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August 22nd, 2012

Romney Releases New TV Ad: “Nothing’s Free”

Boston, MA – Today, Romney for President released a new television advertisement titled “Nothing’s Free.”  President Obama’s healthcare law has come at a high cost. Whether it is taxing wheelchairs and pacemakers or cutting Medicare, free healthcare has come at a very high price.

AD FACTS: Script For “Nothing’s Free”:

VOICEOVER: “Some think Obamacare is the same as free healthcare.”

VIDEO TEXT: “Obamacare”

VIDEO TEXT: “Free Healthcare”

VOICEOVER: “But nothing is free.”

VOICEOVER: “Obama is raiding $716 billion from Medicare, changing the program forever.”

VIDEO TEXT: “Obama Is Raiding $716 Billion From Medicare”

  • According To The Nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, Obamacare Cuts $716 Billion From Medicare. (Congressional Budget Office, Letter To Speaker John Boehner, 7/24/12)

VOICEOVER: “Taxing wheelchairs and pacemakers.”

VIDEO TEXT: “Taxing Wheelchairs And Pacemakers”

  • Medical-Device Companies – Which Make Wheelchairs And Pacemakers – Were Hit With A Tax As A Part Of Obamacare. “The industry that makes wheelchairs, pacemakers and other medical devices has launched a lobbying blitz to kill a tax on its products proposed in a health care bill moving through the Senate. The $40 billion, 10-year tax is one of several new fees included in the Senate Finance Committee’s health care legislation. It has drawn significant opposition from Democrats — many of whom have large medical device makers in their states.” (USA Today, 10/2/09)

VOICEOVER: “Raising taxes on families making less than one hundred and twenty thousand dollars.”

VIDEO TEXT: “Higher Taxes $120,000 Or Less”

  • In 2016, 3 Million Americans – Who Live In Families That Earn Up To $120,000 Per Year – Will Be Subjected To The Individual Mandate Tax In Obamacare. (Congressional Budget Office, 12/2010)

VOICEOVER: “Free healthcare comes at a very high price.”

VIDEO TEXT: “Free Healthcare Comes At A Very High Price”

VOICEOVER: “The Romney-Ryan plan will restore Medicare funding and protect and strengthen the program for the next generation.”

VIDEO TEXT: “Romney-Ryan Plan”

VIDEO TEXT: “Protect Medicare”

MITT ROMNEY: “I’m Mitt Romney, and I approve this message.”

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