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May 21st, 2012

Proposed 2012 Republican Party of Iowa Platform

Iowa Republicans will adopt a new platform at their state convention on June 16. acquired a draft of the newly proposed platform, which was composed by a 16-member committee elected at district conventions. Delegates to the state convention have the opportunity to add amendments or remove proposed planks through floor votes on June 16.

The new document differs greatly from the current version, which was adopted in 2010. It is longer than the 2010 version, with 27 difference sections and 400 planks. The current platform maintains 14 sections and 367 planks.

Here are some of the other differences between the proposed 2012 Platform and the one drafted in 2010:

–It appears opposition to medical marijuana and “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” have been removed, as well as support for the terrorist prison in Guantanamo Bay.

–There are a lot of planks that begin with “We demand”. This phrase is used only seven times in the current platform, but more than 20 times in the newly proposed one.

–Some sections that were combined previously, such as “Energy and Transportation”, are broken into their own sections this year.

–Some of the other new sections include “Business”, “Health Care”, “Right to Work” and “Religious Freedom”, as well as four different sub-sections for “Government”.

Here are some of the new planks:

1.5 Calls for a Personhood Amendment.

1.13 Calls for a banning of “tele-med abortions”.

1.14 Supports legislation banning organizations like Planned Parenthood from entering public schools to promote abortion.

2.16 Demands all laws banning the growing of industrial hemp be eliminated.

3.5 Demands that $1 trillion in current spending cut from the federal budget. (NOTE: This was one of the key talking points of Ron Paul’s presidential campaign.)

3.16 Opposes federal funding to all media outlets.

6.35 Demands the immediate elimination of tuition set-asides at Iowa Regents’ institutions.

7.9 Calls for changing Iowa into a “referendum, recall and initiative state”, which would allow citizens to vote directly on officials and issues.

11.6 Opposes the U.N.’s Agenda 21 plan. (NOTE: Opposition to Agenda 21 is referenced at other times in the platform as well.)

11.8 “We support the elimination of foreign aid.” (NOTE: The current platform calls for economic and military support for Israel. This new plank proposes eliminating aid of any kind to any foreign country.)

14.7 Supports the implementation of “Lean Six Sigma”-type government efficiency in all levels of government.

19.8 Demands that U.S. troops be sent into combat only after Congress has declared an act of war.

19.9 Calls for the repeal of sections of the National Defense Authorization Act.

24.5 Demands that the Iowa GOP leadership hire consultants to recruit, hire and train quality candidates.

24.6 States the Republican will only help candidates who agree to vote for legislation in “substantial alignment” with the party platform. (NOTE: The current platform calls for 80% agreement, as well as requiring candidates to fill our a questionnaire indicating whether or not they agreed with each platform plank.)

27.1 Demands “red light” and “speed trap” cameras abolished.

There are several other differences between the current platform, which you can view here, and the new one, which is below:

Republican Party of Iowa

Platform Committee Report


We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.  That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.

As Republicans, we seek a world of liberty; a world in which all individuals are sovereign over their own lives and are never deprived of property or forced to sacrifice one’s values for the benefit of others.  We believe that respect for individual rights is the essential precondition for a free and prosperous world, and that only through freedom can peace and prosperity be realized. Consequently, we defend each person’s right to engage in any activity that is peaceful and honest, and welcome the diversity that freedom brings.  We defend the right of each individual to be free and to follow their own dreams in their own ways, unless the exercise of their freedoms infringes upon the valid rights of others.

In the following pages we have set forth our basic principles and enumerated various policies derived from those principles.  Let it be clear that these specific policies are not our end goal.  Our goal is nothing more nor less than a world set free, and it is to this end that we stand together.

Where two planks might seem to be contradictory, the platform should be interpreted as favoring the goal of the plan providing the least government while protecting basic rights and responsibilities of individuals.  Some planks may appear redundant or in conflict, but upon closer evaluation you should see that sufficient nuance exists to include each plank.  Any redundancy from one section of this Platform to another was deliberately adopted for emphasis and because government actions often impact more than one area of life.  All planks should be read and understood in the context of related issues, events, and circumstances.

Other planks are supported as possible steps toward the goal of limited, responsible, Constitutional, Republican Government.  It has taken many years to move away from Constitutional Government and it is unlikely that we will be able to return to the vision of our illustrious Founding Fathers overnight.

A Right to Life

1.1    We believe in the sacred gift of life from conception to natural death.  On day one a baby’s genetic code and DNA are formed.  That is the beginning of life.  We affirm that the unborn child is a living human being, with rights separate from those of its mother regardless of gestational age or dependency.

1.2   We oppose infanticide, euthanasia, and assisted suicide.

1.3  We advocate the appointment of judges who respect the sanctity of life and who understand their limited role in government.

1.4   We disagree with Roe vs. Wade and Doe vs. Bolton as “settled law.”  Under the Tenth amendment, these Supreme Court decisions have no authority over the states.

1.5  We support a personhood amendment to the US Constitution that states, “Personhood and life begins at Conception” and that no person shall be deprived of life, liberty, and property, according to the 14th amendment with-out due Process of Law and shall hold all officials accountable to enforce it.

1.6  We oppose the use of public revenues for abortion, and call for elimination of government funding for all organizations, such as Planned Parenthood, which advocate or support abortion.

1.7 We support a ban of RU-486 (morning after pill) and all abortion-inducing drugs.

1.8 We support legislation requiring a parent or legal guardian’s consent before an abortion or any reproductive surgery is performed on a minor child.

1.9 We believe in “conscience-clause” legislation so that no physician, pharmacist, or other health care provider can be penalized for refusing to prescribe, dispense, or participate in the procurement of abortion or anything contrary to the conscience of the health care provider.

1.10      We support an Iowa “Woman’s Right to Know Law” requiring informed consent — including a three day waiting period with a mandatory ultrasound — before any elective abortion services may be provided. “Informed Consent” means that abortionists must offer to the pregnant woman, prior to the abortion, complete factual information about the complications of abortion, the biological development of the unborn, fetal pain, and the availability of alternatives to abortion.

1.11      We call for confidential statistical reporting of abortion procedures to the State Health Department by all doctors and health facilities performing abortions.

1.12      Facilities performing abortions should be subject to the same health and safety standards as hospitals.

1.13      We call for the end of “tele-med” abortions.

1.14      We support legislation that would prohibit organizations, such as Planned Parenthood, from entering public school facilities for the purpose of promoting abortion.

1.15      We call for banning partial birth abortions.

1.16      We support agencies that do not refer for or perform abortions and encourage “Positive Alternatives,” for pregnancy counseling.  We support adoption and aid to unwed mothers during pregnancy.  All funding must come from the private sector.

1.17      We support the use of non-embryonic stem cells to advance modern medical research. We oppose somatic cell nuclear transfer (human cloning), embryonic stem cell research, human fetal-tissue research from induced abortions, and the commercial use or sale of fetal parts.

1.18      We oppose the selling, brokering, or marketing of fetal and aborted tissue. We oppose the use of aborted fetal tissue in vaccines.  This should be illegal.


2.1          We call for the abolition of the Federal Department of Agriculture, returning control to the state and local governments.

2.2          We support limiting the EPA’s control of agriculture and oppose the EPA regulating dust.

2.3          We oppose any laws prohibiting and/or restricting Iowans from selling farm products directly from the farm to the consumer.

2.4          We oppose efforts to control consumer food choices through selective taxation of any agricultural commodity, to include meat, dairy, or any other agricultural products or prepared packaged food items.

2.5          We believe animal husbandry decisions and production practices should be decided by individual farmers, not the state or federal government.

2.6          We affirm the property rights of farmers to sow seeds of their own choosing.  Farmers planting seed shall not be held liable for the presence of invading seed by natural, uncontrollable causes, such as drift, wind, storms, animal movement, or water flow.

2.7          We oppose proposed Department of Labor regulations on the work of children on their own family’s farms. The Federal Government should not regulate young people working in agriculture through new labor laws, or revisions or new interpretations of existing ones.

2.8          We oppose regulations that would require a state-certified electrician to perform all electrical work on a farm.

2.9          We support labeling GMO (genetically modified) crops and food products made from GMO crops as such.

2.10      We call for the end of all federal subsidies in agriculture, including ethanol, and support the repeal of all federal regulations that inhibit the ability of the American farmer to compete fairly and effectively in the free market.  It is not the government’s role to choose economic winners and losers.

2.11      We support the proper care and treatment of animals.  We oppose laws or regulations elevating the well-being of animals to a similar status as the rights of people.

2.12      We believe that strict criminal and civil penalties should be imposed upon individuals or organizations that, under the guise of protection of animals, willfully destroy, vandalize or terrorize legitimate businesses.

2.13      We demand that the term “sustainable development” be defined, vetted, and controlled by county and state agricultural agencies whose private property it impacts rather than the UN, other international or Agenda 21 agencies, or any federal organization.

2.14      We support laws that prohibit foreign corporate and foreign country ownership of Iowa farm land.

2.15      We encourage the continuance of good stewardship of our farmland.

2.16      We demand that all laws restricting the growing of industrial hemp be immediately eliminated.

2.17      We support the definition of manure as a natural fertilizer.

2.18      We acknowledge that the protection of private property is essential to the sustainability of our agriculture and encourage the protection of private property to the maximum extent of the law.  We support legislation to restrict the use of eminent domain only for public works and infrastructure; eminent domain should not be exercised to benefit an individual or corporation.

2.19      We support the effective enforcement of anti-trust laws, and the Packers and Stockyards Act of 1921, to prevent commodity market price manipulation and also protect the integrity of the commodity market price discovery process.

2.20      We oppose packer/processor ownership and feeding of livestock.

2.21      Anyone moving into areas zoned as agricultural should be prohibited from filing “nuisance” lawsuits. However, any previously established residents should retain the right to file against any expansion or development that infringes on their property rights.

2.22      We support maintaining the Iowa Secretary of Agriculture as an elected office and not as an appointed one.

2.23      All imported food must be labeled as to the country where that food commodity was raised and/or produced. All imported food must be held to the same food-safety standards as food produced in these United States.

2.24      We oppose a mandatory National Animal Identification System (NAIS).

2.25      We believe that all regulations affecting production agriculture, including water and air quality standards, should be transferred from the DNR to the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship.

2.26      We support statewide site standards for livestock facilities and oppose excessive local control laws, which would create 99 different sets of rules for Iowa farmers.

2.27      We support the continued production of lean, fine-textured beef.

2.28      We oppose a moratorium on new livestock farms.

2.29      We believe that previously drained, frequently cropped land labeled as “farmed wetland” and all agricultural lands assessed for benefits by drainage districts should be exempted from wetland conservation (swamp buster) provisions of the farm program.

2.30      We support bio-technical agriculture and bio-technical products.


3.1          We believe that our current national debt is dangerous to our economy. As such, we demand that the federal government return to a balanced budget which uses GAAP, and which disallows off-budget expenditures within four years or sooner, and maintains such thereafter except during a Congressionally declared war or national emergency.

3.2          Congressional members should receive a 10% reduction in salary in any year they fail to pass a balanced or surplus budget.

3.3          We call on Congress to discontinue the practice of passing continuing resolutions that have increased the debt without a budget.

3.4          We call for restricting the federal spending budget not to exceed more than 10% of the Gross Domestic Product of the United States.

3.5          We demand that one trillion dollars ($1,000,000,000,000) in current spending on items not authorized in Section 8 of Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution be immediately cut from the federal budget.

3.6          We call for spending cuts in order to reduce the size and scope of government.  We believe that there should be included within the budget money allocated to retire the national debt.

3.7          We support a moratorium on non-essential Federal grants until the budget is balanced.  Non-essential spending includes, but is not limited to, bike trails, rain forests, etc.

3.8          We call for elimination of “baseline budgeting” and we support zero-based budgeting.

3.9          We call for all spending legislation to include a sunset clause.

3.10      We support amending the Iowa Constitution to limit state general fund spending to no more than 90% of estimated revenue, and to require a 2/3 vote of both Houses to spend any of the State’s 10% reserve fund.

3.11      Any new regulation that includes spending must be explicitly funded by Congress before such regulation takes effect.

3.12      One-time money, regardless of source should only be used for one-time expenditures in infrastructure, property tax relief, or rainy day funds; not ongoing expenses.

3.13      Revenues collected for specific use must not be raided for the general treasury or any other unintended use.

3.14      We strongly oppose government monies being given to private organizations such as Planned Parenthood, AARP, ACORN, ACLU, and other groups which lobby for policies contrary to the views expressed in this platform.

3.15      We oppose unfunded mandates.

3.16      We oppose federal funding for all media outlets.

3.17      We support the coordinating of submission dates of budgets, so that school, city, and county budgets have the same date.

3.18      We support the implementation of “Lean Six Sigma”-type efficiency measures across all levels of Federal, State, County, and local governments (including school boards) to enable good stewardship of the resources provided by the taxpayers of Iowa and our Nation, and to ensure a strong American economy for future generations.


4.1          We believe that the only proper role of government in the economic realm is to protect property rights, adjudicate disputes, and provide a legal framework in which voluntary trade is protected. All efforts by government to redistribute wealth are improper and we demand their immediate elimination.

4.2          We believe Congress should permanently allow business to expense equipment predominately manufactured and used in the United States in the year it is purchased.

4.3          The Constitution does not allow government to operate nor bail out private business.  We oppose government distortion of the free market through subsidies and bailouts.

4.4          We believe that the State of Iowa should repeal the “Iowa Values Fund” and let the market decide where capital and labor are best employed in our economy.

4.5          We oppose government competition with the private sector, such as the DNR Honey Creek Resort, except in those areas specified in the Constitution, and we oppose Public-Private Partnerships.

4.6          We believe that landlords should have the same rights as other business owners. Nonpayment of rents should be considered a “theft of service.”

4.7          We support a landlord’s right to refuse to lease property and a business owner’s right to refuse service based on moral grounds.

4.8          We demand the elimination of the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the return of safety inspections and regulations to the I-OSHA.

4.9          We support the E-verify system for hiring prospective employees. We call for the prosecution of employers who knowingly hire those who fail the E-verify check.

4.10      We oppose government control, taxation, or censorship of the Internet by the federal government or international organizations, like the United Nations.

4.11      We believe auditors of companies should not be allowed to provide additional consulting services to the companies they are currently auditing.

4.12      We believe unemployment laws /rules should be reformed to encourage the unemployed to actively seek work.

4.13      We call for the Iowa General Assembly to repeal the recently passed “Electric & Plumbing” Bill which takes away an individual’s right to make household repairs.

4.14      We believe all business owners have the freedom to choose the quality of air in their establishments.

Criminal Justice

5.1          We demand elected officials be prosecuted for insider trading—no exemptions.

5.2          We strongly oppose human trafficking.  We urge law enforcement at all levels, other government agencies, non-profit organizations, and citizens to be more vigilant in the prevention, identification, and prosecution of human trafficking activity.

5.3          We oppose the unconstitutional concept of a “hate crime” since it is an attempt to criminalize the reasonable actions of persons who oppose the granting of “special status” or “privileges” to defined classes of people.  If someone is to be punished, it should be after proper conviction for actual actions, not what someone alleges they were thinking.  We support repeal of state and federal “hate crimes” legislation.

5.4          Sharia Law, “United Nations Law,” and foreign laws shall not be used against any American citizen by any judge, jury, or court in these United States.

5.5          We support repealing the smoking ban.  We believe this to be an issue of liberty.

5.6          We believe individuals, including juveniles, should be required to make restitution for their crimes.

5.7          We believe a person with multiple convictions of driving while intoxicated should never have his or her record expunged, especially if s/he has injured or killed someone while driving drunk.

5.8          We call for the state governments to develop and use an electronic tracking system for sexual predators.

5.9          We call for reinstating, with proper safeguards, the death penalty for murderers and rapists — with a firm limit of 60 months for appeals and no intrusion of federal authorities.  These individuals must be provided with a competent public defender with capital experience if they cannot afford their own counsel.

5.10      Inmates should be required to work for their room and board.  We favor an overhaul of our penal system to reduce the incidence of gangs, drugs, and weapons within the prison system.

5.11      We support efforts to improve the juvenile justice system. We urge greater parental involvement and more severe consequences for convicted juvenile offenders and adults who condone or facilitate juvenile criminal acts.

5.12      We believe that Christian-based organizations should not be discriminated against from assisting prisoners in improving their lives and adjusting to society.

5.13      We demand that jurors be informed of their Common Law Right and duty to consider both the facts and law in reaching just verdicts.

5.14      We oppose convicted felons who have not complied with the terms of his/her sentence, having the right to vote.

5.15      We believe that pornography is not included under the protections of the First Amendment.


6.1          We call for the elimination of the Federal Dept. of Education.

6.2          We support downsizing the Iowa Dept. of Education.  We believe that control of education should be left to the parents, teachers, and local school boards.

6.3          We call for Legislative Action to strip the Iowa Department of Education of any power to regulate private schools, parochial schools, and families that engage in home schooling.

6.4          We support the teaching of the documents and beliefs of our Founding Fathers, with emphasis on patriotism, citizenship, responsibility, respect for our country and its symbols, and pride in the United States’ unique contributions to liberty and freedom, and U.S. history, including its religious heritage.  We call for the teaching of documents such as: “The Mayflower Compact”, “The Declaration of Independence”, “The U. S. Constitution”, “The Federalist Papers”, and the Iowa Constitution among other items that share the ideas of the Founding Fathers.

6.5          We oppose teaching so-called “multiculturalism”.

6.6          We support the teaching of phonetic reading.

6.7          We support skilled-trade education through our community colleges to reduce the shortage of skilled labor.

6.8          The free market, achieving greater quality and efficiency with more diversity of choice, best provides education, as any service. We demand that education be returned to a purely free market system.

6.9          We support the idea of choice and competition through educational vouchers and/or tuition tax exemptions to assist parents as they exercise their right of choosing government, private, alternate, or “home schooling” educational programs for children.

6.10      We believe the education laws should be revised to eliminate reporting requirements imposed on home schooling families.

6.11      We oppose ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which interferes with parental rights to direct the upbringing and education of their children.

6.12      We support displaying the American flag and the Iowa flag along with the daily recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance in its entirety in schools and classrooms.

6.13      We strongly support voluntary student-initiated prayer in school without governmental interference.

6.14      We oppose compulsory preschool.

6.15      We call for the elimination of tenure in all government schools, including colleges and universities.

6.16      We oppose the establishment of a national school board and national certification for teachers.

6.17      We support fast-track teacher certification to allow competent professionals to teach in our schools.

6.18      We oppose the lowering of universities’ entrance requirements.

6.19      We oppose ‘social promotion’ of students that are not proficient.

6.20      We support a balanced presentation of creationism and evolution in public schools. We believe that textbooks and teachers should clarify that Darwinian evolution is only a theory and not scientific fact.

6.21      We recommend that tax-funded school libraries include intelligent design and creationism materials on their bookshelves.

6.22      We support parental rights legislation stating that parents have the right to direct the upbringing and education of their minor children.

6.23      We support parent and guardian rights to read and study curriculum and to observe their child in the classroom.

6.24      Parents and guardians have the right to opt out their child from health and wellness screenings and assessments, tests, or surveys not specific to core academic areas.

6.25      We affirm the First Amendment right of students and teachers to freely express religion in schools.

6.26      We believe the state should prohibit school-based health clinics and external organizations from providing or recommending abortion or birth-control services or referrals, including the distribution of condoms.

6.27      We believe that sex education should not be taught as a mandatory course in public schools.  The teaching of sex education in any form, at any grade level, to any student shall be with written parental consent only.  When taught, sex education should stress abstinence outside of marriage as the surest way to prevent pregnancy, the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, and associated psychological problems.

6.28      We oppose the teaching of homosexual behavior as a normal or acceptable lifestyle in our government schools.

6.29      We believe that sexual orientation should not be allowed to be a basis for school clubs, such as the Gay Straight Alliance, at any level of the government school system.

6.30      We call for the repeal of No Child Left Behind.

6.31      We support the right of parents and/or guardians to teach driver’s education to their children without the need to complete commercial or government school driver’s education classes.

6.32      We oppose the “School Anti-Bullying and Anti-Harassment Act” of 2007. We assert that it is the individual school’s responsibility to police these matters, not the state’s. We also assert that students have the right and responsibility to stand up for themselves.

6.33      We oppose racial preference in open-enrollment rules in Iowa government schools.

6.34      We believe educators at all levels shall have comprehensive communication skills in American English.  We uphold the American tradition that all immigrants and resident foreign workers learn our common language.  We support education programs for adults and children that help to achieve that goal.

6.35      We demand the immediate elimination of tuition set-asides at Iowa Regents’ institutions and that the savings in the first year be divided evenly between lowering tuition and reducing State support.

6.36      We call for the repeal of the nationalization of the student-loan industry.

6.37      We call for local control of government schools.  Parents must have oversight of the educational process including school curricula, discipline, and grading systems.

6.38      We oppose compulsory attendance laws.

6.39      We oppose mandatory year-round school.

6.40      We support the establishment by schools of a no-activities night on Wednesdays and a no-activities day on Sundays.

6.41      We believe that, where there are efficiencies to be realized through school-district consolidation, the decision to consolidate should be solely that of the residents of the districts involved.

6.42      We oppose state imposition of one superintendent and one school district per county.

6.43      We support a requirement that school board elections be held on the same date as general elections.

6.44      We support the continuation of local school district talented and gifted programs.

6.45      We believe in equal access to payroll deduction in government schools for other collective bargaining units, such as Professional Educators of Iowa.


7.1          We support the enactment of state legislation that requires college students or Iowans working out of state to vote in the state or precinct where they file tax returns or are claimed as a legal dependent for income tax purposes.

7.2          We support development of controls so that foreign governments are never in a position to influence the outcome of an American election.

7.3          We oppose convicted felons who have not complied with the terms of his/her sentence, having the right to vote.

7.4          We support the right of property owners to vote on bond issues in any district where they pay property tax whether a resident of the district or not.

7.5          We support a requirement that school-board elections be held on the same date as general elections.

7.6          We support repeal of the 17th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States and the return to election of U. S. Senators by state legislatures so as to help return the States to their rightful relationship with the federal government.

7.7          We insist that a candidate prove that he or she meets all requirements for that office prior to being placed in nomination, including proof of United States citizenship.

7.8          We support the following term limits for our U.S. Senators and Representatives: two terms (12 years) for Senators and five terms (10 years) for representatives. We also believe there should be no retirement benefits for politicians. Further, that they be restricted from lobbying (for financial gain) for a period of ten (10) years.

7.9          We call for the Iowa Legislature to change the law and/or Constitution so that Iowa would become a referendum, recall, and initiative state, which would allow citizens to petition and then directly vote on officials and key issues.

7.10      We support the Constitutional method of presidential election by the Electoral College and oppose the National Popular Vote initiative.

7.11      Concerned about the integrity of the voting process, we support state and federal laws requiring proof of citizenship to register to vote, requiring proper photo identification at the polls, rescinding same-day voter registration, limiting satellite voting, and reinstating limits to absentee voting.

7.12      Until such time that a law requiring registration at least 10 days prior to an election is adopted, we believe votes cast as a result of same-day registrations should be provisional votes and not mixed with regular votes so, should the registration later prove to be invalid, the vote will not be counted.

7.13      We believe that the national “Do Not Call Registry” also should apply to political calls.

7.14      Campaign finance regulation should be limited to requiring prompt full disclosure on the Internet.

7.15      All servicemen & women in the armed services should be able to vote in all elections. The military should facilitate giving electronic or paper absentee ballots to its members and facilitate their return.

7.16      We believe candidates for President of the United States must show proof of being a “natural born citizen” as required by Article II, Section I of the Constitution — beginning with the 2012 election.


8.1          We call for the abolition of the U.S. Department of Energy.

8.2          We support the goal of energy independence within the United States.  We must eliminate government impediments to construction of new oil refineries, to new pipelines such as the Keystone Pipeline, and to improving the national electrical grid.

8.3          We demand the elimination of government impediments to the construction of nuclear energy plants in the United States to assist us with energy independence.

8.4          We support the development and use of all sources of energy, including oil, biofuels, wind power, natural gas, solar power, and nuclear energy.

8.5          We believe in free enterprise.  Therefore, all affiliated costs of ethanol, bio-diesel, wind, clean coal, oil shale, and other forms of energy research and production should be borne by the private sector.

8.6          The use of biofuels, such as ethanol blended gasoline, biodiesel, and E-85 should be encouraged, but must not be mandated or subsidized.

8.7          We oppose the use of any regulatory body to dictate the type of energy that will be produced and used.  Energy production should be based on free-market economics.

8.8          The free market should be the prime determinant of what devices households use in pursuit of energy savings.

8.9          We should end the federal petroleum mandate and allow for consumer fuel choice.

8.10      We oppose government regulation of greenhouse gasses (GHG) emissions.

8.11      We oppose any domestic laws, regulations, or international treaties restricting carbon dioxide emissions or committing the United States, its citizens or corporations to the payment of fines or reparations in compensation for damages allegedly resulting from climate change. We oppose passage and implementation of the American Power Act (“Cap & Trade” or “Cap and Tax”).

8.12      We oppose government funding of “green” energy projects, like Solyndra.


9.1          We support the pre-eminence of personal property rights and the freedom for individual property owners to manage their property above the protection of wildlife. We support maintaining an environmental policy that protects the rights of humans before animals, insects, and other creatures.

9.2          We believe that claims of human-caused global warming are based on fraudulent, inaccurate information and that legislation and policy based on this information is detrimental to the wellbeing of the United States. We deplore extremist scare tactics not based on scientific evidence.  We recognize it as a plan to take our freedoms and liberties away from the people through legislation.

9.3          We call for closing government branches, offices, and agencies that strip us of economic prosperity in the name of saving the environment.  We should eliminate policies and rules related to this.

9.4          We strongly oppose any attempt to redefine navigable waters to include intrastate sloughs, prairie potholes, wet meadows, playa lakes or natural ponds, or all impoundments of waters of the United States. We support personal property owners’ rights and freedom to use their land as they warrant over and above the protection of any and all flora and fauna.

9.5          We affirm that the citizens of Iowa have the freedom to hunt, fish, and trap.

9.6          We strongly oppose the diabolical collusion of the United Nations in establishing the unconstitutional “sustainable development agenda 21” in our local communities, our state and our nation.

9.7          We support Iowa Laws to ensure clean air, clean water, and safe management of wastes.  However such laws and rules should be based on unbiased scientific research, risk analysis, economic impact, and common sense.

9.8          We believe the DNR should allow an increased number of in-state and out-of-state deer hunting licenses.

9.9          We call upon the DNR to enforce sewer and septic laws fairly and evenly across the state and not use selective enforcement.

9.10      We oppose confiscation of private property for environmental protection purposes, and oppose granting the Department of Natural Resources the power of eminent domain.

9.11      We call for a reduction of the DNR’s budget by half.

9.12      We call for the elimination of the DNR’s ability to create policy with the force of law.

9.13      We oppose importation of feral swine and wild horses into Iowa.

9.14      We believe the EPA should cease giving grants to the National Resources Defense Council and other radical environmentalist organizations for the purposes of suing the EPA!

9.15      We support our national park system and its importance to maintain for future generations.

Family Values

10.1      We believe that the traditional family is the building block to a moral, healthy, and thriving society

10.2      We support efforts to reduce the incidence and influence of government-sponsored gambling in our state because of the pernicious influence on the family.

10.3      We believe the father of a child, born or unborn, has the same rights and responsibilities as the mother in all matters regarding the child, except in the case of rape or incest.

10.4      We demand an end to all government programs that interfere with the natural rights of parents to nurture, support, love, and appropriately discipline their children—whether such programs are local, state, or federal.

10.5      We oppose the “U.N. Treaty on the Rights of the Child.”

10.6      We oppose a federal or state-run child-care system.

10.7      We support a parental rights amendment to the United States Constitution affirming that parents have the right to direct the upbringing and education of their children.

10.8      We believe that parents have the right to know what media is being used by their children at government schools and libraries.

10.9      We favor improving, strengthening, and simplifying the adoption process.

10.10   We oppose adoption by homosexual individuals and couples.

10.11   We believe that an adoption where the natural father is not married to the natural mother may be carried out without the natural father’s consent if the natural father is not known or cannot be found following a reasonable effort.

10.12   We support non-familial adoption by heterosexual married couples consisting of one man and one woman, and believe that no law should infringe on faith-based adoptive service agencies that offer their services in accordance with their beliefs.

Foreign Policy

11.1      The United States must do more to strengthen and balance our international trade policies and ensure its presence and competitiveness in the world market.  We support the continuation of free trade and insist on fair trade.

11.2      We oppose NAU, WTO, NAFTA, and the UN having the authority to legislate or issue regulations that would force their will upon the citizens of the United States.  If a treaty is the basis for the supposed authority of such organizations, we demand that the US immediately withdraw from the organization or treaty.

11.3      The US should drop out of the United Nations and eliminate UN funding.

11.4      We reject the “1972 World Heritage Treaty”, which sets up 20 heritage sites within the United States to be governed by a United Nations’ mandate.

11.5      We oppose the proposed North American Union, which would do away with our borders and sovereignty, and we are opposed to the Amero, which would do away with our currency.

11.6      We oppose any treaty that would regulate the use of Iowa lands and waters such as the UN Agenda 21 plan, which is being implemented throughout the United States and which restricts or destroys the property rights of Americans under the guise of environmentalist initiatives such as Sustainable Development, Smart Growth, Wildlands Project, Resilient Cities, Regional Visioning Projects, and others with similarly “Green” sounding names.  United Nations Agenda 21 policy deems America’s national sovereignty a social injustice and Agenda 21 concludes “the only way to make the future sustainable is to reduce America’s living standards and transfer their wealth to developing nations”.

11.7      We believe that the United States should abandon “land for peace” pressure from any party or parties against Israel in regards to the Middle Eastern crisis.

11.8      We support the elimination of foreign aid.

11.9      We oppose so-called “World Government” and support full constitutional sovereignty of the U.S.A.

11.10   We absolutely reject any order, mandate, edict, regulation, treaty or law that requires any level of U. S. governance to give up its sovereign power to non-U.S. organizations such as the United Nations, NGOs or Climate Control Conventions.

Government: General

12.1      We believe the language in the United States Constitution and Declaration of Independence is as relevant today as when it was penned.  Any attempts to revise or deviate from the original intent of said documents must be vigorously opposed.

12.2      We support the limited federal government as defined by the Constitution with all other powers reserved to the states as defined in the 10th Amendment.

12.3      We believe no group or individual should be accorded “minority” or “protected class” status, or given the existing statutory benefits that come with such designation. All American citizens should be treated equally as called for by the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

12.4      We support Congressional action, including an Amendment to the United States Constitution if needed, to repeal the 1943 Wicker vs. Filburn ruling by a divided US Supreme Court cowed by Democrat FDR’s “court-packing attack” which set in motion ever-increasing misuse of the Commerce Clause in Article 1, Section 8.

12.5      We believe all individuals have the freedom to choose the quality of air in their home.

12.6      We want the government to support veteran’s issues. We believe military veterans should be treated with dignity and respect, and that veteran’s services should be consistent and delivered with equality and fairness across the country.

12.7      We demand government employees should be compensated at a similar rate as for similar work in the private sector.

12.8      We oppose foreign interests employing lobbyists to solicit the Congress or the President of the United States.

12.9      We oppose government takeover of private industry.

12.10   We believe prayer in public institutions should not be prohibited.  Current restrictions on voluntary prayer should be removed.

12.11   We support the public display of the Ten Commandments.

12.12   We oppose further attempts to remove any mention of God from the Pledge of Allegiance, the Declaration of Independence, and other public documents, and from our governmental buildings, monuments, or currency.

12.13   We are opposed to the restoration of the “Fairness Doctrine” by Congress, the FCC, or the courts, as it is nothing more than a pretext to limit freedom of speech, silence conservative radio talk shows, and other forms of media.

12.14   We call for a full investigation of the organization formerly known as ACORN and its allied organizations, call for full prosecution of those involved in any illegalities discovered, and call for elimination of government funding of such organizations.

12.15   We oppose statehood for the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

12.16   We believe American English should be the only official language for governmental purposes in Iowa and throughout the United States.

12.17   The Federal Reserve must be transparent, fully audited, and accountable to Congress.

We demand the elimination of the Federal Reserve Act and the implementation of a sound commodity-backed currency.  We support returning to the gold and/or silver standard.

12.18   We support increasing the transparency of government regulations and increasing truth in government.

Government: Legislative Branch

13.1      We believe Iowa and federal legislators should uphold their legislative duties to impeach and remove judges who are not upholding their respective Constitutions.  We demand that the Iowa Legislature take action to impeach, and to remove from office, judges for legislating from the bench bypassing the Iowa Constitution as in the recent creation of a “so-called right to homosexual marriage.”

13.2      Any federal or state legislator who proposes a new law or agency must stipulate at the beginning of the bill the exact section of the state or federal constitution under which the bill is proposed. Further, they must identify the sources of funding necessary to implement said bill.

13.3      We believe that when not in session, U S Representative and Senators must be physical residents of their State more than 75% of the balance of the year.

13.4      We support implementing a rule in Congress which bars any member, or group of members, from attaching a mark (formerly called pork barrel funds) to any piece of legislation moving through either house.  If a member wants to secure funding for a project in his/her district or state, then a separate measure which stands on its own merit must be presented.

13.5      We support revoking the pensions of members of Congress who have been convicted of any felony.

13.6      We demand implementation of impeachment proceedings against elected officials should they fail to uphold their oath of office to the Constitution.

13.7      We believe that all legislation attached to a bill must have a direct relationship with the explicit intent of the bill.

13.8      We believe any member of Congress who is physically unable to be present and to perform the duties of office for a period of 6 months should be required to resign from Congress.

13.9      We believe Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and Representatives and, Congress shall make no law that applies to Senators and Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States.

13.10   We believe that automatic Cost Of Living Adjustments (COLAs), which allow Congress to give its members a raise without ever having to vote on it, should be eliminated.

13.11   We oppose any regulation or law that would restrict the freedom of speech and the rights of citizens’ groups to communicate with the public about what members of Congress are doing on issues, including alerting citizens to upcoming votes in Congress and composing “scorecards” to rate Congressmen on key issues.

13.12   We believe all items to be voted upon by any government body should be posted online at least 120 hours prior to their vote.

Government: Executive Branch

14.1      We believe the President and the Governor must be prohibited from misusing executive orders to circumvent the duties and the responsibilities of the respective legislative branches.

14.2      We oppose the use of Presidential signing statements to modify the interpretation, execution, or intent of congressionally passed legislation and call on Congress to sanction any President engaging in the unconstitutional expansion of executive power.

14.3      We oppose the unconstitutional appointment and power of “Czars”.

14.4      We believe that the Department of Human Services (DHS) should not be allowed to enter a private home without due process.

14.5      We support the elimination of the departments of Agriculture, Education, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Health and Human Services, Energy, Interior, Labor, and Commerce as well as TSA, FDA, ATF, EPA, National Endowment for the Arts, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac.

14.6      We believe the purpose of the census conducted by the US Census Bureau once every 10 years, is to enumerate US Citizens and to determine their location of permanent residence for the exclusive purpose of allocating Congressional representation. It should not count anyone who is not a US citizen, nor should it be used for the purpose of collecting any additional demographic data.

14.7      We support the implementation of “Lean Six Sigma”-type efficiency measures across all levels of Federal, State, County, and local governments (including school boards) to enable good stewardship of the resources provided by the taxpayers of Iowa and our Nation, and to ensure a strong American economy for future generations.

Government: Judicial Branch

15.1      We demand that U. S.  and state courts operate under the guidelines stated in Article VI of the U. S. Constitution, where it establishes that the United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land.  We believe the Courts should reject all foreign amicus briefs seeking to influence American law; to ignore foreign constitutions and laws in interpreting the United States or Iowa Constitutions and American laws, rules, and regulations; to cease citing foreign court rulings for precedence; and to protect our sovereignty.

15.2      We demand the nomination and confirmation of only “strict constructionist” judges who will interpret the Constitution according to original intent and not “legislate” from the bench.

15.3      We support public disclosure of the rulings record of any judge running for retention election.

15.4      We demand that judges be required to instruct jurors of their right to judge both the facts and law of the case before them.

15.5      We support requiring a full Senate vote on all judicial nominations within 90 days of being nominated by the President.

15.6      We demand that the U. S. House of Representatives exercise its constitutional responsibility and duty to impeach activist judges (starting with the 9th Circuit Court) who legislate from the bench. We refuse to surrender to judicial tyranny.

15.7      We support the concept of “loser pays” to restrict nuisance lawsuits.

15.8      We support mediation within our court system.

15.9      We believe lawsuits should be limited to actual damages. Punitive damages for exorbitant amounts should be prohibited.

15.10   We support protecting rights for victims.

15.11   We believe prisoners (and other plaintiffs) should be penalized for filing frivolous lawsuits.

15.12   We support having the Iowa Supreme Court Justices Nominated by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate, eliminating the current Nominating Commission, but not the retention votes.

Government: State and Local

16.1      We support constitutional state sovereignty including nullification of federal oversteps.

16.2      We support that the Federal Government cannot sue states for enforcing federal laws.

16.3      We believe the State of Iowa should embark on a campaign to encourage all levels of government (state, county, township, and municipal), to open every public meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag.

16.4      We oppose forced consolidation of counties into regional governments, but support voluntary efforts to share services so as to save money for the taxpayers of Iowa

16.5      We oppose efforts by the State of Iowa to control or plan economic growth and land use, including all public/private partnerships, all involvement in United Nations efforts, including ICLEI, and so-called Smart Planning Principles.

16.6      We call for all state officials to cease and desist from requiring central planning activities from local officials, and for local officials to break off all ties with UN organizations.

16.7      We oppose the State Highway Patrol being used as a fundraiser for the state

16.8      Congress and all Federal government agencies, agents, or czars must be prohibited from lobbying the states to change or pass laws.

16.9      We call for the Iowa legislature to repeal SF2389 that mandates regional planning for central Iowa through the “Tomorrow Plan”, which is a by-product of Agenda 21.

Gun Rights

17.1      We believe that the Second Amendment codifies an individual – not a collective—right, and that the definition of the term “militia” means “the armed citizenry” and not the government-controlled National Guard.  One of the key reasons the Founding Fathers adopted the Second Amendment was to insure the people would have the arms necessary to fight a tyrannical government.

17.2      We support legislation to prohibit state and local governments from confiscating firearms from law-abiding citizens in the event of a natural disaster.

17.3      We support the Firearms Freedom Act in Iowa, protecting any firearm that is manufactured in Iowa, sold in Iowa, that stays in Iowa, from being subjected to any Federal regulations.

17.4      We support the reinstatement of the “Castle Doctrine.”

17.5      We call on the Iowa legislature to pass a “stand your ground” law similar to that in several other states.

17.6      We believe that the term “assault weapon” should not be used as a term applicable to a semiautomatic weapon.

17.7      We call for the repeal of the law denying a citizen’s right to bear arms based on a single conviction for simple misdemeanor domestic assault.

17.8      We believe public university, college, and school buildings should not restrict possession of firearms by those legally possessing a concealed carry permit, as this endangers our students.  More generally, we believe in eliminating restrictions on where a law-abiding, properly licensed, concealed-carry permit holder may carry their weapon.

17.9      We call for all states to recognize other states’ Right-to-Carry gun permits.

Health Care

18.1      We oppose nationalized Healthcare and support the repeal of the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare).

18.2      Healthcare, as any other service, is best provided by the free market, achieving greater quality and efficiency with more diversity of choice. We recognize the freedom of individuals to determine the level of health insurance they want, the level of health care they want, the providers they want, the medicines and treatments they will use, and all other aspects of their medical care. We demand the immediate elimination of any legislation that would impede an individual from making his or her own health-care decisions.

18.3      We believe that health care is a privilege, not a right, and support decreasing the role of government in health care. Additionally, we call for nullification and interposition by state and county officials and law enforcement in regards to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

18.4      We favor private-sector health-care plans such as health-care-savings accounts.

18.5      We call for legislation to ensure that health-care stakeholders retain the right to provide, or enroll in health coverage that is consistent with their religious beliefs and moral convictions.

18.6      We support allowing patients and health care-providers to make health-care decisions and plans without interference from the government.

18.7      We support the elimination of the Healthy Kids Act.

18.8      We call for the repeal of the national health-care database.

18.9      We support making the tax breaks currently provided to businesses for health insurance being made available to all citizens, including non-corporate entities.  Health insurance premium expenditures should be tax deductible both at the state and federal level. We support the expansion of the use of Health Care Spending Accounts as a means of making the costs of healthcare more affordable to all Americans.

18.10   We support repeal of the McCarran-Ferguson Act to allow interstate competition and health insurance portability.

18.11   We support the right of Iowa families to choose when, where, and how, and with whom (midwife) they give birth.

18.12   We believe health-care providers should be able to offer reduced billing rates to the poor, uninsured, or under-insured without facing sanctions for “billing fraud” from insurance companies or the government.

18.13   We oppose the sliding fee scale used by Medicaid, which unfairly reimburses rural doctors and hospitals.

18.14   We demand an end to the legal monopoly enjoyed by allopathic medicine and demand a level playing field for every legitimate health-care modality.

18.15   We believe that eligibility for HAWK-I should be reduced from 3 times poverty level to the poverty level.

18.16   We support legislation requiring consent by a parent or legal guardian before a minor receives any non-emergency medically-related procedures.  The parental consent should require proof of identity of the parent in order to protect the child from continued abuse by sexual predators pretending to be the parent.

18.17   We believe parents should have the right to decide which immunizations or vaccinations their child receives and when they should receive them. We call for the Iowa Department of Health to recognize a philosophical exemption to vaccines for the purpose of public school attendance.

18.18   We support the VALOR (Veterans’ Access to Local Healthcare) Bill that lifts restrictions on veterans using local hospitals and physician’s offices.

18.19   We encourage continued private, not public, investment in pioneering science that will result in better treatments to prevent and lessen the toll of chronic disease.

18.20   We object to abortion funding being included in health-care legislation.

18.21   We oppose taxpayer-funded medical care for illegal aliens.

18.22   We support the reduction of health-care costs stemming from medical malpractice awards, attorney’s fees, court costs, malpractice insurance premiums, and the practice of “defensive” medicine through meaningful tort reform; including a cap on awards for actual damages, the elimination of punitive damages, and limiting awards for “pain and suffering”.

18.23   We demand that government employees and elected officials be required to use health-insurance carriers and retirement plans that are comparable to those available to the general public.

Homeland Security

19.1      The defense of the country requires that we have adequate intelligence to detect and to counter threats to domestic security. This requirement must not take priority over maintaining the civil liberties of our citizens.  The Constitution and Bill of Rights shall not be suspended even during wartime.

19.2      We believe that our government needs to be able to continue monitoring calls and communiqués from al Qaeda and their ilk to people in the U. S.

19.3      We support behavioral profiling to identify possible terrorists.

19.4      We must stop the Patriot Act from being renewed.

19.5      We support the maintenance of a sufficient military to defend the United States against aggression. The United States should both avoid entangling alliances and abandon its attempt to act as policeman for the world.

19.6      We oppose any form of compulsory national service.

19.7      While military funding should be provided at adequate levels, it must be managed for affordability through cost savings, strategic scheduling of new weapons procurement until fully ready for implementation, and a careful review of procurements to ensure they fulfill actual mission needs.

19.8      We demand that U.S. troops be sent into combat only after Congress has declared war or our troops or citizens have been attacked. Congress, alone, has the authority to declare war.  Anything that contradicts this fact is null and void.

19.9      We call for the repeal of sections 1021 to 1022 of the National Defense Authorization Act of fiscal year 2012 as they go against the 4th and 5th amendment and the Writs of Habeas Corpus.

Human Services

20.1      We support faith-based, non-government organizations (NGOs), providing individuals more efficient and effective access to social services.

20.2      We believe that welfare subsidies should be both temporary and limited in scope.

20.3      We call for requiring food stamp recipients to present a government issued photo ID at the point of redemption.

20.4      We support a mandate for drug testing all people on public assistance.

20.5      We believe, with the imminent bankruptcy of Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, Republicans should take the lead in replacing these programs, over time, with private solutions.

20.6      We demand that participation in the Social Security system be optional until it is eliminated, and that every citizen has the right to opt out and be responsible for their own retirement.

20.7      We believe that the Social Security Trust Fund/taxes should not be used for general government expenses and the trust fund should be reinstated as an independent fund until it is abolished.

20.8      We believe that in order to receive Social Security benefits, including SSI, one must have paid in for a minimum of 40 quarters and must be a citizen of the United States, a legal resident, or beneficiary thereof.

20.9      We propose that government employees should participate in Social Security until it is eliminated.


21.1      We support granting citizenship to law-abiding, legal, resident aliens in a timely manner.

21.2      We demand a reduction in delays in deportation of illegal immigrants.

21.3      We demand an end to the practice of allowing any state university to offer in-state tuition or scholarships to illegal aliens.

21.4      We believe that all legal immigrants should be afforded the full protection of our laws, but that the privilege of being eligible to vote should not be granted until full U.S. citizenship has been obtained. Proof of U. S. citizenship shall be required whenever a person registers for the first time in any county or state.

21.5      We call for an end of government subsidies and incentives that lead aliens to enter the U.S.A. illegally.

21.6      We call for an immigration policy, not amnesty, which permits us to know who is in our country and where they are living and working.

21.7      We insist upon a green card system that can’t be forged. Any aliens found in the United States without a green card or visa shall be deported.

21.8      We call for strict enforcement of existing immigration and naturalization laws. We believe that all city, county, state, and federal officials should be required to enforce our immigration laws.

21.9      We believe that a double-security fence with surveillance equipment should be constructed as soon as possible on our southern border with Mexico, and that appropriate measures also be taken to secure our northern border with Canada.

21.10   We oppose driver’s licenses for illegal aliens, because they are used as the basis to register to vote.

21.11   We call for the elimination of “safe havens” for illegal aliens and oppose sanctuary cities, towns, and states, and call for the removal of homeland security funding from them.

21.12   We deplore any actions to unilaterally declare Iowa to be a sanctuary state and to hire state employees whose mission is to encourage local law enforcement to ignore the status of suspected illegal aliens who come into contact with local officials for infractions of other laws.

21.13   We insist that the Iowa Legislature follow the lead of the state of Oklahoma by passing legislation like that similar to Section 8 in Oklahoma House Bill 1804, which addresses illegal alien problems involving identity theft, terminates public assistance benefits to illegal aliens, empowers state and local police to enforce federal immigration laws, and punishes employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens.

21.14   We call for each immigrant to again be required to have a sponsor for at least two years to assist them in assimilating into the culture and for them to become fluent in the American English language. During that period they could not become eligible for any welfare assistance, but instead would be the responsibility of the sponsor.

21.15   We believe all aliens living and working legally in the United States should be able to speak, read, and write American English proficiently, and should be required to attend classes until they can do so.

21.16   We believe that bequeathing citizenship to babies born to illegal aliens in the United States is a misinterpretation of the 14th amendment. Illegal aliens are not citizens of the United States and have committed a criminal act by entering illegally.

21.17   We are opposed to the Totalization Agreement with Mexico. We oppose allowing any illegal aliens to receive Social Security benefits, and we absolutely oppose creating any facility whatsoever in Mexico to administer such funds to illegal aliens who have returned to Mexico.


22.1      We support federal and state constitutional amendments, voted on by the citizens, which define marriage as only between one natural man and one natural woman.

22.2      We support a Concurrent Resolution of the U.S. Congress asserting its Constitutional authority to limit the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court in the following manner: “Pursuant to Section 2 of Article III of the Constitution of the United States, Congress has the sole and exclusive power to make regulations and exceptions to the appellate jurisdiction of the Supreme Court.  Accordingly, effective immediately, the Congress of the United States denies the Supreme Court appellate jurisdiction over cases relating to marriage.”

22.3      We call on citizens concerned with the cultural heritage of our state and nation to vote “NO” on retention of each of the four remaining Supreme Court Justices who voted against Iowa’s Marriage Law.

22.4      We oppose civil unions and the legalization of “same-sex marriage” in Iowa and assert that Iowa should refuse to recognize “same-sex marriages” formed in other states.

22.5      We support the current Iowa code Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and strongly oppose the Iowa Supreme Court OPINION in the case of Varnum vs. Brien (2009) being taken as rule of law overriding the DOMA law currently on the books.

22.6      We believe Iowa and federal legislators should uphold their legislative duties to impeach and remove judges who are not upholding their respective Constitutions.  We demand that the Iowa Legislature take action to impeach, and to remove from office, judges for legislating from the bench bypassing the Iowa Constitution as in the recent creation of a “so-called right to homosexual marriage.”

22.7      We believe no-fault divorce laws should be revised and believe there should be good cause to get a divorce.

Religious Freedom

23.1      We call on our courts to interpret and apply the First Amendment as the Framers intended.  The phrase, “the separation of church and state” as it is commonly used, contradicts the original intent and practice of the Framers of the Constitution.  The First Amendment prohibits the establishment of a “state religion” and permits the exercise of religious freedom.  Neither the courts nor government agencies should misuse or misunderstand the First Amendment so as to create a “so-called wall of separation” to the voluntary expression of religious belief.

23.2      We assert that the public display of the Ten Commandments, nativity scenes, and other displays that honor the civilization that provided the philosophical basis for our cherished liberties, religious tolerance, and efforts to help the poor and oppressed around the world, are not “an establishment of religion,” do not compel or coerce others, and should be protected by the 1st Amendment.

23.3      We oppose further attempts to remove any mention of God from the Pledge of Allegiance, the Declaration of Independence, and other documents; or from our governmental buildings, monuments, or currency.

23.4      We advocate freedom of public prayer and religious expression for all.

23.5      We support continuing the tax-exempt status of legitimate religious organizations.

23.6      We assert that church representatives and pastors should be allowed to speak on any subject from Scripture, whether moral or political, at any time, without disturbing the 501 C 3 tax status of the church.  This would reverse the restrictions imposed by then-Senator Lyndon B. Johnson in 1954, to silence the pulpits of America.

23.7      Legitimate religious organizations should be able to receive compensation for the use of their facilities without IRS harassment.

23.8      Religious representatives should be free from ordinances barring them from going door-to-door to evangelize so long as they promptly leave a person’s property when requested to do so.

23.9      We believe that Judeo-Christian values and Scripture should not be excluded from government schools.

23.10   We support the free-speech right of students to write and speak about God and religion in government schools.

Republican Party

24.1      We urge the Republican Party to continue its support of lower taxes, reduced government spending, smaller government, and the elimination of government waste and fraud.

24.2      We request the Iowa Republican Party establish a long-term goal of simplification and reform of the state tax system.

24.3      We support keeping Iowa’s “First in the Nation” caucus.

24.4      We call for the Republican Party to lead whenever it has the majority, and to oppose the other party’s leadership when it does not serve the interests of the voters.

24.5      We demand that the Iowa GOP leadership hire consultants to recruit, hire, and train quality candidates.

24.6      The Republican Party affirms that it will only endorse and provide financial support for candidates who agree to vote for legislation in substantial alignment with the party platform.

24.7      We insist that the Republican Party and its candidates stand for honesty and integrity in all political advertising. We expect political campaigns to be conducted in a positive and truthful manner.

24.8      We reaffirm that the Republican National Committee and the Republican Party of Iowa and its officers should remain neutral in all contested primaries.

24.9      We call for the Republican Party to educate and enlist young voters.

24.10   We encourage all Republicans to check the Republican box on their state income tax form. 

Right to Work

25.1      We strongly support Iowa’s Right to Work law.

25.2      We believe the market, not the government, should set the “minimum wage”.

25.3      We believe that public employee unions are improper due to potential conflict of interest.

25.4      We support vigorous enforcement of the 1988 Supreme Court Beck decision prohibiting workers from being forced to pay any part of their union dues or agency fees for political purposes or non-bargaining activities.

25.5      We support equal access for nonunion and union contractors to government and school district projects, without mandating that contractors sign project-labor agreements.

25.6      We call for repeal of the unconstitutional Davis-Bacon Act as well as Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Dodd-Frank).

25.7      We oppose any attempt to allow the card-check system in order to eliminate secret ballots.

25.8      We oppose proposed Department of Labor regulations on the work of children on their own family’s farms.

25.9      We believe in equal access to payroll deduction for other collective bargaining units, such as Professional Educators of Iowa.


26.1      We believe that the purpose of taxation is to fund the constitutionally mandated functions of government, not to “redistribute the wealth,” or to fund ever-increasing social programs.

26.2      We support a five-year moratorium on defeated bond and tax issues before they are brought up for reconsideration.

26.3      We call for Congress to eliminate all taxes on Social Security benefits.

26.4      We support requiring all tax, fee, or revenue generating legislation to require a 2/3 vote for adoption.

26.5      We oppose any increase in fuel taxes.

26.6      We oppose any dues, taxes, or fees being placed on the United States by the UN.

26.7      We support the abolition of the IRS.  We demand the 16th Amendment be repealed.  We note that the Supreme Court declared, in the Brushaber case, that the 16th Amendment did not create any new taxing authority for Congress.

26.8      We call for an end to the State of Iowa Income Tax.  We support replacing the current federal income tax system.  Until the federal income tax system can be replaced, we support a minimum federal income tax rate to be paid by every adult U.S. citizen. We support the FairTax, and until it can be put in place, call for Flat-rates on federal and state income taxes.

26.9      We support reducing the federal corporate tax rate to a maximum of 10%.

26.10   We support immediate, permanent extension of the Bush tax cuts.

26.11   We support eliminating the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT).

26.12   We encourage anyone who objects to any tax cut that has been enacted to give as much money as they desire back to the U. S. Government’s general tax fund.

26.13   We call for the U.S. Congress to make permanent all tax relief enacted since the year 2000, including but not limited to, elimination of the marriage-tax penalty, incentives for investment and retirement savings, repeal of the death tax, and reduced tax rates on income, dividends, and capital gains. The Congress should strictly control spending and promptly adopt further tax reductions that will help create more jobs and promote economic recovery and growth.

26.14   We support adoption of a “Taxpayers Bill of Rights Amendment” (TABOR) to the Federal and Iowa Constitutions which would limit increases in spending and taxing to the growth in population plus inflation.

26.15   We call for all tax legislation to include a sunset clause.

26.16   We oppose refundable tax credits.

26.17   We believe that state and federal long-term capital gains taxes should be abolished.

26.18   We support the ability of Iowans to fully deduct the amount they pay in federal income taxes on their Iowa Income Tax return.

26.19   We support amending the Iowa Constitution to require a 2/3 vote of both Houses of the Iowa General Assembly to pass any bill that has the effect of raising state individual or corporate income taxes, state sales and use taxes, and fees.

26.20   We support changing the Iowa Depreciation Schedule to conform to federal tax laws, or to an even more business friendly schedule.

26.21   Property Tax reform should reduce the tax burden for all classes of property.

26.22   We support the right of property owners to vote on bond issues in any district where they pay property tax whether a resident of the district or not.

26.23   We support the permanent elimination of the estate, gift, and inheritance taxes, while retaining the step-up in basis to fair market value on the assets in a descendant’s estate.

26.24   We support legislation eliminating both the School Infrastructure Local Option (SILO) and the Local Option Sales Tax (LOST).  Until SILO is repealed, we oppose efforts to take away Iowan’s right to vote on our local option sales tax and replace it with a permanent state-wide sales tax which puts school infrastructure funds at great risk of being raided by state government and expands taxation of Iowa small businesses.

26.25   We approve measures to eliminate Iowa taxation of Social Security, pensions, and retirement income.


27.1      We oppose the ownership or management of any facet of our transportation system by any foreign government or foreign entity.

27.2      We oppose the Security and Prosperity Partnership, which was done in secret with Mexico and Canada in hopes of establishing a so-called “NAFTA super highway.”

27.3      We oppose a public financed rail system in Iowa or any other state.

27.4      We urge that all motor fuel taxes and motor vehicle registration fees be used to maintain both the rural and urban infrastructure of roads, streets, and bridges. We oppose any transfer of State Road Use Funds for uses other than building and maintaining roads and bridges such as paying for the Highway Patrol or bike paths.

27.5      We oppose “motorcycle only” roadside checks.

27.6      We believe that mandatory helmet use is an infringement on our freedom of choice and the withholding of Federal highway funds for not mandating such use should be illegal.

27.7      We believe that the locks on the Mississippi river should be modernized and lengthened to be more efficient, but only with the use of money derived from river vehicles’ fuel taxes.

27.8      We demand the use of cameras or other unmanned devices for traffic enforcement, such as “red light” and “speed trap” cameras, be abolished.

27.9      We oppose the conversion of Iowa’s highways into toll roads.

27.10   We support a national program to update aging infrastructure, including bridges, roads, and the electrical grid.  It is the role of government to maintain Iowa’s infra-structure.  Iowa’s aging roads and bridges are a vital part of our economy and adequate funding must be allocated from the current Iowa budget to properly maintain our infrastructure assets.

27.11   We support our supervisors having more control of county transportation budgets.

Respectfully Submitted:

J.R. Burdick, Jim Borwey, Sharon Carr (Secretary), Vicki Crawford, David Dunn, Lynn Farrington (Secretary), Eliyah Finklestein, Bethany Gates, Jon Gruber, Martha Hampel, Justin Jensen, Austin Jorgensen, Ruth Long, Jennifer Maki (Secretary), Dr. Don Racheter (Chairman), and Leona Jean Smith.

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