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August 8th, 2012

Romney Scores with Early Morning Des Moines Rally

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Written by: Kevin Hall
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Mitt Romney delivered a spirited speech to 450 supporters at an early morning rally Wednesday in Des Moines. The attendees, packed inside a non-air conditioned school auditorium at Des Moines Central Campus, did not let the heat or the early hour dampen their enthusiasm. Romney’s remarks brought the crowd to its feet twice during his 25-minute dialogue

The GOP nominee-to-be landed some significant jabs at President Obama’s policies and job performance. Romney also emphasized his new five-point plan to strengthen the middle class. While lacking specifics, this plan is a vast improvement over the 59-point jobs plan monstrosity Romney unveiled during the Republican primary.

The strategy is a smart, simple and necessary one. The Obama campaign is trying to paint Romney as an out-of-touch elite who only looks out for the wealthy. The former Massachusetts governor needs to show he has a plan to boost this lagging economy for middle class citizens.

“The president’s policies have simply failed the American people in terms of getting people back to work, with rising incomes,” Romney said. “It’s said the best predictor of future performance is what’s happened in the past, and that’s a measure, the president’s policies in the past, health insurance premiums going up, unemployment high. Do you know what’s happened to the median income in America over the last 3 ½ years? It’s dropped by $4,000 a family. Think how tough this is on the American people.”

Romney’s 5-point plan to strengthen the middle class:

1)   Building energy independence

2)   Make sure adults and kids have the educational tools they need to succeed

3)   Opening trade markets that work for America

4)   Cut the deficit

5)   Champion small business

“If we do those five things, we’re going to have 12 million new jobs in America during my term,” Romney said. “And Americans are going to see more more take home pay.”

The first standing ovation during the speech came around the 15-minute mark. As Romney expounded on his plan to cut the deficit, he tackled the issue that became his biggest stumbling block in the GOP primary: healthcare.

“I’ll begin by looking at every single government program and ask the question: Is this program so important it’s worth borrowing money from China to pay for it,” Romney said “And the top of my list of programs we don’t need is one that cost $100 billion dollars a year and I’m going to get rid of, and that’s ObamaCare.”

The crowd stood and cheered for more than 20 seconds. Romney added that healthcare reforms are important and he wants to make sure people with preexisting conditions are able to get insurance.

The Romney campaign has a new advertisement that hits Obama hard on abandoning the successful welfare reform measures put in place in the 1990s by then-President Bill Clinton. While the fact checkers say the ad is not entirely truthful, that has not stopped either campaign from making false statements in this campaign. Obviously, the ad is effective or the Obama campaign wouldn’t be scrambling to dismiss it. Romney touched on the subject during his Des Moines speech.

“He removed the requirement of work from welfare. It is wrong to make any change to make America more of a nation of government dependency. We most restore it and I will restore work for welfare,” Romney said to loud cheers and applause.

The former Massachusetts governor then railed against the president and the bureaucrats in Washington who have never worked in business, making it more burdensome for job creators with senseless regulations.

“To have people who have never worked in business telling business how to run itself,” Romney said. “I want to make America the best place in the world for entrepreneurs, innovators and small business and big businesses. Why? Because I want more jobs and more take home pay for the American people and I’m going to get it done.”

That prompted the second standing ovation during the speech. Overall, this was a very good event for Mitt Romney. Barack Obama plans to spend three days campaigning in Iowa next week. That is a sign that the Democrats have serious concerns about winning here. If Romney can continue to deliver strong, substantive speeches like Wednesday’s, it bodes well for his chances in November.

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