimate authority.

Article IX, Section 3 of the RPI Constitution states that,

“The Republican State Central Committee shall set the date of the county convention in each county of the State. It shall advise the county organizations of the number of delegates to the District Caucus and the State Convention to which each County is entitled, and shall determine the delegate assessment which must be paid by each County Central Committee.”

The authority to call a convention rests solely with the Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa.

After reviewing a formal complaint, viewing video of the county convention, consulting our attorney and expert parliamentarians, the Republican Party of Iowa has determined that the business conducted at the Scott County Republican Convention on March 10 is binding and final. The delegates, alternates and junior delegates elected are legitimate, as are the platform planks considered and passed. The March 22 meeting will have no binding authority.

It is my hope that Republicans can focus on what is important this election cycle: defeating Barack Obama, sending a majority Congressional delegation to Washington, D.C. and putting a majority in the Iowa Senate while building on our Iowa House majority.

To victory,

A.J. Spiker

Chairman, Republican Party of Iowa

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