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May 15th, 2012

Ron Paul’s Differences with the Republican Party of Iowa Platform

Some very vocal members of the Republican State Central Committee, who are also Ron Paul supporters, claim their intent is to hold candidates accountable to the party platform. One even said the SCC would withhold funding from Republicans who do not support the platform.

“If we have a majority of the central committee, we can take control of that again, and then decide where that funding goes, so it goes to only people that are representing our platform and not to candidates that go off on a limb and do stuff that’s against our platform,” SCC Jeremiah Johnson was quoted saying.

The fallacy of their argument is that their chosen presidential candidate falls well short of supporting many planks of the Republican Party of Iowa’s platform. This includes at least four of the 18 “Family Values” planks. These are based on his own public statements and/or votes. Without Paul filling out a questionnaire, it is impossible to know where he stands on some of the platform planks.

This is from the current RPI Platform, drafted in 2010. Most of the planks are paraphrased, unless in quotations. Paul’s stances are hyperlinked:

1.01 Does not oppose capital punishment. Paul does.

1.02 Supports the Human Life Amendment. Paul does not. “Get the federal government out of it,” in regards to abortion decisions.

1.04 Life begins at conception. Ron Paul claims he agrees, but does not oppose the Morning After Pill.

6.03 Supports a Federal Marriage Amendment. Ron Paul repeatedly votes against it.

6.07 Opposes adoption by homosexuals. Paul’s stance is a mixed bag.

6.14 “We support a parental rights amendment.” Ron Paul does not.

6.17 Strengthening laws to protect children from online pornography. Ron Paul opposes.

7.08 Opposes statehood for D.C. and Puerto Rico. Can’t find where he stands on D.C., but Paul has taken no stand on Puerto Rico.

7.10 Desecrating the U.S. flag is NOT constitutionally protected free speech and those who do should be punished. Ron Paul disagrees.

7.13 Pornography is not protected by the First Amendment. Paul says policing pornography is “to say the least, of dubious constitutionality”.

7.32 Supports line item veto power of the President. Ron Paul opposes.

7.39 “We expect our Congressman and Senators to be present to vote on all bills. If they are unnecessarily absent, we expect them to forfeit a day’s pay for each day missed.” Ron Paul clearly opposes this, because he missed 92% of his votes in the first quarter of this year.

7.46 Supports term limits. This is where Paul’s hypocrisy shines through, because he introduces bills in favor of term-limits, but he’s spent 24 years in Congress.

7.53 Says the “National Do Not Call Registry” should apply to political campaigns. Ron Paul’s campaign frequently violates this plank.

7.63 Opposes any expansion of gambling. Paul supports legalizing online gaming.

8.11 Supports legislation for medical malpractice reform. Ron Paul opposes.

8.22 Opposes the legalization of medical marijuana. Ron Paul advocates for medical marijuana and calls it “a helpful medical treatment”.

9.01 “We believe terrorism is a national security issue and not a law enforcement problem.” Ron Paul disagrees.

9.02 “We believe foreign terrorists should be acknowledged as enemy combatants and prosecuted by a military tribunal and not in a criminal court.” Ron Paul disagrees.

9.03 “We call for increased resources for human-intelligence capabilities.” Ron Paul opposes and wants to eliminate the CIA and FBI.

9.05 “We support profiling to identify possible terrorists.” Ron Paul opposes.

9.06 “We believe that our government needs to be able to continue monitoring calls and communiqués from suspected terrorists to people in the U. S.” Ron Paul opposes.

9.07 “We support the continued use of Guantanamo Prison as long as needed.” Ron Paul opposes.

9.08 Supports securing the U.S. borders by “any means necessary”. Ron Paul opposes a border fence.

9.10 “We believe all aliens living and working legally in the United States should be able to speak, read and write English proficiently, and should be required to attend classes until they can do so.” Ron Paul believes all federal things should be in English, but is not supportive of a mandate on all levels.

9.15 Includes language that advocates for an immigration policy that tells where immigrants live and work. Paul opposes a data bank for illegals.

9.17 Calls for the deportation of all illegal immigrants. “Isn’t going to happen and should not happen,” Paul says.

10.04 Calls on Congress to end earmarking. Although he always votes against them, Paul requested more than $450 million combined in earmarks in 2010 and 2011.

10.09 Lawsuits should be limited to actual damages. Paul opposes tort reform.

10.19 Calls for reinstating the death penalty. Ron Paul opposes the death penalty at the state and federal levels.

11.06 Calls for the military to step up its efforts to identify and deal with terrorists and terrorism. Again, Paul believes terrorism is more of a crime prevention issue.

11.08 “We support ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell.’” Ron Paul opposes it.

11.14 Supports expanding NATO. Ron Paul wants the U.S. to withdraw from NATO.

11.15 “We call for continued economic and military support for Israel and its right to exist. Ron Paul opposes military support for Israel.

13.11 “We call upon Congress to pass the Tax Limitation/Balanced Budget Amendment immediately.” Paul missed the vote on the Balanced Budget Amendment last November. Michele Bachmann, who was also campaigning for President, returned to Congress to cast her vote.

13.32 Another call for the “prompt adoption” of a Balanced Budget Amendment. Hard to do when certain people don’t show up to vote for it.

13.36 Call for an amendment to give the President line item veto power over some budget bills. Paul opposes.

14.09 “We reaffirm that the Republican National Committee and the Republican Party of Iowa and its officers should remain neutral in all contested primaries.” Since Paul hired three sitting State Central Committee members to run his Iowa campaign, then accepted the endorsement of two more, he obviously opposes this platform plank.

That equals 38 RPI Platform planks that Ron Paul openly disagrees with or does not support. There are 14 sections and a total of 367 planks. Paul would appear to pass the minimum 80% threshold, without knowing his stances on several planks. However, for Ron Paul supporters to claim the platform is their ultimate measuring stick while he opposes several parts of it reeks of hypocrisy.

The new 2012 RPI Platform, which will be voted on at the upcoming state convention, includes 27 sections and 400 planks. Several Ron Paul supporters worked their way into positions on the Platform Committees, so the new platform might be more in-line with some of Paul’s views. For instance, support of aid to Israel has been eliminated. Ending foreign aid is a new plank (11.8).

Here some of the new platform planks that Ron Paul does not support. Many of the 2010 planks referenced above remain:

1.5 Support the Personhood Amendment. Paul says he supports personhood, but does not believe a federal remedy is required.

1.7 Support a ban of RU-486 (morning after pill). Paul calls it “nothing more than a birth control pill”.

3.18 Supports the implementation of Lean Six Sigma-type efficiency measures in government. Paul has not embraced Lean Six Sigma.

4.9 Support the E-verify system. Ron Paul opposes.

7.8 Term limits returns. 10 years for representatives. Rep. Ron Paul is on year 24.

21.9 “We believe that a double-security fence with surveillance equipment should be constructed as soon as possible on our southern border with Mexico.” Ron Paul opposes border fences.

24.8 We reaffirm that the Republican National Committee and the Republican Party of Iowa and its officers should remain neutral in all contested primaries. Ron Paul and his top supporters in Iowa, including several current and future State Central Committee members, clearly oppose this plank.

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