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April 3rd, 2012

Romney Claims Wisconsin, Maryland, D.C.

Mitt Romney picked up a trifecta of victories Tuesday night, as he moved further toward solidifying his status as the presumptive GOP presidential nominee. As of 10:35 pm central time, with 69 percent of the precincts in Wisconsin reporting, Romney held 42.5 percent of the vote. Rick Santorum was in second with 37.7 percent. Ron Paul locked up third place, sitting at 11.7 percent. Newt Gingrich acquired only 6.1% of the Badger State vote.

Maryland and Washington, D.C. were landslide victories for Romney, as expected. Rick Santorum failed to qualify for the ballot in D.C. Romney was dominant there, picking up 70.2 percent of the vote. Ron Paul finished second, at 12 percent. Gingrich lagged behind with 10.8%.

Romney came close to capturing the majority of the vote in Maryland. He was sitting at 48.1 percent, with 81% of the precincts reporting. Santorum was in second at 29.7%. Newt Gingrich was clinging to third place, at 11.1% and Ron Paul was in fourth, with 9.7%.

Wisconsin was not a total loss for Santorum. Although Romney will pick up the majority of the state’s 42 delegates, Santorum will acquire a fair amount. The overall winner of the state is awarded 15 delegates. 24 more are divided amongst the winners of each congressional district, three at a time. Romney, as usual, was dominant in the more heavily populated areas, like Milwaukee and Madison. Santorum did very well in other areas of Wisconsin.

Romney will pick up the vast majority of Maryland’s 37 delegates and all 19 of Washington, D.C’s. The next GOP presidential primary contests take place on April 24. They are all northeastern states, where Romney is expected to do very well. Santorum’s home state of Pennsylvania also votes on April 24.

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