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May 5th, 2012

Ron Paul Dominates At-Large Delegate Slate

Iowa Republicans have a total of 28 delegates to this year’s national convention in Tampa, Florida.  Two delegate selection committee members from each of the state’s four congressional districts met at the Republican headquarters in Des Moines today to draft the slate of 13 at-large delegates that must be ratified by convention delegates at the state convention on June 15th.

Each state is awarded delegates based on a number of factors.  Each state starts with ten delegates, five for each U.S. Senator.  States are then awarded three delegates for every congressional district.  The three members of the Republican National Committee, including the State Chairman, National Committeewoman, and the National Committeeman, also each receive a delegate spot.  That means the base number for national delegates for Iowa is 25.

Iowa was also awarded three additional delegates, bringing the total to 28, because the state elected a Republican governor in 2010, 50 percent of the U.S. House seats in the state are represented by Republicans, and Republicans control the Iowa House of Representatives.

Below is the slate of delegates that the committee selected.

At-Large Delegates

Governor Terry Branstad
U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley
Margaret Stoldorf – Chair of Montgomery County GOP and Santorum Supporter
Michelle Bullock – Polk County – Contributor to Ron Paul
James Mills – State Central Committee Member for Floyd County Paul Supporter
Steven Anders – Pottawattamie County Director for Ron Paul
Roger Leahy – Jefferson County Ron Paul Coordinator
Mark Hansen – Pottawattamie County Ron Paul Coordinator
Will Johnson – Dubuque County Ron Paul Organizer
Lexy Nuzum – Madison County Ron Paul supporter
Andrea Bie – Allamakee County Ron Paul Supporter
David Fischer – State Central Committee Member and Ron Paul’s Iowa Co-Chair
Drew Ivers – State Central Committee Member and Ron Paul’s Iowa Chair

Alternate At-Large Delegates

Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds
State Senator Brad Zaun – Polk County, Bachmann State Chair
Dr. Cody Hoefert – Santorum supporter and Lyon County GOP Chair
Ruth Long – Longtime GOP activist from Union County
Dr. Sam Clovis – Santorum supporter from Plymouth County also a radio show host.
Jeff Jorgensen – Pottawattamie GOP Chair
Lisa Smith – Former State Central Committee Member, close friend to Steve Scheffler and Gopal Krishna.
David Wiederstein – Cass County GOP Chair
Mike Gresham – Fremont County Chair
Jenifer Bowen – Executive Director of Iowa Right to Life
John Bowery – Page County GOP Chair and Ron Paul Supporter
Tracee Knapp – Ringold County
Therese Davis – Former Chair of Guthrie County GOP

Quick Thoughts

1. The slate has to be approved at the state convention on June 16.

2. Only Branstad and Grassley are sure fire Romney votes.

3. While the alternate delegate list is more diverse, only actual delegates get to vote.

4. The list doesn’t contain a single Romney supporter outside of the elected officials.

5. The list is dominated by people from Southwest Iowa.

6. There is not a single person from Scott or Linn County.

7. Kurt Brown and Dave Jamison were selected to be At-Large Electors

The current makeup of this slate guarantees Ron Paul 10 of Iowa’s 28 delegates.  Paul will also be supported by State Chairman A.J. Spiker and National Committeeman Steve Scheffler, which brings his total 12 delegates.  Paul only needs to have three delegates elected from the District Nominating Caucuses the night before the state convention to secure a majority of Iowa’s delegates.  He will easily get the three delegates he needs.



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